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Wildcats 1978Saturday, November 10 2012



Clearly not what I’m wearing right now given the appalling weather we are currently enjoying on this side of the pond, but rather a re-enactment of yesterday’s Friday night special. I tend not to dress up, even when I’m going out. Rather, I just add a pair of feminine pumps to an otherwise casual look. Mind you, the skirt does have a pretty dangerous slit, so I guess in this case I didn’t actually have much choice but to tone down the ensemble with a boyish watch and logo sweatshirt.

I’m wearing a Gina Tricot sweatshirt (even cooler option here), an old H&M trend leather pencil skirt, and Mango wedges. The watch is Triwa, the bracelets are Van Rycke and the polish is Chanel ‘Black Satin’.


  • Laura Dittrich

    I so love that skirt! It looks amazing with those wedges. Love this outfit from head to toe! x

    Fashion Landscape

  • Raspberry and Rouge

    LOOOOOOVE the look! So cooL! Xx

  • blog mode Laura

    I love your skirt, so gorgeous!

  • Marie

    This is the perfect outfit. I really like the sweater in combination with the skirt and shoes. So it looks cool and relaxed but at the same time very elegant!

    Greetings, Marie from

  • TarZ Lifestyle

    Nice outfit! Love the skirt.


  • Ellen

    love the sweater!

  • Laura

    J'adore cette tenue ma belle!


  • JAR of Heart

    Leather skirt + white sandals <3!!

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..
  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    You're ferociously beautiful, even your hair is wild ! Very inspiring !
    Have a lovely rainy week-end !

  • Closet Fashionista

    Looove this outfit! You look so amazing! That slit is dangerous, but dangerously awesome :)

  • Emma Westbrook

    Absolutely love this outfit! Those shoes and the skirt are perfection x

  • Naghmeh

    ok love this outfit and now I need to find a print sweater to rock!

  • soulofashopper

    love your sweater and skirt! xo, Alma

  • Riëlle K.

    You look amazing Camille!


  • Brooklyn Grace

    wow i love the mixture of style
    nice sweater dear

  • Z
  • Melissa Cuentas

    Great look! Loved the shoes! <3

    My Digital Diaries

  • Eva

    As usually, in love with the look.

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Awesome outfit, love the leather skirt with the knit on top!xx

  • fran

    you look spectacular baby


  • Fashiable

    Perfect combination, I really love this!

  • fashionize life

    I'm inlove with the skirt!!! So sexy and chic.

  • marblava

    So cute! Love the shoes!!

  • Kate

    I really like this look, it is so cool :)
    xx Kate

  • AVY

    Your legs look amazing.


  • Nena

    I'm in love with that skirt!

  • Austė

    You,girl, look super amazing. Btw, you live in London? Maybe you would like to meet?:** if yes, write to me at my blog! I would really really really love to do that..!!!

  • amalie

    stunning! love the mix of that sweater and leather skirt. xx

  • umi

    I love this style!Cool printed sweater!

  • Karolina Chudek

    love it love it love it!!!:)

  • Anonymous

    un lien pour ce sublime sweat ? il est introuvable sur l'eshop :((((


    • Camille

      je suis désolé, je ne l'ai pas mis, justement parce qu'il est déjà sold out :( xx

  • barefoot duchess

    I feel such a full for not buying those shoes….

  • Tizzi

    Dear,U ARE THE BEST! I really like u every outfit! Simple but chic. <3 Perfectly.


  • Dressyourlife

    Skirt and sweater, always a beautiful combination!


    Impeccable as usual…I'd just love to see you smile a little more 😀

    • Camille

      Sore subject.. I try but then the pics inevitably get edited out of the final selection. My teeth are broken at the front and I really hate them :) x

  • melbournetime

    Love how you make low budget clothes look expensive and chic!
    Bravo :)

  • Style Mish Mash

    Greaaaat outfit!!

    GO TO and check out my blog!

  • Le Shopping de Chanel

    Hey, j'aime ce seweat! Love, love, love!

  • Sophie Moureto

    oalalal ca y est je suis raide dingue du sweat!

    Sophie de