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New horizonsSunday, December 2 2012

Vogue Netherlands

Vogue NetherlandsVogue NetherlandsVogue Netherlands

Vogue NetherlandsVogue Netherlands

(Ph/Vogue Netherlands via Fashion Gone Rogue)

I recently came across an interview – my memory fails me here as all that I can remember is that it was of someone I admire and respect in the industry – who was saying that the ‘other Vogues’ didn’t really do it for her. To tell you the truth, I myself have only ever physically indulged in the big four: French, British, US and Italian. Recently however, editorials featured by some of the V clan’s more obscure cousins have really captured my imagination. Last week, I could hardly tear myself away from a Celine-clad Carolyn on the cover of Vogue Korea. And now we have Mirte Maas, alone, a hauntinglybeautifuldeserted beach, slick-back hair, easy 90s-sleek silhouettes of thick-knits, logo sweatshirts and high-waist palazzos styled in that oh-so-now minimalistic way. Haute mode, no question. So even though I will never be able to enjoy (or not) the content of these foreign mags, I will always have time for the fashion stories they have to tell. New horizons and plenty more to explore.

Mirte Maas shot by Annemarieke van Drimmelen.


    Love these pictures!

  • Charlie

    That last Celine look is everything.

  • Alma Falcone

    fantastic pictures! xo, Alma

  • Laura Dittrich

    Those editorials are really hypnotic and hauntingly beautiful x

    Fashion Landscape

  • Carol

    so magical pictures

  • Veronika S.

    Love that all of the clothes is slightly oversized and wide-leg trousers drape so beautifully. Just bought a Massimo Dutti coat with a low shoulder, it reminds me of a Celine collection. Too bad it's already winter here.

    gold and black

  • Catita

    nice! love the last ouftit!

  • Nena
  • Camille
  • fashionizelife

    I love the second photo! these are truly beautiful!

  • Laura

    Ces photos sont sublimes!


  • Ellen

    beautiful pictures!

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Beautiful photos and love those checked pants! xx

  • Fanny

    Ces photos sont superbes… elles changent beaucoup de ce qu'on a l'habitude de voir dans l'édition parisienne et quel bien ça fait! Pas de prétention, beaucoup de pureté, des lignes, des formes, et voilà. C'est de l'art et ça m'émeut :)

  • fridahannegaby

    So inspiring pictures!
    Makes me a feeling of freedom..
    I also in love with the clothes!