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Semi-cladMonday, October 29 2012




Naked limbs on the 29th of October? in Blighty? Really?! Seems to me that after two years of living in England, I have finally fulfilled my longstanding dream: I no longer feel the cold like a French girl. Bare is, alas, the chicest way to wear your legs in the fall, but until now I have merely applauded with gusto – and from afar – the courage of those who leave their trousers at home come October. OK, that is a lie. I spent the better half of my first year here complaining loudly about howinappropriatelyEnglish girlsdress as a general rule during the colder months. Jealousy can make you bitter. I am not proud of my doings, and won’t judge if you, in turn, judge me. Nonetheless, balancing volumes has always been a favourite sartorial cocktail of mine, and I must say,the (bare-)leggy mini x quilted bomber combo is quite the match made in heaven. So as I join the semi-clad-for-fall club, it is with anew-foundspring in my step that I get to show off the aforementionedjacket in action. Let’s see how long I last – the boy has given me a week.

I’m wearing a Carin Wester silk bomber (find similar here, hereand here). Mini skirt and bootsare by Zara. The angora knit is by Topshop, the ring is Cooee, and the bag is Celine.

  • Raspberry and Rouge

    The bomber looks amazing on you!! And the bare legs, what the heck, everything looks better right? Xx Rebecca

  • Carol

    admire your hardiness, haha. Great bomber !

  • Rich Girls.

    total babe! no wonder you're hooked on this bomber! plus, you paired the new jacket with the perfect pieces. the skirt is so lovely and i've had my eye on it recently. and those boots… could never stop admiring those boots. hopefully our australian zara get them both in. haha we're so behind. x.

  • Fashiable

    Love that oversized coat!

  • Laura Dittrich

    You look fantastic! Indeed, the bomber jacket and bare-legged combo is a match made in heaven x

    Fashion Landscape

  • blog mode Laura

    Love your outfit with this wonderful bomber jacket and skirt!

  • Honorata

    You look great, cross my fingers for your resistance to cold:) I gave up:)))

  • Fanny

    Bon, j'ai souvent soupiré devant tes looks mais là je suis complètement frustrée :)
    L'ensemble est superbe, je savais que tu saurais (huh) porter et assortir cette veste à la perfection.
    Mes jambes crient de grâce sous mon pantalon.


  • Martha

    I love that you're rocking the bare legs in winter! Opaque tights are just so…ugh. I'm putting off putting on (?) opaques for as long as is humanely possible but I'm cheating with fishnets and patterned tights.
    I'm in love with your boots as well <3

  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    Best way to wear your bomber !

  • Thefashionguitar

    Very nice babe!!

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..
  • Levi (tlnique)

    Great outfit, love how the jacket gives it a sporty look

  • The serial shopper

    I just love those boots!!


  • Emma S.


  • Maria

    Oh, this jacket is amazing!

  • Soulofashopper

    It is an amazing bomber!!! :) and love the entire look! xo, Alma

  • Emilie

    Love your bomber jacket – your outfit looks awesome! :)

  • sorthed

    Cool outfit, I have the jacket my self;)
    Wanna follow each other?

  • Andrea

    this jacket is really awesome! i am freezing when i look at these in germany it´s so cold 😀

  • Mary

    I have to say I too am coming round to the bare legs in autumn 'trend'. Tights are such a pain! Love the bomber and boots x

  • amalie

    love your bomber jacket! i've been looking for a good one, for a while now. so good for fall/winter!

  • Style Reload by Virginie Peny

    Cette veste est simplement canon! J'aime beaucoup ce look,

    Virginie/ Style Reload

  • moiminnie

    And my wish from the yesterday's comment came true! Love this look, so effortless yet chic! xx

  • Fashion En Vie

    Love your boots! 😀


  • Creativity&Chocolate

    The coat looks great on you and love the combination! xx

  • Alex

    your shoes are deffinitely awesome :)

  • thankfifi

    I really really want to but I can't – it's just that few degrees colder up here and I have finally caved – tights, bleuch

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Garance Désirée

    Parfaite, comme d'habitude. Ces chaussures sont vraiment parfaites, je ne me lasse pas de te voir les porter. C'est marrant de te voir avec une veste plus sportwear que d'habitude, mais tu la rends très chic. :)

  • Emma Westbrook

    I absolutely love that Zara skirt. I've been waiting for it to become available to buy online for what feels like ages!

  • fran

    i love your shoes so much!!!


  • A. Baudelaire

    Im in love with those boots!
    great outfit dear
    you look stunning!

  • umi

    LOVE the jacket and boots!You look really great!

  • TripsTreasures

    I love the contrast of the big jacket and the bare legs :) cool boots !
    fashion in Belgium

  • Julia

    you're never smiling on your photos…

  • IwalkTheLine-Trend and fashion.

    Gros coup de coeur pour cette tenue ! Comme toujours !

  • Estelle

    Great outfit! So so jealous of your boots xx

  • Giovanna

    Great look! Loving your jacket and boots!


  • Nesrine

    The bomber jacket is amazing ! And I love how you paired it with such an elegant outfit, I love the boots too !!

    Fragment de Style

  • Haily Earish

    You really do know how to suit your clothes well. Seeing you gives the impression that having skinny legs is the best rewarding feature to have. And as for those lovely boots and unisex jacket, it suits you best with your slim figure. Thumbs all the way up for a lovely ensemble.

  • Marle

    Amazing outfit! Love total black looks!