Thursday, 27 September 2012



(Alexander Wang merino knits in black and oxblood)

At this point, my fall wishlist is so out of hand that adding a couple of half-a-K a pop sweaters to the line-up is not about to make a difference. Now, I am very much aware that these knits are bound to attract many a 'joke' along the lines of : -"dyou get a special discount for that un'?" *muffled laugh* *blank stare back* -"cuz of the holes, innit!". Our good friend distressed denim is a regular receiver of such comical attentions, as I'm sure all the ragged aesthetic junkies like myself will know. Appertaining to the above fishnet offerings however, it really was runway love at first sight, so I am prepared to bear the burden. Now to choose.

Get yours here in black, white or burgundy, and as a dress

Tuesday, 25 September 2012



Leather pants are hardly news at this point - I'm fairly confident most stylish wardrobes around the globe count a pair or two. However, if the catwalks are anything to go by, this season is not so much about the model-off duty spray-on skinny. Instead, TopshopDoo.Ri and Derek Lam, to name but a few, introduced us to the staple's edgier - ever so slightly ghetto - older brother: the XXL baggy pant. Now, as unflaterring as voluminous leather around the hips may sound, consider this: not only is this badass newcomer extra-comfy, but it is also perfectly in tune with the rise of oversized, a silhouette many of us are craving to achieve this fall (that's not just me right?). And given the popularity of exaggerated shapes, why not take the look up a notch by adding leather to the equation. Meanwhile, for those of ya who are not feelin' it, how about the barely-baggy, cuffed at the leg rendition, as seen above. A rather enticing compromise that may just have hit the nail on the head. Want.

Get yours here: Chloe, Joseph, or ASOS


Monday, 24 September 2012

Milan - the good and the bad


I thought I had soaked-up as much fashion as my poor brain could muster last weekend, but the show(s) must go on. So on to Milan we went - that is, style dot com went; I cyber-FROWed (yup, that is a thing .. with live streams covering all the big boys, added to the speediness at which runway shots get uploaded to the system, you are in on the action in (quasi) real time nowadays - something that calls for a proper discussion I'm sure, so more about that later). While we are all here then, we may as well raise one or two points about what the Italian fashion capital had to say for itself. The first being - obviously - Prada

I'm just going to speak it as it is: if I hear one more 'killed it, as ever', So. Help. Me. God. Not because I hated it (I did, but that's neither here nor there), but because at this point, it is almost a case of the Emperor's new clothes. Everyone loved it you see, yet no one seems able to construe a rationale as to why. If Miuccia says it's fashion, then apparently we all have to nod our heads, gushing ohs and ahs at what undeniably bears the mark of the chav(y tourist). The way I see it, we now know that la signora Prada is one of those people who like to wear socks in their flip-flops. Leather does not, I repeat, does NOT elevate the look (and don't even get me started on the split toe - it was bad enough when Margiela  came up with it .. at this rate, the finger-shoe is set to become the next wardrobe staple). There is no such thing as haute chaviness, albeit Prada endorsed. And the clothes? Besides the fact that I found the collection really quite sombre (I speak metaphorically here as well as palette wise), the use of florals was a little baffling. The first dress basically looked like some kids had got to it with a can of spray snow and daisy stencils just before it walked out. But since the following eleven silhouettes also delivered the 'frosted window' florals, I was forced to acknowledge authenticity. Some might call this genius, avant-garde and fresh. I call it uncouth, a little tacky, and, well, out of season. If you are going to use Christmas decoration kits to 'embellish' your garments, shouldn't it at least be done for fall/winter? So if you are one of those who feel like Miuccia killed it, by all means please do spell out the specifics, I am genuinely curious. Anyway, enough of the bad. Moving on to the good.

The very good even. Jil Sander. Jil by Jil. My heart having been lost to Raf Simons, who had me at hello back in 2005, I had secretly intended to - if not actively dislike - at least passively brush-off the label's spring-summer getup. Raf better not bear a grudge, cuz it turns out that this is not only my favourite collection so far this season, but also very possibly my favourite Jil Sander story to date. Given my above disgruntlement for unwarranted love, I suppose I better tell you why. Jil Sander likes to keep things pared down to the max, so I'm sure she will let my words abide by her rules. Here are a few that come to mind. Wearable is one. Clean another. Simple yet precise, the aesthetic was modern to the point of being futuristic, with a passing (heeled) nod to the 60's Courrèges boot. It echoed the Raf touch (delicate waistlines, accentuated by exaggerated hip volume), but went further to explore new-minimalism horizons such as the sci-fi polka dot. I absolutely loved it. All hail the return of the Queen.

Now only remains finding out  whether my two all-time favourites Mr Simons and Ms Philo can surpass themselves yet again this season. The anticipation is killing me! Paris, you better bring it! Oh, and hope you like today's sweat x leather combo. I fear it was the last chance to bare the leg this year.

Skirt: Zara (old -similar here or here)
Sweatshirt: Ba&sh (similar here or here)
Boots: Zara
Bag: Celine
Sunnies: RayBan


Friday, 21 September 2012

Pigmented back-ups

Fall palette

Angora stitch jumper by Topshop. Navy fabric covered 'Retrospective' book by Carine Roitfeld. Two-tone military coat by Mango. Acne Muse skirt. Oversized PS1 by Proenza Schouler. Isabel Marant Lazio goots hair boots. Carine Roitfeld for MAC nail lacquer.

Berry ripe. Military green. Dramatic black. As we start to play around with a darker palette, I am searching for alternatives to my go-to all black. As much as I adhere to the minimal aesthetic, single pigmentation is bound to get a little tiresome after a while. Hence the above mix of fall hues. To be worn bare-legged until the weather no longer permits ...


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Put on Your White Sombrero

Photobucket acnePhotobucketAcne2Photobucket Acne5

No, that is not the song that Johnny Johansson chose for his latest show, but it may as well have been .. It was indeed against the cheesy background of an ABBA tune, with cowboy resonant yi-ha!s sampled in, that ACNE '13 opened. If at first both the musical stance itself and the wild-west vocals seemed puzzling, at least the collection seemingly followed through with the proposed theme. The first look, an oversized slogan tank branded MUSIC, teamed with a buckled-up parachute skirt was the first clue as to the designer's inspiration. And as the girls casually made their entrance, a significant few sporting stetsons, the thought process became more apparent. In fact, the three words that guided the Johansson Spring-Summer story were all to be found on the collection's tees themselves: MUSIC, NEW and COLLAGE.

Now I am not one to normally judge a person's musical preferences. In fact, to be perfectly honest with you, I actually love ABBA. I will even go so far as to confess spending many a summer night manically dancing on around the kitchen table to Dancing Queen. It is a true classic, there is no denying it. But it's not exactly cool. And hats off to you, Johansson, for wanting to explore something NEW, and in doing so feeding off a folk song that is evocative to you. Maybe it was Emmylou Harris' Wrecking Ball that brought the collection to life, but did the cowboy references need to be so literal? -"Hats? off!". And it could be that I am just not open minded enough, but I did not understand where the leather jockey stripes fit in with the country aesthetic. Is it because both are horsemen? That could be the COLLAGE part, mind, bringing together elements that would never meet in real life. So there you have it. I struggle. I struggle to picture these silhouettes roaming about the street. But that doesn't mean I would not happily slip into a midnight blue strapless gown buckled over a boyfriend tee. And if you don't mind, I will keep the hat for those late summer nights ...


Tuesday, 18 September 2012


The Cut)

One day you get up in the morning, you go out shopping and you pick a wedged shoe. I say 'pick' - shoe hunt would be more appropriate a term really, if you trek your butt to every Mango in London to find said shoe in the summer sale after noticing uncanny resemblance with a Celine fall offering. You wear wedge shoe. A lot. You take wedge shoe to fashion week with you. You go on to find that the Cut also thinks aforementioned wedged shoe is statement worthy - so much so in fact that shoe gets its very own cyber-hour of glory. You then watch live stream of much anticipated Burberry Prorsum show (not being cool enough to feature on the guest list could never deter oneself from being glued to screen). You discover that the man himself, Christopher Bailey, envisions the white wedge shoe (albeit peep-toe) as this coming spring's hit, instantly dubbing it most covetable footwear to be come March (more about that metallic rainbow peacock parade finale soon). You stare happily at shoe tidied away on shoe shelf, and can't help giving yourself a small pat on the back for finding it in the sale. Summer, Fall and Summer again. My friend, you have a long life ahead of you.

Wedges by Mango. (H&M trend are doing a pair in case you are looking)


Monday, 17 September 2012

LFW - Day 1


Just a quick one to share with you what I wore to LFW on Saturday. Clearly having a fashion moment here with the oversized, military khaki bins outside Somerset House .. which, wouldn't you know it, were referencing the very same trends that I decided to showcase - 'cept I added a white wedge to give my look a chic boost. Dustbins 0 - Camille 1. Stay tuned for more..

Heels: Mango
Dress: Ba&sh
Sunnies: ASOS
Bag: Celinebloglovin

Friday, 14 September 2012



I apologise for the slow-coach posting, especially in high-octane fashion periods such as these. We are now fully settled into new place, but unfortunately still don't have access to the internet. Could not come at a worse time, very frustrating indeed. Anyway, I am going to be super busy this weekend as you know. LFW kicked-off this morning, and I will be covering the fashtivities (did I really just do that?) for French publication Citizen K. As you can imagine, I am beyond thrilled, and cannot wait to get started. Meanwhile, this is what I wore yesterday to the Monki magazine launch party last night. Am very much digging the barely-baggy (p)leather pant which works really well with my new Wang-esque boots. As usual, wearable construction ties the whole look together nicely; speaking of which, I am very happy to announce that the winner of last week's MOXHAM giveway is Hanne! Congrats lovely, I will get your Anubis to you as soon as this crazy weekend is out the way. To the rest of you, don't despair, another fantastical giveaway is coming up real soon.

Pants: Monki (similar here)
Knit: Monki
Necklacke: MOXHAM
Bag: Celine (similar here)
Shades: Rayban


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Deconstructing the urban uniform


So I am fully aware that you have probably already absorbed a fair share of NYFW visuals, Mister W. being the prime suspect in terms of coverage overload, I'm sure. But you see, I simply cannot refrain from looking at this skilful fusion between graphic structure and abstract fluidity.

As usual, strong, tough pieces walked the Alexander Wang runway in the now familiar parade of urban uniform must-haves. The parka. The t-shirt. The board short. Wang to a T. Or was it? Something way more exciting than your average ghetto-chic happened on that runway. Something that was casually hinted at last fall, when Wang unexpectedly took the plunge from downtown cool to casual lux, with more dramatic design and new materials. Something that came into its own with the above spring/summer collection. And is it just me, or are optical illusions now the go-to trend for young, trendy, baddass' designers? First Tisci's wonderful trouser leg cut-off boots. Now, floating leather. Panels all perfectly sliced and taken apart, only to be put back together in sharp right angles. All very minimalistic, but with such mesmerizing (invisible) detailing as to render each piece overwhelmingly unique and interesting. It may be sporstwear, and it may be clean-cut, but it is not basic. That it is not.

Meanwhile, on the girls' feet a whole other story is happening. Is it a boot? Is it a sandal? Whatever the label, it is major and unlike anything you would normally choose to dress your feet in. Also worth noting, colour plays no part here. In fact, and despite this being the sunny season offering, even the hip designer's recurring splashes of deep purple and acid neon were nowhere to be seen. Or so we thought until the lights dimed to reveal the grande finale in all its splendour. If that showstopping conclusion is anything to go by, and I am correct in thinking that if we do buy into this reconstructed deconstructed silhouette come springtime we will also glow in the dark, then I cannot wait to see next season's runway captures by, with FROW fireflies dotted around the room. Genius.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Playing it fast and loose


I call this one pre-fashion week laziness. As we are all very much aware I'm sure, Thursday will kick-start the whirlwind of skilful layering, and statement sartorialism across the city, and here is moi, days (hours really) before the tornado, wearing the easiest outfit on the block. Even the ever recurring it-bag is nowhere to be seen. Not gonna lie, am feeling slightly on edge about Somerset House central being open for business again (has it really been 6 months?). You see, the boy and I moved into our new place this weekend and most of my clothes are yet to be unpacked. I know what you're gonna say, and I hear ya, truly I do. Boxy is in yes, and though I do respect MMM's dedication to exaggerated deconstruction more than words can express, somehow conceptual attire might not work so well if it is executed in such a literal manner (me wearing a 'handy move' box that is). As usual, I digress, and fortunately for all involved I still have a few days to recover my most impressionable fashion gear from the trenches of a removal van. Point here is, this outfit has nothing to say for itself. No fancy frills to hide behind. No passing wink to a previous show. It's distressed denim of the short sort. A white top. And All stars. Why am I not practising you ask? Pah. I laugh in the face of danger. Playing it (a little too) fast and (a little too) loose so close to showtime is how I roll. I like to live on the edge ..

Leather jacket: Zara Studio (similar here)
Denim skirt: Bel Air
White tee: Zara
Sneakers: All Stars


Friday, 7 September 2012

The icing on the cake


(from top left: OCD 'collier de chien' bracelet, Silver tag bracelet by Werkstatt:München, Alexander McQueen twin skull bracelet. Metallic braid bracelet by Les Perles de Noa. Dog-collar style cuff Betony Vernon. Philip Audibert. Rope bangle by Philippe Audibert. Daisy Knights silver star chain. And last but not least, Valtentino's studded red-leather buckle bracelet.)

FACT: An outfit without accessories is like Celine without Phoebe. I mean, tell me, do you recall any pre-Philo collection in particular? A signature garment maybe? Did you even know of the iconic French house (which incidentally started-off as a children’s made-to-measure shoemaker of all things, before moving towards lux sportswear with its RTW collection) before the takeover of the century on the fourth day of September 2008? Point made. So we all agree that unless one is giving the über-minimalistic ‘stark-naked-but-the-dress’ kinda look a go, a lot rests on the bling. The frosting if you will. Well, this season is the year of statement jewellery, yes – but also, the arm party. And where better to get the party started but with the glorious range of women’s bracelets at The above selection includes many a must-have, for which you will either be weeping with envy or whipping out the credit card faster than I can say 'collier de chien'. I speak from experience here. No prize for those who can guess which W that would be. Predictable, moi?


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Digital Dress-Up


So yesterday I attended Farfetch's merry #digitaldressup with super-Charlotte (I'm not just calling her super because she is - the girl was wearing superhero caped heels, I kid you not). We had a whale of a time styling the models, sampling the cocktails and snogging the boys - not literally unfortunately, I refer only to the frozen yoghurt they were offering. I attempted to make a run for it with the coveted Lichtenstein x Lim slickest clutch of the season under my arm, but thought it best to behave as the team at Farfetch are rather nice. Still, maybe I should just click it home. I wouldn't be the first to start a 'comic book' collection after all.

I wore a Zara Studio drop-shoulder jacket. White jeans by Sandro (similar here or here). Asymmetrical Heels and shirt both by Zara. My Celine tote, a DKNY watch and H&M jewellery.