Camille Over the Rainbow

Street-credThursday, December 20 2012

Street-cred // Camille over the Rainbow

Street-cred // Camille over the RainbowStreet-cred // Camille over the RainbowStreet-cred // Camille over the RainbowStreet-cred // Camille over the Rainbow


Tragically, and living up to all W-postcode clichés, I am one of those pathetic people who still believe that All Stars are super-gangsta, and give you more street-cred than a stint in jail ever would. Let’s be honest though, they are nothing more than a rich girl staple that makes you feel more down to earth. Like buying stuff at COS. In fact, most street experience I got is shopping the high-street – which has got that word ‘haute’ in it again, so probably doesn’t count for much.. Plus ma hood totally sucks at providing an edgy ghetto background.

Could be worse though. At least they are grubby as hell thanks to the most recent sketchy East-London warehouse rave I choose to make an appearance at last month. Am I digging my own grave here? Piece out, sister, we are all part of the same gang! Fash pack blud, innit. Yo!

I’m wearing a Zara boyfriend blazer, Sandro navy knit, baggy leather pants by Mango and an Acne cross shoulder bag. The sneaks are Converse, évidemment.

  • Laura Dittrich

    Love the slouchy leather pants with that blazer. You always style everything perfectly x

    Fashion Landscape

  • Carol

    me to, don't worry about your 'gangsta' All Stars feeling, haha :) but what's the true that they look just perfect with whole outfit!! especially with those pants:)
    kisses from

  • Levi (tlnique)

    Haha, i always love the way you write, so funny! Those all stars may not be thát 'gangstah' but your trousers sure are!! Great outfit :)

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  • Soulofashopper

    love the way you´ve styled the pants!!! 😉 xo, Alma

  • letiziabarcelona

    très très classe comme d'hab!

  • Nataliechristina

    Wow u look gorgeous 😉

  • Fashion En Vie

    I love the look of baggy leather pants with All Stars, very down to earth 😉

  • Omotesando bags

    Love this leather pants!

  • Samii

    Haha you're too funny.
    Converse are a classic shoe, whichever way the styling goes.
    You're in the clear.


  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..

    beautiful style!!! I like your outfit!!!

  • Eni Rossidou

    wow! amazing , this leather pant is amazing on u!

    xxx Ros.e.


    Haha, love how you write! And yes, I just could wear this too! I live in my converse sneakers…too bad it's getting bit too cold for me to wear them right now! Boohoo!

    With Love,


  • Karolina Chudek

    love your style!

  • TripsTreasures

    Haha you are so funny. I usually don't wear sneakers, but when I do i always feel super sporty (which I'm absolutely not). I guess shoes can really give you a certain attitude
    new outfit post

  • blog mode Laura

    Je crois que je ne me lasserai jamais de ce pantalon, il est tellement beau!


    Wow, beautiful pants. Love the pictures.

  • Duck

    I love that COS makes you feel like the common (wo-)man…

  • ZxM Style-Squared


  • Marta Alonso

    Love the combination of converse + and elegant style! Come and visit my blog if you can!Today is about NEW BALANCE!

  • Z

    Love the trousers

    New Post: Caramelo

  • moiminnie

    Gorgeous outfit, I love combining navy and black, although people tend to avoid that quite risky combo. The white converse are an amazing addition! x

  • Closet Fashionista

    I love this look! And such a funny post, I have no street-cred :p AT.ALL.

  • Looking up my wardrobe

    Lovely post!!

    Really fantastic pants!!


  • Nel
  • Ellen

    in love with the pants!


  • Jenaly Enns

    I love the leather pants and Acne clutch. amazing

  • fashionizelife

    I like how your hair looks!

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Great outfit and love the pants! xx

  • Tizzi

    Perfect look! I'm in love with this baggy leather pants<3

    kisses,Dominica from

  • Laura

    Parfait ce look comme toujours :)


  • Coralie de Made In SisterS

    j'adore cet article sporty chic!
    bises et bonnes fêtes

  • Riëlle K.

    Great look! i'm also pround owner of those pants but for me there a bit to short!



    To make up for the lack of street cred, as far as the all-stars go, your facial expressions are pretty though in this photos. Accidentally or…… 😉



  • Ria

    Mmm I'm totally into those leather pants.

  • Vi

    Fantastic look! Effortlessly elegant.


  • Laura L.

    You're the best.

  • Lola

    Your troos look better on you than they do on site, hmmm contemplating!!

  • Poison Wardrobe

    Always love your causal look. You have that cute casual vibe, very energetic! Merry Christmas xx

  • Fashion Reactor

    Amazing style!!!! Just discivered your blog and followed via bloglovin!! I am sure I'll find a lot of inspiration in here with your great style :)

    Eirini from

  • Line

    You look so stunning!!

  • Charlie

    I need to get myself those leather trews! Mango is just so good right now.

  • Sara N.

    i absolutely love those pants! it fits you so nicely and sandro is always a winner. what an excellent job you've done with your blog.

    mine is not nearly as done up as yours is, but nonetheless –

  • Vanessa D.

    You have style!!
    Love it!

  • Despina

    These pants are just what I was dreaming! You are so stylish!