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RedskyTuesday, February 28 2012

I am currently sipping cocktails on a rooftop 56 floors above reality. Bangkok has been hectic and sweaty, yes, but delicioulsy indulgent and romantic too. However, sandy beaches are calling, so tomorrow we leave the city and move on to the islands. I Hope that wherever you are you are having as much fun as me!


Je suis presentement en train de siroter des cocktails sur une terrasse hissée a 56 étages de la réalité. Bangkok a été trépidant et moite, mais aussi délicieux et romantique. Mais nous ressentons l’appel des plages de sable blanc donc demain nous quittons la capitale pour les îles. J’espère que ou que vous soyez vous vous amusez autant que moi!

(Redsky – rooftop sky bar Bangkok)

  • Brandi, The Beatniq

    So jealous!!!

    • Camille


  • The Style Box

    Hope you have a lovely time :) x

    • Camille

      Thanks babe!

  • Twins

    It would be difficult to have more fun than you!! Look where you are!!! It is difficult to have better!! 😉
    So jealous!!
    Have fun bella xx

    • Camille

      Thanks a lot :) lots of love cx

  • Khia

    Whaou!! Petite veinarde! 😉

    • Camille



    aww bon voyage!!!!!!!!amuse-toi bien!<3


    • Camille

      Merci ma cherie :) cxxx

  • Style Servings

    Sounds fabulous, have a great time!

    • Camille

      Thanks beautiful

  • Rachel

    Can't wait to see more pictures, it sounds like you're having an amazing time!

    • Camille

      I really am thanks!! I hear london is lovely and spring like though! Sounds lovely too! LOt of love cx

  • ylenia

    Nice photo, and love your header!
    New outfit on my blog, check it out!

    • Camille

      Thanks! My BFF drew it for me I adore it too! I will let her know she will be proper chuffed :)

      Lots of love cx


    No kidding. You are there… wish I was there too… Love South East Asia!


    • Camille

      Ah thanks for stopping by babes. Drinks when I get back please would love to meet you properly onstead pf in between two outfit shots haha :) cxxx

  • Romane

    Quelle chance, profite bien surtout :)

    • Camille

      Merci Romane!!! Cxx

  • Jennifer – Stylish CLin d’Oeil

    T'es à Bangkok?? Profite!!! :)

    • Camille

      Oui! C'est le reve total ici je suis aux anges :)

  • Lela

    KILL to be there right now. Glad youre having a relaxing time, ma belle!

    (Lefashion blog/shoe blog/etc!)

    • Camille

      Thanks bella!!! Sending you lots of love from here :) cxx

  • Anonymous

    wow nice trip! Love to see your pics just a question, do you work ?!

    • Camille

      Yes I do! I studied law in england and france and now work in finance bUt am looking to move into fashion (if you have any ideas :)) i was between jobs for a couple of weeks but am no longer jobless but that would explain why I was hanging out at fashion week and now on a beach in Thailand

      Lots of love!

      Camille x

  • Whatever works

    i've been here last may! before singapore than bangkok…then island! :)

  • the style crusader

    Hope you're having fun! Please post 100,000 photos upon your arrival home. I want to experience a sandy beach through your photos. xx

  • The girl next door

    Wow, quelle vue! Certaines ont de la chance dis donc, profites-en bien! Et prends plein de photos, j'ai hâte de voir ça!

  • Shamini

    wow !! nice view !

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