Friday, 7 September 2012

The icing on the cake


(from top left: OCD 'collier de chien' bracelet, Silver tag bracelet by Werkstatt:München, Alexander McQueen twin skull bracelet. Metallic braid bracelet by Les Perles de Noa. Dog-collar style cuff Betony Vernon. Philip Audibert. Rope bangle by Philippe Audibert. Daisy Knights silver star chain. And last but not least, Valtentino's studded red-leather buckle bracelet.)

FACT: An outfit without accessories is like Celine without Phoebe. I mean, tell me, do you recall any pre-Philo collection in particular? A signature garment maybe? Did you even know of the iconic French house (which incidentally started-off as a children’s made-to-measure shoemaker of all things, before moving towards lux sportswear with its RTW collection) before the takeover of the century on the fourth day of September 2008? Point made. So we all agree that unless one is giving the über-minimalistic ‘stark-naked-but-the-dress’ kinda look a go, a lot rests on the bling. The frosting if you will. Well, this season is the year of statement jewellery, yes – but also, the arm party. And where better to get the party started but with the glorious range of women’s bracelets at The above selection includes many a must-have, for which you will either be weeping with envy or whipping out the credit card faster than I can say 'collier de chien'. I speak from experience here. No prize for those who can guess which W that would be. Predictable, moi?



  1. Great accessories!

  2. The accessories always make an outfit more interesting! Love your choices!


  3. I love the collier de chien by Hermes!!! :) xo, Alma

  4. I love them all! Really need some big bracelets! x

  5. Love them all but the one twin skull bracelet is fantastic :D

  6. Great Stuff...

    Mr J.Kane
    Giveaway time!

  7. Love the tag bracelet!

  8. I love al of these but my favourite has to be the silver tag bracelet!

  9. That tag bracelet is so cool and also love the OCD one!

  10. Wow, nice bracelets for my birthday, especially the collier de chien one!
    xxx, Lisa

  11. real nice bracelets ! xx anouk

  12. those are all so pretty! so nice

  13. Love love love! Hermes one is still one of my favs!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!


    NCCB x

  14. Craving all of them on my wrist and forearm, super cool and chic xo
    would you like to follow each other?

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  15. I love them all! Need more Armbands ...
    LG aus Munich, Fashion Seine

  16. J'adore celui qui est tout à fait en bas à droite :)

  17. i love jewellery posts, all of these are really nice - especially the skull one x

  18. HI doll these bracelets are all kinds of cool but i wanted to send you a bangle to check out that i designed & you've been playing hard to get, What's up 'call me baby' lol x

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