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Everything but the coatWednesday, December 19 2012

Everything but the coat

(From top left: Balmain leather gloves, Diane Von Furstenberg stole, Jean-Paul Gaultier perforated belt, Rita et Zia silver ring, Chantal Simard diamond infinity bracelet, Zadig et Voltairefedora,Alexander Wang Prisma tote, and Chloé aviators– all available at Monnier Frères).

Here’s to shamelessly ripping off a high-street slogan by way of making today’s pickings more relevant. My morals seem to have left thebuilding as of late (see mildly offensiveanticsthat have the potential to upset feminists and/or otherhumorlessanonymous preachers). Hey, at least I know Second Degree when it is staring me in the face!

Back to basics. Buying a great coat is only half the job done if one is to achieve Winter style capital-S. A bad dresser will always blame his tools (ie a maxed-out credit card), but that is no excuse because we all know that you just ordered five new knits from the Asos sale. So here’s a little selection that might both tickle your fancy and be worth the investment in the long run.

Let’s start with the brightest, boldest and biggest deep-etched high-res image:a red-stole which could be either an abstract take on leopard print, or the latestfashion-meets-art designer collaboration we have not had time to process yet. Your guess is as good as mine.Fortunatelyfor all involved it isn’t the latter (thank you, Google), or the price tag would not have read£182, flirting instead with fifty thousand big American dollars, give or take (see Olsen twins spotty backpack stunt). Drape it casually round your neck – no, better yet – tie it to your handbag for anonchalantsplash of French girl chic. You might have to buy anotherin that case(baby alpaca is so soft), if one at least is to serve the purpose of keeping you from shivering.

Next in line, the belt, because you can’t leave home with your boyfriend jeanshanging round your waist. That, and the sunnies. Yes, even though it’s Winter, we like to pretend we are wearing aviators because they are making a come-back, and not because we stayed up all night perusing through the latest Pre-fall 2013 offerings. Hatswork well too, plus give the illusion that you know a thing or two about stylishmillinery, and the latest runway showdowns. Why else would you be wearing a wide-brim instead of the traditionalpom-pom?

A croc-leather carry-all will be helpful when you goChristmasshopping to carry all (duh!) your surprise purchases (or hide that sneaky shopper full of new season Stella – no one needs to know your are treating yourself too).Completed by textured gloves from the Kind of badass leather. With zips, just likeon the trousersI long to be able to call mine.

Last but not least, the frosting every girl wants: a beautiful diamond bracelet and snowflake-inspired ring. Read: I am a sucker for pretty shiny things even though I pretend otherwise… Busted!


  • Soulofashopper

    gorgeous items! xo, Alma

  • Laura Dittrich

    I so love that fedora. I need one ASAP! Great items x

    Fashion Landscape

  • Ellen

    Need it all, so gorgeous! :O


  • Laura

    Love your selection!!


  • TripsTreasures

    Your text is really funny. I actually enjoy buying accesories more than coats and such.
    Love the bag and hat
    new outfit post

  • Riëlle K.

    That bag is still on my wishlist!


  • Aurélie and Angelo

    Great selection, love the gloves, sunnies and scarf!

  • Melissa V

    i want that bag x


    It's so beautiful!

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  • Marta Alonso

    Great selection!!Love them all!!

  • Carol

    this selection must go with all coats :)
    kisses from

  • Camille

    OMG If only I could have them all !

  • Creativity&Chocolate
  • Samii

    Haha. Thank for the posting. Quite entertaining. Great ideas.


  • Lola

    I almost did something similar with my blog title, it consists of a xmas wishlist and i almost titled it "wishful thinking"

    I am in absolute need of the DVF stole, such a beauty! XX


    Those gloves look pretty!



  • Fashiable

    The bag is PERFECT!