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ShilohTuesday, December 4 2012

Acne Shiloh Clutch

(Acne Shiloh clutch)

I have been looking for a black clutch for longer than I care to remember. Turns out even when it comes to basics I’m quite difficult, as I like investment pieces to be exactly that – an investment – and if there is even the slightest chance that I might get bored of something before the end of the next season or two, somehow I just don’t think it’s worth it. My heart did sway towards Valentino’s little rockstudnumber, but unfortunately my love affair with small pointy adornments ended some time ago when the stud-coating fetish took over the streets with no moderationwhatsoever, with not a single fabric, garment or shape spared in this prickly hardware contamination. Too much of a not-even-that-good-in-the-first-place thing.So the search continued, until I came across this bad boy. Pared down to the max besides a blunt looking chain. Unapologeticallysimple (read timeless) and totally worth the wait.


  • Laura Dittrich

    Exactly. I think the same way about investment pieces (if you get bored of something too soon, it's not worth it).

    Amazing and timeless clutch indeed :)

    Fashion Landscape

  • fashionizelife

    Very nice clutch…

  • Carol
  • Lilly Day

    Classic and timeless clutch, good choice 😉
    I think exactly the same way about investment pieces, that's why I take my time to choose some pieces and haven't so many of them in my dressing (but I wear every day my investment piece and don't get bored, that's the point !).

  • Fanny

    Ah, ça c'est un basique parfait en effet. Et pour le coup, la chaîne change de l'inconditionnel Chanel. Go for it moi je dis.


  • Anonymous
  • Soulofashopper

    very nice!! :) xo, Alma

  • fran
  • Camille

    I don't really like it that much

    • Camille

      I'll try change your mind when I wear it then 😉

  • A French Diary

    Good choice ! The Valentino is pretty but you'd get tired of it…
    This one is a true classic.


    I'm with you on the stud-coating fetish, haha.
    This bag will look awesome on you though! Have fun with it!

    x Marjolein

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Beautiful! I'm still searching for the perfect one too! x

  • Nena
  • Ellen
  • Raspberry and Rouge

    Yes please!

  • Fashiable

    Amaazing, wanna have it!


    Definitely more interesting than the Valentino and half the price!

  • Joelle

    The chain strap looks great with the simple design!

  • TarZ Lifestyle

    Such a timeless clutch! Love it!



  • Anonymous
  • AngelDust

    DAMN, that bag is gorgeous. If you ever get bored of it I will be more than happy to buy it off you (seriously).