Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dress like the future/ The asymmetrical skirt

It's nice to live in the present. We all like to do it. Indulging in the cosiness of fall gear, hunting for the perfect winter coat (seriously, need!), and generally soaking up this season's latest rhetoric.. But who has time for all that jazz when the future is coming. At the speed of light (see truck show schedule for added briskness), and with a clear game plan! I for one cannot simply sit and wait for it to materialize, so until then, please behold a short exposé on the most exciting happening of the coming months ahead: the asymmetrical skirt

Now, we all know that despite my ongoing rejection of all things girly, there is a special place in my heart for said garment. Unlike dresses, skirts are uncannily easy to dress down. Add a biker boot and an oversized knit, et hey presto, the tomboy in you is given free reign to take over. Which is why this trend has got me bouncing up and down like a caffeinated kangaroo (see Aussie ads for more about that).

Starting with the most unconventionally conservative of the bunch. You'll find these at Stella McCartney: below the knee wrap-around skirts, fastened at the side, with a deep cut to the hip. To be worn with a mirrored V neckline to create a symmetrically gratifying allure says the Queen of fashion hits.


Similar story at Acne, though these bear a stronger resemblance to the kilt - albeit one that has abandoned traditions of tartan and pleats (the belt socks confirm that impression). The interplay between demure and seductive is quite pleasing in both cases as onlookers will be confused as to the nature of this particular get-up. Indeed, invisible knees would normally suggest that sexiness will not be an issue.. but wait, look again folks, only one of the two is de facto covered. The other is not only flaunting itself, but also the upper leg attached to it, which can only mean one thing: for spring-summer 2013, the right thigh strikes again! Angelina would be proud.

Next, the same but different. Boy by Band of Outsiders face painted the girls, clad them in the just-above-the-knee version and told them to give it a good old runway strut, with rolling hips et al. What these skirts lack in thigh-baring sexiness, they certainly make up for in texture and print. Boy sure can dress a girl, and make her look interesting too!


 Moving on to proper minis now, and incidentally the most compelling pieces of the present assortment. Why you ask? Ponder the following, and you will have your answer: a. head-to-toe strong geometric patterns in bi-chromatic colour-block. b. the exactness of the figure-shaped skirt (what scientific people might call trapeze says the boy over my shoulder), and c. (here comes the real touch of genius by the Rodarte sisters) the fact that the asymmetrical cut-out is literally part of this mathematical puzzle. Finally, abstract fashion that makes sense!


Anthony Vacarello is no newcomer to the concept. Did he not put Anja in a dress that totally put Angelina's right thigh out of business? Point made. Femininity incarnate for these ruched numbers. I particularly like the nonchalant tuck of the diagonal wrap.


Where the brave have used with abandon, Isabel uses only a few drops. This time its all about the fold-over layer. And though the execution is more timid than her classmates, there is no point ignoring what the purveyor of effortless attire says, as we all know this is what we will be seeing everywhere on the streets in a few months (weeks actually if Zara decides to get involved) from now.

DIESEL BLACK GOLDDiesel_Black_Gold_SS'13

Last but not least, Diesel takes the crown. This should not be happening of course, especially as these skirts are not even asymmetrical per se, but rules are meant to be broken and exposés sometimes have inconclusive endings. Sophia Kokosalaki, I salute you. The diagonal buckled-up layers got me, and here's to embossed leather street wear come Spring. Until then, please see below a small compilation of asymmetrical goodies to have and to hold (I just ordered this one). You can thank me later, as I really need some sleep! 

(Images: as edited by myself and Labériane)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Instaweek #7

(Instagram: Camtyox)

1. Le layer masterclass: Silk, fishnet, angora and distressed denim all happily cohabiting for the day (Carin Wester bomber, H&M jeans, Isabel Marant top, Sandro knit). 2. Art and sole: a pop-bright cartoon-infused goodie bag from Jimmy Choo to celebrate its latest artsy designer collaboration - thank you Phoebe! (Jimmy Choo x Rob Pruitt). 3. Lavender Leaves: Stocking-up on nonessential must-haves to make the new place feel more homey (Feuille de Lavande, Dyptique). 4. Bare elbows: giving my casual weekend look a present season update by pushing up sleeves to the max and wearing my funnel neck up-right (Topshop coat and jeans, Massimo Dutti knit and New Balance 420 runners). 5. Zip-it: unapologetically showing a little cleavage in the office with my new loose fit suit trousers (Nowhere Salomon pants and Zara pumps). 6. Gold Prize: stumbling upon a discontinued morange lipstick that I cannot live without, and adding the magical Touche Éclat to the winnings just for good measure (YSL rouge pur No21 and Touche Éclat). 

For those addicted to pixels, do join me on instagram for behind the cyber-scenes updates: @Camtyox


Monday, 29 October 2012



Naked limbs on the 29th of October? in Blighty? Really?! Seems to me that after two years of living in England, I have finally fulfilled my longstanding dream: I no longer feel the cold like a French girl. Bare is, alas, the chicest way to wear your legs in the fall, but until now I have merely applauded with gusto - and from afar - the courage of those who leave their trousers at home come October. OK, that is a lie. I spent the better half of my first year here complaining loudly about how inappropriately English girls dress as a general rule during the colder months. Jealousy can make you bitter. I am not proud of my doings, and won't judge if you, in turn, judge me. Nonetheless, balancing volumes has always been a favourite sartorial cocktail of mine, and I must say, the (bare-)leggy mini x quilted bomber combo is quite the match made in heaven. So as I join the semi-clad-for-fall club, it is with a new-found spring in my step that I get to show off the aforementioned jacket in action. Let's see how long I last - the boy has given me a week. 

I'm wearing a Carin Wester silk bomber (find similar here, here and here). Mini skirt and boots are by Zara. The angora knit is by Topshop, the ring is Cooee, and the bag is Celine. 


Sunday, 28 October 2012



After searching high and low for almost a month, the Reva bomber is finally mine. I spotted it on Columbine at the very beginning of the season, and immediately fell for its boxy oversized shape. The silk fabric perfectly balances this otherwise boyish piece, thus killing the two birds I'm always trying to get with one stone: sporty and chic. Much love to Amalia in the press office at Carin Wester who patiently replied to my quasi-daily inquiring messages, and secured the very last one for me. I have not taken it off since receiving it! Thank you. Stay tuned for outfit pics..

Silk bomber by Carin Wester (for those asking, the one currently available on the website is not the same as this one - it has a much more sporty look). Find similar here, here and here.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Berry ripe


Hopefully this will be the last in the poor quality pixel series you have been made to endure as of late. Bear with me, I should be picking-up my new camera this weekend (any tips on what to get obviously highly welcome by the way). With a bit of luck, you will be almost as excited about this than I am, as it implies more regular outfit posts, as opposed to one or two dodgy snapshots like this - if I stop looking like a dog about to be given his bath, that is (this is a metaphor for my worried demeanor in case you are wondering). In my defense, I was still rather under the weather when I took the shots on Monday. Fortunately, the berry ripe (p)leather pants just about elevate the look and make the whole thing bearable. Or so I hope..  

I'm wearing a Zara studio drop-waist coat, Monki burgundy pants, a Topshop boutique knit (or here), and cut-out pumps by Zara (old but try here and here). My jewellery is by COS and my bag is the usual suspect by Celine.  


Wednesday, 24 October 2012



In my quest for everyday un-girly-ish flats I stumbled across these - the perfect partners to team with rolled-up boyfriend jeans and a basic tee. Sold. 

Studded loafers from Zara. Get similar here (I wish!) and here. 


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Boyfriend and the Pea


On Sunday our new neighbours invited us round for a drink and, as usual, I was too busy faffing around to get myself ready properly, so by the time we had to go, all I had actually managed was to change out of my free runs (didn't want to take the mickey, see commuters uniform for more about that) into some appropriately chic heels. With le boy impatiently stamping his foot at the door, I grabbed the nearest coat to hand. Turned out it wasn't mine, but what the hell, oversized is big at the moment and it's not like you can go wrong with a navy pea coat anyway. Just goes to show, masculine tailoring is the way forward. Also, in the name of innovative sartorialism (though ironically one could hardly look more classic than I do here), it's obviously best not to plan ahead. Moment captured. Lesson learned. Amen. 

I'm wearing my boyfriend's pea coat (similar here), a number tee by Zara, skinny jeans by Topshop and cut-out pumps by Zara (old, but similar here and here).


Monday, 22 October 2012

Acne Papers


The latest of Acne Papers really is something else. For its biggest issue to-date, the bi-annual magazine has dedicated itself entirely to Manhattan. The anti-glossy delves into the heart of the city, filling its (272) pages with portraits of notable New-Yorkers and mesmerizing shots of the big apple. But my favorite has got to be the fashion story by Roe Ethridge, who has captured Karlie Kloss in a monochrome representation of urban style, with timeless touches of old Hollywood glamour here and there (see the Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired looks). The styling - by Marie Chaix- is what inspired me to wear my funnel neck the way I did this weekend: up-right, hair tucked-in, with an almost futuristic feel to it. And the oversized silhouettes of boxy jackets and sober clutches have only further sparked my love of ultra-minimalistic XXL. Predictable, I may be, but this editorial is not. Amazing. 


Sunday, 21 October 2012

French Edit

French Editor
(From left to right: Double breasted tuxedo jacket by Mango, skinny jeans by Iro (more here), T by Alexander Wang supersoft grey tee, Givenchy envelope clutch, pointy stilettos by Kurt Geiger London (amazing in white too!) and last but not least a stunning ear piece by Gaia Repossi (similar here)

When Vogue Paris' Emmanuelle Alt, and her assistant Géraldine Saglio, stepped out of the car at the A/W 2012 Galliano show, the world gasped. Audibly, and with good reason might I add. The iconic pair marching in unison up the Tuileries’ parade-ground gravel had come wearing head-to-toe matching outfits. Since then, we know what to expect. Every fashion week the voguettes invariably come clad in easy outfits of ankle grazers, sexy pumps and boyish tailoring. Also, mainly coordinated black. So why is it that even during that trying time when all lenses are upon them, and outfit scrutiny is at its peak, that the French simply don't feel the pressure. The need to dress to impress. The compulsion to use sartorialism to stand out from the crowd? As a French girl who grew up in Paris, all I know is that the above uniform of perfect-fit jeans, a slouchy tee, and killer heels is not the preserve of the Vogue clan. This is how French women dress most of the time. Work-wear, party-wear, weekend-wear are usually conjured up using this simple formula. And it may be la solution de facilité - the easy way out if you will - but there is something so dangerously sexy about a girl who manages to look killer without having tried, that who can blame them. It's that effortless thing again.Oh la la. On that note, I'm off to order that tux jacket. Never knew I needed one so bad until Balmain went all double breasted on us.


Saturday, 20 October 2012



I know we are suppose to condemn the fact that Zara's creative concept is basically to rip-off anyone who comes up with a compelling design, but you see I have always wanted a pair of thigh-high boots, and realistically the Givenchy's were just never going to happen. So when I came accross these bad boys, I lost all sense of morals and snatched them up. I know that a few of you who follow me on instagram (ID: camtyox) felt that they might not look that good on. Well, here is my first attempt at styling them, so do let me know what you think.
PS. I apologise for very tired features, I'm still on the mend from my man flu and though I'm feeling much better, I'm absolutely knackered - and it shows!

I'm wearing an oversized blazer by Topshop boutique, a funnel neck jumper by Massimo Dutti (similar here), and skirt and thigh-high boots (similar here) are Zara. The snakeskin pouch is also by Massimo Dutti and the watch is Michael Kors.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Almost flat

 (Alexander Wang Kori oxfords)

I struggle to find nice flats. Ballet pumps feel to girly, velvet slippers too preppy and brogue lace-ups are just not my thing. Sure, trendy sneakers are a god-sent, but as a wise old friend of mine once pointed out, the 'ordinary' folk don't really get this new-found fashion x trainer combo, which means that to the outside world we [I] invariably end up looking like a lazy commuter, so unconcerned about their [my] sartorial demeanour that they [I] have not even bothered to change out of their [my] commuter-gear*. A look that I'm happy to sport (ha!) on a regular basis, but that might not always work when you are meeting people who are not in on the trend, and therefore might think that you are taking the piss by turning up in a leather pencil skirt and hightops (been there). Which brings us to the object of today's writings. I fell in love with the Kori oxfords by Monsieur Wang a few seasons ago. Back then it was the chain-adorned ankle boot version that caught my fancy, but as is more often than not the case with expensive fit things, by the time I convinced myself they were worth the spend, they had gone! Not this time though. I am clicking home the updated version of these perfect (almost flat) booties before I live to regret it again. Few!

*[to those who cannot relate to this, please feel free to read bracketed version only].


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Haute runner

 (Ph/Eva K Salvi)

You've seen it before. Day after the Closing ceremony I presented a similar haute sporty look. The two-tone ensemble was black and white, the fashion kicks were New Balance, and the tan was a little more pronounced, but all in all, 'twas a very similar stance. Save for the overall feel, that is. Last look was elevated to chic by a minimalistic, clean-cut blazer, whereas today, on the contrary, is rendered casual by the lovely cosy knit. Meanwhile the trainers are the best thing that ever happened to my feet. EVER. If you are not a convert yet, I urge you to join the free run cult. You will never look back, I promise!

I'm wearing a Zara chunky knit (old but try here or here), Maje leather runner shorts and Nike Free runs. The matching pouch is by Comme des garçons and the watch is Michael Kors.