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Snow swagSaturday, January 19 2013

Snow swagSnow swagSnow swagSnow swagSnow swagSnow swag


Winter arrived. So did my swag.

I’m wearing my Carin Wester bomber jacket, an LNA tee, Nowhere zipper pants, a Gap sweatshirt tied round my waist and Mango pumps. The cross body bag is by ACNE.

  • Karolina Johansson

    Im sorry, but NO.

    • Camille

      Ha. At least thats honnest. What doesn't do it for you?

  • Laura Dittrich

    I love it! You always look so sleek and impeccable. I love that jacket and those shoes. x

    Fashion Landscape

  • Christina x

    Wedges in the snow, are you crazy?! I can't even wear flat boots without slipping over aha – clearly this is why you are a style expert and I'm not :) x

  • PatriciaBrand

    I really love it!!!Very cool and versatile and fashion!

  • blog mode Laura

    Même pas de pull? Et des talons? Je ne sais pas comment tu fais!

  •!/sara_mcalpine Sara

    Do I have to prepose my opinion with an apology if I'm following it with "YES"?
    'cos, "I'm sorry, but YES." [aubergine].

  • Camilla

    This is very…swaggy? For lack of a better word.
    Want your shoes.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • From Boho to Chiic

    Great pics, pretty!


  • Anonymous

    Crazy fashion, your kidneys are gonna fail! Respect your health..

  • ELA

    No socks?? Woow…

  • TripsTreasures

    looks good for the photos, but for real life it seems a little cold, hope you went back inside afterwards :) cool pants !

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't a fashion blogger have a pair of boots for the snow? This is crazy, not fashion forwarded

  • Catita

    love the tied sweater around your waist but shoes on naked feet…Hahaha! Tell us it was for the shoot only, otherwise I declare you the ice woman!

  • Camille


  • Laura

    J'adore ta veste!


  • Rowan Reiding

    HELL YEAH! You totally got snow swag! Love your bomber!




  • Fashion En Vie

    I love that you tied a sweater around your waist but my feet would be freezing off if I wore heels like that in the snow :p

  • unhadaenelarmario

    Simple but gorgeous look!! xx

  • Christine (Fash n Chips)

    LOL @ the first comment! So useless leaving a big NO without explaining why x)

    I love this look and your closeups (sort of closeups) are stunning. But how you didn't freeze to death I'll never understand! :) X

  • concretecollar

    Need these pants in my life!

  • Camille

    I think this look is fine, simple and chic but howerver I'm not a big fan of the "marinière". I don't get the point of it

  • Riëlle K.

    Camille, you look so great, love the styling


  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    Doing as if the cold does not affect you, wearing no scarf, no sweater and no snow shoes is very clever !
    But we all know it was just for the pics ! And you immediately jumped into you Snowboots and a big chunky knit after that !

  • Anonymous

    I' m in Paris so let's get real! Not to say you don't have great style….

  • Melissa V

    don't mind the negative comments, you look stunning in these pics! and hey who cares that you were freezing during these shots, you look at least stylish! x

  • lola

    I love these shoes!

  • Marija Mikulić Bošnjak


  • Leah Nielsen

    great coat, love the acne bag!!

  • Carol

    wow!!! your sporty chic is so cool, always, you do it great !! such a your style ♥

  • Sharmili

    those pants are so awesome :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  • JustKarin

    Like your style =)

  • nybatteri

    Isn't it insane to wear such shoes on bare foot in winter? Although photos are great, I don't like or support the idea of showing such things… :/

    • Camille

      no limbs were lost in the process, I can confirm :) x

  • Charlie

    So cool! I love your trousers and that bomber is perhaps everything.

    Hook me up when you get back so we can do dinnerrr x

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    I love this look, it's perfect. The coat is so amazing and those trousers, love it! xx

  • Dressed with soul

    Absolutely cool as always. It´s a really special idea to go barefoot in shoes in winter. You are really different with this look to other people 😉

    But your shoes are great, the complete outfit also.


  • Anonymous

    Camille, could you tell me what the size of these trousers you're wearing is?

    • Camille

      Hey there, they are super loose. Mine are XS – though my normal size is S/36
      Hope this helps

  • Dark Blue Stripes

    Cool outfit. Digging the stripes.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  • ponyhunter

    love the trouser/bomber combo. a nice change from the standard woolen winter coat.

  • Samii

    Don't know that I could do this outfit, but it is quite interesting! It's so casual and then boom…heels. I do really like it.


  • Anonymous

    Are you seriously dressed like that when it's snowing?
    You know fashionable can go allong with warm as well!

  • Siena in Style

    love your jacket!!
    kisses from Milano
    have a great Sunday!

  • Sunters

    Perfect look !

  • Amandine

    J'adore ce pantalon, il est parfait !

  • just wondering

    if this is for photoshoot only, then interesting, if you actually walked around dressed like that in snow and below zero temperatures then it is just stupid (and dangerous)

  • IwalkTheLine-Trend and fashion.

    Et vous avec vos commentaires ennuyeux (c'est un blog mode , pas un magasine de santé ah ah ) ,tout le monde n'est pas frileux !
    Camille moi j'aime bien ta tenue ! Cool comme toujours :)

  • Alice

    but what did the commuter say???

    • Camille


  • 2 almas en 1


  • Zareen

    This is an awesome look :) But could you walk in the snow /ice in those shoes?

  • Look of Style

    great look:)


    Cool look, cool title, but if you ask me you must have been freezing your ass off while taking this pictures!

    X Marjolein – Never Too


  • Jenaly Enns

    Snow is not the end of the world. I read some of the comments, its really not that bad not wearing socks in snow, etc. They must not come from somewhere cold!!!! You look fantastic and the shoes are great!!!!

  • Kathrin / 6 FOOT ONE

    Love the pants with the pointed white wedge pumps! XO, Kat

  • Diamond Troutman

    This is "snow swag" at its best! I love the casual, accidental fashion you've captured with this look. Practicality is not the point of this post. It's the use of colors to highlight the meteorological condition and the location makes the comfortable look more appealing and sensible. You're in a neighborhood and you're wearing simple yet bold fashion. I enjoyed this post!

  • Anonymous

    I think that the worn off white wedges look soooooo cheap! Doesn't anyone see that? It is not stylish AT ALL.

    • Camille

      That's what too much love for a pair of shoes does for ya.. Wish I could find a new pair. I'm sorry it looks so awful to your anonymous eye.

  • Anonymous

    You respond perfectly to (pointless) negativity- letting it wash over you.
    I love the look…might try the waisted stripes.
    (Apologies for the anonymous profile…need to set something up)
    I'm the Bengt fashion pinterest girl

  • Anonymous

    thanks for share...