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Sneakers 2.0Friday, May 4 2012

Sneakers 2.0

This is the one in which we explore the renewed interest in sporty footgear as of late. Granted a girl rarely turns down the opportunity to doll-up in a pair of drop-dead heels, if only for the sense of gratification she feels when the clock strikes twelve and she finally gets to kick them off. But the modern day Cinderella will not limit herself to a relationship with her Louboutins (I always say she should have gone for the nude red-soles rather than settling for that glass nonsense). No siree! Not when too much fun is to be had dancing around in a pair of jazzy sneaks. And the new generation of sport shoes is way too high-scale to be confined to the gym anyway. Try a pair of novelty high-tops, be they tin-man inspired or Easter-egg gold; and for those of you always striving for that extra inch, the hidden wedge is 2012’s way of giving the fashionista an edge: that girl may be wearing trainers, but boy look at her figure! The Marant offerings have in fact proven so popular that the odds are you are more likely to come across a pair of original Jordan’s than a pair of these bad boys. Then there is the classic All Star shoe that has been revamped to satisfy our girly cravings: sprinkled with glitter to give it that extra roar, or ribboned-up for a feminine finish, they look easy breezy with cutesy skirts and spray-on skinnies. You can even give your long lost teenage companion the Superga a chance to make a come-back. And last but not least: the runners. No fancy frills or trying to hide behind some kind of fashion statement. Pure and unadulterated sportswear. To be worn with tuxedo pants and a structured blazer for that ultimate laid-back chic look. New Balance is the protagonist here, but you can also try some Wang or McCartney for a bit of extra flavouring. The ball is in your court really, and now that you have the appropriate footgear, you no longer have an excuse not to join in the game.

(Clockwise: Silver hightops: Pierre Hardy / Velcro and lace-up hightops: Isabel Marant (similar here) / Silver sneakers: Superga / Beige and White Hightops: Serafini / Glitter and leopard sneakers: KG by Kurt Geiger / Gold studded Hightops: Giuseppe Zanotti / Nude sneakers: Lanvin / Runners: Alexander Wang)

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  • blue october

    Ah I just got the Marant-inspired sneakers off ebay, LOVE them!

    here's a post incorporating them:

    They're great for this kind of weather, and love the built in heel!

    • Camille

      Good one, love the cutesy socks! Cx

  • Clara

    I got a pair of Serafini…I can't wait to wear them! Now if it could just stop raining. Because let's face it, although they are sneakers only my Converse will go in the pouring rain not the Serafini!


    i love incorporating sneakers with more girly outfits! great picks (:

    • Camille

      Hear, heae!

  • [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]*

    Got mine from River Island, I love the hidden wedge (she pleaded guilty)


    • Camille

      Yeah I saw :) cool chick! X

  • Julia

    Les miennes sont des ash je peux plus m'en passer. Avec une jupe ou une robe je trouve ça trop classe, les prochaines seront les isabel marrant Probablement les blanche en haut à droite de ta sélection elle sont parfaites !

    • Camille

      Apparement les ASH sont sorties avant les Marant… Trendsetter! cx

    • Julia

      Non ?! Tu m'apprend un sacré scoop j'étais persuadée que c'était qu'une bonne imitation ^^

    • Camille

      la vérité mon frere! Tout comme les susanna de Chloé sont des copies Givenchy. ah la la

  • Audrey

    je suis dans l'attente de mes IM hâte de les recevoir !!!!

    • Camille

      Comment ca dans l'attente?? On peut les shopper quelque part???? Dis moi tout!! cx

  • KIM

    I live in my Isabel Marant sneakers. if only my boyfriend would not think I'm insane I would wear them to bed too.

    Love the way u write btw.



    • Camille

      A compliment that goes straight to my heart – thank you
      Re Marants, I wish I had a pair… do you think my boyf would think me crazy if I sold a kidney for them? haha

  • Mélanie

    J'adore! <3

  • Romane

    Je les veux toutes !!

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