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In 1448, Johann Gutenberg developed a strange piece of machinery which was set to revolutionize the world of knowledge. Heck, I probably wouldn't even be able to sit here typing away for the world to see (world, if you are reading me now, I salute you) if it were not for his baby, movable type. Five hundred years later, a new generation of inventors are rewriting fashion with their own print revolution. Enter Peter Pilotto, Mary Katrantzou and Jonathan Saunders. The print vanguard have taken the world of fashion by storm with their otherworldly and futuristic digitally-enhanced patterns. It's time my cyber friends to step out of monochrome and embrace the new face of textile.

Take Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, the creative geniuses behind über-modern label Peter Pilotto. Each of their collections is a bold vision of elegance, mixed in with a sea of surreal patterns. The desirability of their work is an ode to the inspired fusion between a master of cuts and a king of print. Gutenberg, I'm sure, would approve.

Plus who wouldn't want a piece of the cake when you are let in on the secret that the Pilotto Boys' oeuvre is not only extravagantly fascinating, it is also figure-enhancing. The pair have provided a simple answer to women complaining about the wearability – or lack of – of runway collections. Anyone planning on rocking up to the office in Karl's urban-hiphop-meets-Marie-Antoinette's new cruise collection ? Didn't think so (ok, wait hold that thought, this might actually work if you are a sweet shop owner). Peter Pilotto's ambitious optic illusion-esque prints are carefully studied to flatter skin tone and body shape alike, while Christopher De Vos ensures that the designs are cut and draped in a way as to suit the curves of a real woman. As the label's creative director, Ronnie Cooke puts is: “they accentuate the good parts and make the rest go away”.

In a world where designers seem to envisage clothes only as something for the super-skinny (God knows how the rest of us are suppose to cover our modesty), Pilotto sees the future. A compelling equation between high fashion and reality, the result being a bold collection that every stylish girl will want in her closet. Me first.

Oh and that bit about optical illusions and magic tricks? Totally true. My wannabe shapes never received so many compliments in their (non-existent) life.


Vous l'aurez compris, une fois par semaine je m'aventure dans un billet un peu plus long que la normale dans lequel je m'attache à présenter un nouveau créateur, divulguer les origines d'une tendance ou encore réagir par rapport à un phénomène dans l'industrie de la mode (que ce soit de manière positive ou non d'ailleurs). Par manque de temps (et de courage) je vous avoue que je ne pourrai pas traduire ces articles, pourtant plus intéressants (j'ose espérer) que mes frivolités quotidiennes. Vous m'en excuserez chers cyber-amis. Pour résumer en l'occurrence, je m'intéresse aujourd'hui aux créateurs Peter Pilotto et Christopher De Vos, les deux génies artistiques de la maison Peter Pilotto (une marque encore émergente, mais que vous avez surement dû apercevoir dans votre Vogue). Cette maison audacieuse propose des pièces excentriques aux imprimés à la fois fascinants et magiques: par des effets d'illusion optique les motifs jouent avec nos courbes pour "rajouter" là où il en faut et faire disparaitre le reste. Un plaisir pour les yeux (et ces messieurs en redemandent). Vous aimez?

(Skirt and blouse: Peter Pilotto / Shoes and bag: Celine / Ring: YSL / Necklace: Caroline Najman)


  1. WAW! Ta tenue est super jolie! Surtout la chemise!

  2. Oh my I don't know what I love most, the skirt or the blouse?...mmmm... if I had to choose it would probably be the shirt. They go perfect together!! and that necklace is so cute too.
    By the way, in the first picture, behind you... is that a collection of... toys??... Gozila, cobra and co?


  3. You look fantastic!! XO Rebecca

  4. i love your outfit! the pattern on the dress looks really good!

  5. WOW! I am soooooo in love with this look on you!! You look amazing!

  6. Seriously stunning outfit! I've been a fan of Peter Pilotto for a while. Chanel needs to axe Karl, tout de suite!

  7. Ces imprimés sont vraiment étonnants ça change de ce qu'on voit habituellement et ils te vont super bien !
    J'aime beaucoup la jupe !

  8. You look so nice!! Amazing combination with the blouse and skirt! Btw it was so lovely to meet you last friday!! X

  9. wow really awesome read and very insightful. Love the prints and you can see how the style and design is super flattering :)

    Mel x

  10. First of all, LOVE the outfit! Secondly, I totally agree, I had recently heard about that line and I think it's amazing! So is Mary K, her prints are so fun but the pieces are still mostly wearable! :D

  11. Camille you look gorgeous! The two prints match perfectly together!

  12. Mmmmm, these shoes are "Waouh" ! Do you think Zara will try to copy them one day ?? I'm interested ! The print is really amazing. But if it was for me I would have gone only for the top and paired it with simple jeans. I still want to look young (bouh!).(sorry, i don't mean that you look older. Far be it from me to think that! ).
    Have a nice day, Françoise.

  13. love your outfits! <3

  14. Mmh ET loin de verser dans l'excentricité baroque débridée ces imprimés chamarrés m'évoquent (spontanément) une version arty des Trendy(licious) motifs Galaxy !
    ps: Une "leggy(licious) geekette" au port altier § à l'air (faussement ?) détaché ("Clin d'oeil de gentil esthète") !

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  15. Amazing outfit! Love these prints!

  16. beautiful jewel tones!
    such great styling!

  17. Loved your 'whats in my bag' feature with Charlotte!

    Monochrome Magpie

  18. Et bien cette tenue te vas vraiment très bien, c'est très féminin !

  19. Total perfection Camille.....precious..


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