Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all ye lovely readers. Wherever you are in the world I hope you have had plenty of food, family fun and enough festive cheer to last until next year. My larger-than-life family and I are having a marvelous day at home in Paris, filled with musical crackers, present unwrapping, carol singing and juicy turkey eating. A fine fusion between the best traditions from France and Britain - just like my everyday life.. or so I like to think.  

I will definitely miss Christmas lights sparkling around my two favourite cities, but on the bright side, days will be getting longer again. And on this merry note (and with a very full belly), Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night. Or, y'a know, happy sitting on the couch, unable to move for all the overindulgence. See you soon - we have some outfit catching-up to do I believe!

Harrods, December 2012

Friday, 21 December 2012

Heart outline

(Heart chain ring by VanRycke)

I have been getting a lot of emails lately about a ring I posted on Instagram, and since it's now back in stock at Monnier Frères (where you can enjoy 20% off at the moment with discount code COTR20), I thought I would share. It is by French designer VanRycke and I'm wearing a size S. The matching bracelet is super pretty too. 


Thursday, 20 December 2012


Street-cred // Camille over the Rainbow
Street-cred // Camille over the RainbowStreet-cred // Camille over the RainbowStreet-cred // Camille over the Rainbow Street-cred // Camille over the Rainbow

Tragically, and living up to all W-postcode clichés, I am one of those pathetic people who still believe that All Stars are super-gangsta, and give you more street-cred than a stint in jail ever would. Let's be honest though, they are nothing more than a rich girl staple that makes you feel more down to earth. Like buying stuff at COS. In fact, most street experience I got is shopping the high-street - which has got that word 'haute' in it again, so probably doesn't count for much.. Plus ma hood totally sucks at providing an edgy ghetto background.

Could be worse though. At least they are grubby as hell thanks to the most recent sketchy East-London warehouse rave I choose to make an appearance at last month. Am I digging my own grave here? Piece out, sister, we are all part of the same gang! Fash pack blud, innit. Yo!

I'm wearing a Zara boyfriend blazer, Sandro navy knit, baggy leather pants by Mango and an Acne cross shoulder bag. The sneaks are Converse, évidemment.


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Everything but the coat

Everything but the coat
(From top left: Balmain leather gloves, Diane Von Furstenberg stole, Jean-Paul Gaultier perforated belt, Rita et Zia silver ring, Chantal Simard diamond infinity bracelet, Zadig et Voltaire fedoraAlexander Wang Prisma tote, and Chloé aviators - all available at Monnier Frères).

Here's to shamelessly ripping off a high-street slogan by way of making today's pickings more relevant. My morals seem to have left the building as of late (see mildly offensive antics that have the potential to upset feminists and/or other humorless anonymous preachers). Hey, at least I know Second Degree when it is staring me in the face! 

Back to basics. Buying a great coat is only half the job done if one is to achieve Winter style capital-S. A bad dresser will always blame his tools (ie a maxed-out credit card), but that is no excuse because we all know that you just ordered five new knits from the Asos sale. So here's a little selection that might both tickle your fancy and be worth the investment in the long run. 

Let's start with the brightest, boldest and biggest deep-etched high-res image: a red-stole which could be either an abstract take on leopard print, or the latest fashion-meets-art designer collaboration we have not had time to process yet. Your guess is as good as mine. Fortunately for all involved it isn't the latter (thank you, Google), or the price tag would not have read £182, flirting instead with fifty thousand big American dollars, give or take (see Olsen twins spotty backpack stunt). Drape it casually round your neck - no, better yet -  tie it to your handbag for a nonchalant splash of French girl chic. You might have to buy another in that case (baby alpaca is so soft), if one at least is to serve the purpose of keeping you from shivering.

Next in line, the belt, because you can't leave home with your boyfriend jeans hanging round your waist. That, and the sunnies. Yes, even though it's Winter, we like to pretend we are wearing aviators because they are making a come-back, and not because we stayed up all night perusing through the latest Pre-fall 2013 offerings. Hats work well too, plus give the illusion that you know a thing or two about stylish millinery, and the latest runway showdowns. Why else would you be wearing a wide-brim instead of the traditional pom-pom?

A croc-leather carry-all will be helpful when you go Christmas shopping to carry all (duh!) your surprise purchases (or hide that sneaky shopper full of new season Stella - no one needs to know your are treating yourself too). Completed by textured gloves from the Kind of badass leather. With zips, just like on the trousers I long to be able to call mine. 

Last but not least, the frosting every girl wants: a beautiful diamond bracelet and snowflake-inspired ring. Read: I am a sucker for pretty shiny things even though I pretend otherwise... Busted!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Knuckle dusters

(Ph/ Balenciaga SS13 via Style.com)

Speaking of which, here they are in full frontal golden glory - the prettiest knuckle dusters on the block ! My undying love for all things touched by Nicolas Ghesquière reached new heights when those graphic flamenco-esque ruffles sauntered down the runway that turned out to be his Balenciaga finale.. I would even be prepared to bare a little cleavage, something you know by now is very low on my list of sartorial priorities, if only I could slip into one of those sensual bralets - and just as long as I'm also provided with the matching high-waisted tailored pants.* Anyways, I'm on the edge of my seat, all opposable limbs crossed, waiting day in and day out, hoping to hear the groundbreaking news of an eponymous line.. Til then, I better start saving, as I'm guessing these might cost me a gold tooth or two. 

*Disclaimer: PPR not liable for any sexual harassment claims filed within fashionista-populated offices across the world - dress responsibly etc.. (for more, see: knuckle duster.)


Permis de Smoking

(Ph/Grazia France - week 7/13Dec)

Have slowly been filtering (literally - Inkwell powa!) these editorial shots styled by Candice Fauchon for French Grazia into my many social media feeds. New horizons and so on. Besides a visual overload, this is what has come of it:

1. I am desperate for some flared tailored pants à la Stella resort 2013. I spotted the very same on NAP last week, but just like that, they were gone. Next time, I won't think twice before reacting. They elongate slim legs beautifully, and are sexy in a kind of back to the 90's kinda way. 

2. Hoop earrings. Never thought I would live to see the day, as have always seen them as way too overtly sexy for the likes of me. But now that I have had time to process, I'm sold. Balmain might have to become high street though - I'm saving the big bucks for these... 

3. And just like that, I'm into hoodies again. Makes sense what with all the sporty accents I like to inject into my looks. Not to be worn at the same time as New Balance sneaks (though I wouldn't mind a new pair of them too now you mention it).

4. Last but not least, I forget how strong and compelling all black is. Something to try with my high boots instead of the usual bi-chromatic happenings.

Jenia Ierokhina shot by Henrique Gendre (full story here)


Monday, 17 December 2012

(Un)chained melody

Camille over the Rainbow - unchainedCamille over the Rainbow - unchainedCamille over the Rainbow - unchainedCamille over the Rainbow - unchainedCamille over the Rainbow - unchainedCamille over the Rainbow - unchained

Camille from that cyber land over the rainbow wore the same clutch twice in a row! 

 Ever wonder why celebrities who get more than one wear out of an 'arm-and-a-leg' purchase make headlines? I mean, isn't that the essence of an investment piece: that it is timeless and has the potential to be worn again and again until it fades to ashes? Exactly. So not only will I never apologise for wearing my designer pieces to the death (my poor Celine has started to resemble a dead animal - it sort of flops to the side in a very I'm-feeling-sorry-for-myself-please-give-me-a-break sort of way when I put it down beside me). But I'm not one to condone fast fashion, and the only thing that makes me feel ok about spending silly amounts of dollars on a piece is the knowledge that it will be getting a whole lot of TLC. Just saying, you will be seeing this bad boy out a lot. Just about time really..

I'm wearing a Topshop coat (worn in a size 10 - similar here) and knit, old H&M ripped jeans, Maison Margiela at H&M booties, and an Acne cross body bag


Saturday, 15 December 2012


Camille over the Rainbow - hardwareCamille over the Rainbow - hardwareCamille over the Rainbow -  Acne shiloh clutchCamille over the Rainbow - Karen Walker sunglasses

It's the weekend, so what does the fashion blogger do? She takes her new clutch out for a stroll, naturally. The harware chain, which is what drew me to this otherwise sleek piece, is even cooler than anticipated, and quite fun to play around with in terms of styling. I also pulled out from the trenches of my closet an old pair of one teaspoon jeans that have never yet graced these pages. What dya think? 

I'm wearing One Teaspoon distressed jeans, a Zara blazer and a Maje tee. The pumps are Mango, the belt is Diesel and the clutch is Acne.


Friday, 14 December 2012


(Ph/ Vogue Paris - February 2011)

This editorial styled almost a year ago by Emmanuelle Alt tells us two things. The first is that Daria is the bomb. The new crop may be fierce, but I'm more of a messy mane kind of girl, and keep hoping that by not brushing my hair I will come to look as perfectly undone as this. I don't, but I get points for effort (or lack of as the case may be). Like at school when you hand in a blank test, but get a point for spelling your name right -  or is that just us frogs? Ah, the beauty of education à la française. Let us not digress though.

The second is that this story could have been in this month's Vogue, and just goes to show that some things are totally worth becoming insolvent for, because they will always be cool, no matter what the fashion mood of the season is. Balmain leather. My life will not be complete until that box has been ticked. Hashtag shit fashion girls say. Tragic, but oh-so-true. 
Daria Werbowy shot by Mario Sorrenti. 


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Trend report // Frayed

Celine SS13 - Frayed-to-perfection
(Ph/Celine SS13 via Style.com)

The Queen of put together is letting her hair down! And I'm not just talking about the new slouchier, more relaxed silhouette that Phoebe Philo sent down the runway this season (not to mention her giving shower shoes a free pass to join our polished wardrobes).

To call the new Celine women disheveled would be an overstatement, but Maître Philo seems to have taken a leaf out of the book written by House of Margiela all those years ago, and is giving deconstruction a go. Ok maybe not deconstruction per se, but clean cut minimalism no longer rules her runway.. Word on the street? Unfinished. Frayed-to-perfection. And we all know how I like my denim, so joining the ranks won't be an issue. Let's be honest though, it was never going to be. Phoebe says. I follow. 


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tales of the unexpected

Tales of the unexpected
(From top left: Proenza Schouler asymmetrical jacket, Stella McCartney pendant, Nowhere fuzzy knit, Stella McCartney scalloped skirt, Pierre Hardy geometric pouch,  ACNE silver booties, Balenciaga coffee table book)

Million dollar question. Why is it that the human brain equates all things silver to the future? Whereas holographic is just another word for over the rainbow, or so I've been telling myself all morning to justify some new season Stella spending, a splash of metallic cannot happen without the result being immediately dubbed otherworldly. So I wonder, why is it that in our minds the future comes wrapped in a sea of foil?

There was only one way to get to the bottom of this. The oldest trick in the book, and a particular favorite of mine when learned background knowledge is severely lacking. The name of the game? Word association. You can play too. So far my unknowing entourage have come up with rockets, space suits, apple products (not the vegetarian kind, mind), robots, the Wizard of Oz (or is that playing the rainbow card again?), Tom Cruise, expensive sports cars, and Doctor Who. None of which are particularly silver at the best of times.

My verdict? An overwhelming majority of us seem to be suffering from an acute case of back to the future. What we perceive as futuristic is in fact what society pinpointed the future would look like circa 50 years ago. Flat earthism all over again (although some of us are still vehemently arguing that one - 'beware, you can fall off !') ..

So despite the alien skin scaly skirt, the shimmery footwear, the astronaut jacket and the Tron-like geometric pattern (feel free to ignore the family heirloom pendant, I just threw that in for good measure), the only thing that could mean future here comes as a hardback showcasing Cristóbal Balenciaga's world. Tales of the unexpected from way back when. Now that is where I hope the future will take me. Somewhere I have not yet been before. Ghesquière knew. And here's to hoping commercial-driven Wang can take me there too.


Monday, 10 December 2012

Le fille


'Twas one of those weekends. Christmas party killed the radio star (really Camille?).  Hence rest of time was spent hiding, semi-incognito, under a wide-brim fedora and supersized turtleneck.  Still not sure whether I've fully recovered.  One thing certain, NAP throws one hell of a bash. Until next year.. 

I'm wearing Maison Martin Margiela x H&M turtleneck, Topshop skinny jeans, Zara knee-high boots,  Topshop fedora, Celine lugage tote and Michael Kors watch.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Insta-week #8

Insta-week Camille over the Rainbow
(Instagram ID: Camtyox)

1. Photogenic city: London gets more magical as the Christmas spirit kicks in (London Eye and Southbank market). 2. Snug as a bug: Wrapped up warm for an afternoon of traditional door-to-door carol singing (H&M trend coat, COS scarf, Zara jeans and Salvatore Ferragamo flats). 3. Gangsta chic:  Who knew that baggy leather with old school converse would turn out to be such a badass' combo ? (Mango pants, Sandro knit, All Star sneakers and Zara blazer). 4. Hot date: Popping my Style.com/Print cherry and going back for more (order yours here). 5. Compelling contradictions: dramatic black vs unadulterated white, barely 5°C vs bare legs, leather mini vs boxy bomber (Carin Wester bomber, Ba&Sh mini dress, Zara clutch and Mango pumps). 6. Werk it: All set for Net-A-Porter's masquerade ball tonight at Café de Paris - should be a good 'un (Dolce Follie mask).

For those addicted to pixels, do join the instagram party for behind the cyber-scene updates: Camtyox


Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Ah, Pre-Fall, we meet again - and aren't you just the sartorial tease! Showcasing seasonally appropriate gear is not part of the deal, you know. Am I to wait almost a year for things I should really be wearing right now? No, I don't think so.. A cruel trick that shall nonetheless be forgiven in view of the sheer coolness on show this week. Karl's impromptu Scottish getaway might have swept the fashion crowd off its stiletto-clad feet - and transported them back to the 18th century for the night - but this is the collection that has stolen my heart... so far that is. 

And to kick start the whirlwind of autumnal novalty that is about to hit home: clothes for grown-ups who are too cool for school - and more importantly, to work in an office. To call these silhouettes déjà vu would be missing the point. The sharp minimalism formulated at Reed Krakoff might well toy with the notion of a uniform, or so revealed the eponymous designer behind the collection, but this doesn't imply we've seen it all before. Seems to me that his simple yet cutting-egde tailoring only gets stronger, season after season.

Reed Krakoff Pre-fall 2013 - Camille over the Rainbow
(Ph/ Reed Krakoff Pre-fall 2013 via Style.com)

Consider this: a boxy leather V-neck layered over a basic white tee in guise of shirt, as part of an otherwise conventional looking pantsuit ensemble. Beside having my name splashed all over it, here is yet another modern reinvention of a boardroom classic, masterfully executed in a way that is both wearable and directional. A few personal favs also made the cut: I'm talking high-collar turtlenecks, masculine jackets, and asymmetrical seams all round. And don't you just love the floor-skimming trousers that would entirely swallow a shoe if it were not overtly pointy? Way to make me feel better about having size 7 feet - cheers Reed! You gotta admit, there is nothing more pleasing than a collection that looks at what you like, and comes up with the more compelling version..

Reed Krakoff Pre-fall 2013 - Camille over the Rainbow
(Ph/ Reed Krakoff Pre-fall 2013 via Style.com)

See what I mean? The idea of a blazer was well underway until it was stripped of both arms only to become a structured vest. Layering heaven. Once again, leave your shirt at home. A leather turtleneck will keep you warm and give you that haute mode edge. There was mustard, and an array of textured grays too, which I have ignored to keep the aesthetic pure, but are to be indulged in by all who like their days to remain pigmented - albeit sparingly. 

Reed Krakoff Pre-fall 2013 - Camille over the Rainbow
(Ph/ Reed Krakoff Pre-fall 2013 via Style.com)

A propos of the shoes, no need to fetch your pen and notebook. Achromatic pumps - yes he's at it too -  finished the story off neatly. Inevitably, this has triggered my own white shoe fetish, so I stopped by Kurt Geiger over lunch to pick-up a temporary fix. Laila has such a pretty ring to it, don't you think? 


A leather pleat or two

Camille over the Rainbow - leather pleatsCamille over the Rainbow - leather pleatsCamille over the Rainbow - leather pleats

I could bore you with yet another mildly lengthy - and essentially unavailing - essay pertaining to the reasoning behind this outfit, but pre-fall is underway, and frankly I'm sure we would all much rather ogle at a cornrow-coiffed Cara, some geometric ombré, or the sudden resurgence of the colour lime, because that is the future, and who doesn't want to know what they will be wearing this time next year? Anyway, Belsaff says that it  (the future capital-F that is) holds many more a leather pleat and high-boot, so I'm guessing that means they are fair game for the present too. In the meantime, brace yourselves for the lowdown.. just as soon as I manage to coax the currently processing thoughts out of my brain. Watch this space.

I'm wearing Zara high-boots (here or here), a Gina Tricot sweatshirt, and a leather pleat skirt by Zara from a few seasons back (try here and here).