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Tales of the unexpectedTuesday, December 11 2012

Tales of the unexpected

(From top left: Proenza Schouler asymmetrical jacket, Stella McCartney pendant, Nowhere fuzzy knit,Stella McCartney scalloped skirt, Pierre Hardy geometric pouch, ACNE silver booties, Balenciaga coffee table book)

Million dollar question.Why is it that the human brain equates all things silver to the future?Whereas holographic is just another word for over the rainbow, or so I’ve been telling myself all morning to justify some new season Stella spending, a splash of metallic cannot happen without the result being immediately dubbedotherworldly. So I wonder, why is it that in our minds the future comeswrappedin a sea of foil?

There was only one way to get to the bottom of this. The oldest trick in the book, and a particularfavoriteof mine when learned backgroundknowledgeisseverelylacking. The name of the game? Word association. You can play too. So far my unknowing entourage have come up with rockets, space suits, apple products (not the vegetarian kind, mind), robots, the Wizard of Oz (or is that playing the rainbow card again?), Tom Cruise, expensive sports cars, and Doctor Who. None of which are particularly silver at the best of times.

My verdict? An overwhelmingmajorityof us seem to be suffering from anacutecase of back to the future. What we perceive as futuristic is in fact what society pinpointed the future would look like circa 50 years ago. Flat earthism all over again (although some of us are still vehemently arguing that one – ‘beware, you can fall off !’) ..

So despite the alien skin scaly skirt, the shimmery footwear, the astronaut jacket and the Tron-like geometric pattern (feel free toignore the family heirloom pendant, I just threw that in for good measure), the only thing that could mean future here comes as a hardback showcasing Cristóbal Balenciaga’s world. Tales of the unexpected from way back when. Now that is where I hope the future will take me. Somewhere I have not yet been before. Ghesquière knew. And here’s to hoping commercial-driven Wang can take me there too.


  • Raspberry and Rouge

    Uh yes please. Now! Prettttttty! Xx

  • Laura Dittrich

    This is amazing! I love every single item. That would be one hell of a futuristic and beautiful outfit indeed. x

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  • Carol

    love this skirt honey! especially in combination with acne boots – lovely and stylish, yeah!
    with love from

  • marta

    PS jacket – I love it!!!!

  • unhadaenelarmario

    Great skirt! As the skirt from Zara´s last summer!! xx

  • Soulofashopper

    loving this outfit you´ve created! want that sweat! xo, Alma

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  • Martita

    Ahhh le manteau…! Vraiment j'adore ton style et que tu nous régales avec une bonne et petite (mais profonde) narration. Bisou!

  • kawther

    aiii the jacket & the coat i love it !!!

    come check out my blog !!

  • Camille

    Love that skirt with the fuzzy jumper!
    It's perfect!


  • barefoot duchess

    that coat…

  • Rea Papathanasiou

    beautiful skirt and jacket! xx

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Love all of this which means, bad news for my wallet 😉 xx

  • Therese

    Damn, that is some lovely stuff!

  • Leah Nielsen

    cool jacket and I want that book!

  • Samii
  • Laila Claessen

    indeeeeeeed! :)
    liefs, laila.

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..
  • Coralie de Made In SisterS

    superbe sélection! du rêve!


    That skirt combined with that sweater would be amazing.
    Good thinking!



  • Buzz

    The jacket and the skirt are just WOW!


  • Fanny

    J'adhère à ta réflexion. Et même que ce futur là vieilli un peu mal.