Camille Over the Rainbow

American Football-istaTuesday, November 13 2012




Indulge me for a minute will ya, and pretend that you are seeing the present play on words for the first time. Surely one is allowed to quote themselves without it counting as plagiarism? Just as long as I don’t turn into one of those people who explains to their audience the exact meaning of every single bon mot they devise. The fact that I’m compelled to flag it is bad enough in itself though.. but I digress. Point is, the long sleevedvarsitytee combined with that thick bomber are a. warm, b. the protagonists of the much fussed about word play, c. an ongoing investigation in what type ofboyfriend attire we can get away with, and the result still be dubbed fashuuun. The moral of this story? The it-boots save the day. Again.

I’m wearing a Carin Wester silk bomber (similar here), a Gina Tricot varsity top, Current Elliot jeans and Isabel Marant Lazio boots(also, these!). Coming with the usual accessories: Karen Walker sunnies and Celine tote.