Thursday, 28 June 2012

Insta-week #6


1. Intellectual Property: A home-made skirt 'loosely' inspired by a favourite label of mine and crafted with love by a dear friend. DIY anyone? (Bas&sh-like skirt)
2. Tipex touch: 'Corrective' nail polish for a flawless summer (Silk pyjama pants by Monoprix and 'blanc' polish by Essie)
3. Dressed to impress: This year, our favourite soda will be holidaying in Brittany (Jean-Paul Gaultier 'breton' Coca Cola)
4. American football: The only sports team I'll be cheering for this season is Isabel Marant (Zara tank and Sandro blazer)
5.Rainbow Queen: Authoritative evidence that the queen of colour-block truly is- well - Her Majesty the Queen (Vogue UK - June 2012)
6. Aerial view: From where I stand, those studded hightops are looking mighty fine! (Bel Air skirt, Topshop knit, Sandro sneakers)
7. Outfit planner: the perfect summer evening combo pyjama pants/stiletto sandals/white tank/gold bling (Monoprix, Zara, Monki and Michael Kors)
8. Flexi Plexi: Arm parties take a see-through turn with some Margiela inspired plastic jewellery (Cooee Design bracelets)
9. Meet the designer: Sale shopping rue des Rosiers with none other than the aforementioned skirt conjurer (Kurt Geiger sneaks, Massimo Dutti jeans and ASOS shades)
10. Poignant street art: Miuccia would be proud to see that the marais is a true believer (rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris)
11. Finally. Amen. (Betty sneakers by Isabel Marant)



  1. Ah les IM bien joué :)

  2. nice one !
    Je valide les pantalon en soie la montre et les sandales top

  3. j'adore tes baskets elles sont top ;)

  4. Great so many things on the Jean Paul Gaultier cokes!...and your shoes! ;) xo, Alma

  5. So i think you should sell that skirt ... I LOVEEEEEE it. Good work girl.

    mel x

  6. J'adore les photos ! :)

    Bisous, Audrey

  7. Love all of this!!

  8. Love your instasnaps! And congrats on the betty's, lucky you!

  9. Love your pics and love the Bettys! I just got the same pair as well - wondering if you are going to spray them with anything to protect the leather? I'm not sure how I'll keep them clean looking :)

  10. Aaah tu as finalement trouvé les betty ! Hate de voir un look avec !

  11. La jupe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. My gossh I thought It was the real one ! PLEASE A DIY !!!!!!

  13. Joli ensemble de photos :)

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  15. you have such a nice sense of style!


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