Thursday, 21 October 2010


Not dead yet

(this is not a model)

Being shut up in your own house to write a dissertation results in 3 major problems for a blogger.

1/ you never leave the house. This would explain why my last outfit shoots have been in the same place, with poor quality lighting
2/you have no reason to get dressed (or at least not in anything stylish.. you seem to go more for the uggs-joggers kind of look) (shameful, yes I know)
3/all you do all day is write, so even on the odd chance that you did actually slip into something cool, you don't have time to take pics, and even less to upload them;

HOWEVER submission date draws near!!!!!!

...and soon I will have no more excuse for this "unprofessional behaviour". I beg for your indulgence one last time, and present you with a simple outfit, revealed against a dull background and with poor quality pics. But pinky swear, this is the LAST time. A couple more days and I am free. Free to dress, to go out, to blog and everything else. I JUST CAN'T WAIT;

In the meanwhile I was forced to actually wear some proper clothes today because was meeting a couple of friends for dinner tonight. Super basic stuff but did make a little bit of an effort with my hair (hey give me some credit)

Anyway hope your days are more fun than mine. See you in a couple of days for the real deal!!

Veste/Jacket: Top Shop
Slim et bagues/Skinny jeans and rings: H&M
Marinière/Sailor shirt & boots: Sandro

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Light my Fire

I WANT a pair of red super skinny pants this season. Not sure I will go for leather, that's taking it just that little bit to far. But oh my word isn't this outfit just the perfect fashion fix?