Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fast Fashion

Maison Martin Margiela plexi boots - Camille Over the RainbowMaison Martin Margiela plexi boots - Camille Over the Rainbow
(boots Maison Martin Margiela x H&M)

Like carbon dating on a dinosaur's bone, my affinity for all things plexi is not something that can be traced back to an exact point in time. All that we know is that if you can see right through it and it looks overtly minimalistic, chances are I won't be able to resist. So imagine my own surprise when I chose to not click home the above MMM x H&M booties when they hit stores last week. But Fate is an old friend of mine, so when I bumped into him hanging out with the booties (who were incidentally boasting a 50% mark down) at my local, yesterday afternoon, I air kissed him, as one does in this industry, grabbed them and dashed over to the till.

Tired of the conceptual clutter already, Hennes & co? Is fast fashion trying to give Mo Farah a run for his money? Am I the blackest pot that ever walked the earth? There, plenty of interrogations for you to answer below


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mysteriously alluring

Masculine chic
(From top left: Maison Michel navy fedora (budget version here), tag bracelet by Nicholas, oversized coat by Topshop Boutique, velvet skinny jeans by Mih Jeans,  3.1 Phillip Lim Delia booties (more sizes here), and T by Alexander Wang slouchy top).

It's taken me a while to soak in the new back-to-the-60s Saint Laurent aesthetic (let's skip the whole crossed-out-Y-slash-paste-on-Paris fuss - I think by now we all get the gist). Not that he is the ringleader of the  current millinery-obsessed movement taking over the fashion world .. We saw fedoras at Armani and Gucci last season already, along with every other topper imaginable elsewhere, remember? So why is that Hedi is the one making me want to jump onto the hat-wagon? Is it the mysterious allure of his pared-down rock-chic silhouettes that has finally got to me? I couldn't say. All I know is that I'm ready to rock a wide-brim, and do it the ultra-slim(ane) way - though granted this his more Dior Homme back then than Saint Laurent right now. Less sparkly sequins, frilly ruffles, fancy bows and boho fringes. As much as I like to explore new horizons, I'm not ready to turn into Rachel Zoe just yet. So instead, skintight velvet, pointy booties and a man sized coat to through over your shoulders and hide under til Spring returns. Let's do it. 


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Camille over the Rainbow - baggy leather
Camille over the Rainbow
Camille over the Rainbow
Camille over the Rainbow
Camille over the Rainbow
Camille over the Rainbow

Seems like everyone is at it now. Who knew baggy leather would take on so quickly?  I for one thought it would be one of those catwalk-only trends, to be embraced by the fashion forward few alone. One thing certain, it's much more versatile than expected, and can be dressed up or down at will. In my case, I guess that would be down, as per usual, as styled here with an oversized blazer and the boy's favourite knit. And to complete the look, this rose gold ultra-classic watch, a nice change from my usual Kors bling to tie the whole thing together. 

I'm wearing the baggy leather pants from Mango again, with a Topshop boutique coat (similar here), an Acne knit stolen from the boy (similar here), a slouchy tee by LNA clothing. The white wedges are by Mango, and the watch is Daniel Wellington.


Monday, 26 November 2012

Highs and lows

Camille Over the Rainbow - Carin Wester knee-high bootsCamille Over the Rainbow - zara mini skirt with front pleatingCamille Over the Rainbow - mini skirt and knee-high bootsCamille over the Rainbow - zara cutout skirtCamille over the Rainbow - zara knee-high boots

It is my plight in life that my sartorial guises be misinterpreted by those around me. Case in point, this season's latest: I think I'm channeling Givenchy FW12. The commuter see Pretty Woman circa 1990.. Sure I haven't made my situation any easier by insisting on teaming my highest boots with the shortest mini I own, but I like to live on the (w)edge. My answer to avoid the stink eye? Pitch black tights. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: they are the perfect counter-argument to any 'Viv-about-to-screw-Gere' unspoken thoughts directed my way by those who are not in the know about the return of the knee-high. Spread the word. 

I'm wearing a Carin Wester bomber jacket, a Topshop knit from last season (similar here or here), a Zara mini skirt and high boots (channeling those Givenchy's) and a Dior ring.


Sunday, 25 November 2012



I'm on an unstoppable leather binge. Next on the list, this boxy top to be worn with my XL leather pants à la Maison Margiela FW12. To be continued.. 
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Maison Martin Margiela - the real deal (?)

(Ph/me - Maison Martin Margiela SS'13 collection)

Do we buy into fashion because we genuinely like what we see, or because a somewhat greater authority, dictator of all things cool, has told us it is essential to do so in order to fit the fashion bill?

This is a genuine interrogation, people of the internet. Not so much pertaining to the democratization of fashion (which I have been reading far too much about this week already), even though I hear ya, it could be. No, this is more of an outspoken incentive to further explore the 'blinded by the label' formula (©MR), and take it way downtown, to new hoods it has not yet acquainted itself with. Reading back in between the lines, what Leandra suggested was that many of us might be guilty of making a purchase simply because said designer has stamped his seal on the label, and/or said garment has been featured in all the usual requisite places (Vogue being the prime suspect here, closely followed by Elle, Dazed (to throw a little avant-garde edge into the mix) and, well, for us common mortals, on the likes of Mizz ManRepeller herself.

Case in point: this week saw the latest from high street meets high fashion unfold, and as usual, it was a blood bath. Website down from the moment the clock strikes 9, items sold out before you can say the letter M three times in a row, people pinching things out of each other's virtual basket (do you hear the pain in my voice?). And I'm pretty sure things were worse on the bricks and mortar end. All this, for a brand that most of us hardly know anything about, let alone actually adhere to.

Because in my mind, what M. Margiela set out to create was something above and beyond your average maison. Of course, the cult of impersonality and anonymity favored by the Belgian designer ended up becoming the trademark of the brand - a silence so loud it was impossible to ignore. But the clothes still took precedence and dominated the voiceless show. Here you had to 'get' what the leader was exploring within the constructive process of the (deconstructed) collection in order to want to wear the sartorial result. It wasn't for everyone, and that was the point.

But the game has changed you see. Being a fashionista is no mean feat. Competition is rife and to capture the attention of the Tommy Tons of this world, she needs to strike the perfect balance between wearable and conceptual, at risk of being dubbed a bore. Or worse, a blinded-by-the-label-clone.

And if fast fashion is the ethos of our age, then surely the H&M designer collabs are the archetype of fast fashion living. One minute you know quasi-nothing about the chosen one, the next, you are fighting to get your hands on a blown-up candy clutch which is twice your size, that you will probably only ever take out once for a few outfit pics, and maybe, if it's not lost in the trenches of your closet by then, for a little fashion week stroll come February. Don't read in between the lines here, I'm as guilty as the next. This is more of a 'hashtag just saying', prompted by a rather compelling opinion piece by Eugene Rabkin. And a personal reminder to not fall into the trap of wanting an item just because it is this month's ready-available it piece. Especially in cases such as these, when acquiring for said reasons means trampling all over the brand's DNA. Buying H&M x Margiela would therefore be exactly the opposite to buying 'real' MMM. 

So I wonder whether we would have actually wanted these abstract pieces had they come from the original collection. The 'made in H&M' seal of approval, forgiving price tag and overwhelming consensus that 'this is fashion' might be reassuring, but sometimes it takes guts to abstain from something that is not actually 'you'. The non-act of purchase might speak louder and do more for your style than super-sized denim and bra-decorated bodysuits ever could - just as the house's exaggerated secretiveness is precisely what propelled it to such levels of media attention. I guess it's too late this time round - for me at least - but maybe something we should all think about. I know that I certainly shall. 

Above, the rigid and ultra-simplified bustier ballgown from the SS13 collection. The real deal - from the Martin-less Maison, maybe - but nonetheless a true Margielan oddball. This abstract take on red-carpet glamour took my breath away at the press day, and I sure as hell hope to see someone in it soon!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

J'aime Rodarte

J'aime Rodarte

(J'aime Rodarte boyfriend tee, Carven leather skirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim pointy bootsT by Alexander Wang jersey knit, Carolina Bucci hoop earrings (similar here), silver watch by Michael Kors, Obsedia Givenchy cross-shoulder bag)

Spotted this slogan tee recently, and decided to treat myself because I do aime Rodarte, and grey marl and boyfriend tees. I aime the lot of them. And while we are doing the French talk, I'm off to Paris in about an hour for a few days. I haven't been back since fashion week and I cannot tell you how busy my schedule is. Home sweet home.. I guess I'll see you on the other side.  


Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Camille over the Rainbow - bichromaticCamille over the Rainbow - bichromaticCamille over the Rainbow - bichromaticCamille over the Rainbow - bichromatic

Looks like my life purpose has become to drive you (along with Alexandra Shulman) insane with my monochromatic crazes. Whiteout. Blackout. From top to bottom. From bottom to top. You name it .. well, no actually, I clearly haven't done it because I keep going back for more. You may as well brace yourselves though - if the SS13 shows are anything to go by (you and I both know that if they are not, quite a few respectable peeps will be out of a job), we will be seeing a hella lot more. Kudos to the streets of London, desperately trying to counteract the movement. You are fighting a loosing battle my friends. But British Vogue might be joining the ranks soon, so keep the faith!

I'm wearing a Carin Wester bomber (similar here), Mango palazzo pants and Zara pointy courts.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Beanie happenings (continued)/ Celine futures

Vogue KoreaVogue Korea
(Ph/Vogue Korea via Il était une fois)

(cont.) .. even though  we all know that realistically I should be saving all my beans (geddit, geddit?) so that one day, like Carolyn Murphy, I too can step out into the world (or just chill on stool/chair, whatever, I'm easy) fully clad in Celine. This will happen. It will.
As captured by Cass Bird for Vogue Korea.


Beanie happenings


(From left: Isabel Marant mustard beanie, ACNE wool beanie, Stella McCartney chunky beanie and A.P.C. ribbed beanie.) 

Will you people judge me if I admit to contemplating dropping 50 + of my hard earned dollars on a measly beanie (fierce edit though, right?)? Well, speak up now or forever hold your peace, as this is about to happen..


Monday, 19 November 2012

Cerebral joggers

Camille Over the Rainbow - studded loafersCamille Over the Rainbow - studded loafersCamille Over the Rainbow - studded loafersCamille Over the Rainbow - studded loafersCamille Over the Rainbow - burgundy

I'm having one of those Sundays, lolopping left, right and centre, pen in hand, magazines at the ready,*t Fashion Girl's Say (preemptive purposes, obvs!) diligently tabbed .. unfortunately for all parties involved, my brain is in joggers - and unwilling to change out of them. They are plush and velvety, and apparently make it (him?) feel like a Kardashian. Something we'd all like to try I'm sure. A lengthy, slightly loony metaphor, only to describe a rather forceful case of writer's block. Or more to the point, of cerebral laziness so intense that to string two words together in an intelligible manner is beyond me. 

So, what started out as an opinionated critic of one of the most visually arousing fashion houses out there has in fact been converted into (yet another) shameless eulogy to yours truly, with accompanying photographic material et al. Or, more specifically, to my sartorial cocktail of choice for the day. One would hope that I come up with more stimulating content for the week to come (that review. It's happening folks. Stay tuned. No, really it is. I will wrestle ol' brain out of those joggers if need be), but if you would indulge me just because it's Monday, and I'm wearing flats. See what I mean. Total lack of logical connectors. Oh well, at least what you see is what you get (and here's to hoping that you like what you see): distressed-to-perfection denim, fluffy burgundy woolly, and studded loafers. World-class originality. Or lack of. Whatever, as long as it's comfy. 

Now remains, should I be buying me some juicy joggers too? This girl likes to chill has much as her brain does. Don't quote me on that P'Trique.

PS. If you haven't already, there's still plenty of time to try your luck at my little CHANEL GIVEAWAY, Go'on then, you know you want to!

I'm wearing an H&M trend burgundy knit, the boy's belt, Current Elliot super-distressed jeans and Zara studded loafers. On my nails, 'Black Satin' by Chanel. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Old flame

Camille Over the Rainbow - Baggy leatherCamille Over the Rainbow - Baggy leatherCamille Over the Rainbow - House of WarisCamille Over the Rainbow - White wedgesCamille Over the Rainbow - Baggy leatherCamille Over the Rainbow - Baggy leatherCamille Over the Rainbow - House of WarisPhotobucket

One could chit chat about oversized volumes, clashing textures, or contrasting hues. But that would be old hat. So instead, this shall be an ode to Topshop. We were on a break you see for a while seeing as it seemed to have set its sights on dressing the cool kids of East-London in 90s-infused, festival-worthy, colour-binging ready-to-wear. Which I used to swear by, but sort of grew out of when I realised I just looked like a cookie-cutter. Not that I ooze originality today (case in point: baggy leather, everyone is at it!) .. but at least I stopped looking like a 15-something teenage clone. Which is fine for when you are trying to navigate your way through those traumatic high-school years, but expires as soon as you you no longer qualify for the 10% student discount. This story has a happy ending, I promise. We fell back in love, and I have been embracing its many offspring ever since. And to celebrate our newfound love, here's a family portrait: me with  cocoon coat and waffle knit. I should introduce you, you would definitely get along too! C'est beau l'amour..

I'm wearing a Topshop cocoon coat (in a size 10) , tapered leather trousers by Mango, a LNA clothing slouchy tee under a Topshop waffle knit (or here) and Mango wedges. The earrings are House of Waris at MyTheresa