Camille Over the Rainbow

Substitute StellaThursday, January 31 2013

Camille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute Stella


A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. When there’s no money in the piggy bank, a quick pit stop down H&M trend’s hood will offer a quick fix for she who needs a splash of orange speckled leopard print and white wedgettesin her life post-haste. She being me. Or you. You and me both. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, you see. And when the will pertains to a crippling need for highly desirable high-end goods, the way often involves hasty high-street haggling. Though we don’t haggle in London, we just pay the price on the tag. You get the gist though. I digress. Point is, here is me channeling a whole lot of Stella, without actually wearing any Stella. Sigh. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I’m wearing a a pair of notify flared jeans (try here or here), teamed with a bomber, top and pumps all by H&M trend (inspired by this jacket, this top and these pumps, all by Stella). The bag is Givenchy.

  • Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape)

    Loving the Stella inspired jacket and the bag of course. You look awesome! x

    Fashion Landscape

  • Carol

    this jacket is perfect, thinking about come to HaM and get it because this must go with everything in my closet, haha ♥

  • Valentine Courtois

    I've seen this jacket yesterday in H&M and I thought it was really nice! Good choice

    Girls, my blog from Paris is here !! :)


  • Christine (Fash n Chips)

    So good. And I can't even handle what this jeans is doing to your legs – they're sooo long! Awesome! X

  • Ramona
  • Thefashionguitar

    Love the second photo

  • soulofashopper

    very nice1 love the coat! xo, Alma

  • Ivanna
  • B.

    Beautiful outfit. Love the bag.

    Breathe Me

  • Between Heels

    I really love this pants!! Georgeous jeans!! xx

  • Myriam

    J'adore ta veste! :)

  • Raspberry and Rouge

    Love it babe! Xx Rebecca

  • ZxM Style-Squared


  • Cherise Soesman

    Definitely true, when I received money I immediately go on a shopping spree!
    Really like the outfit. Your legs look so long in this jeans, beautiful.

  • PatriciaBrand

    Love Love Love this Outfit!!!absolutely mi taste!!!Great suggestion!

  • Allure

    This outfit looks amazing. Love the outfits you put together as well as your writing style. Great blog x

  • Laura

    Canon la veste léopard! Graou! 😉
    Bisous, bonne journée!

  • Champagne and Wellington Boots

    it's lovely to see you in colour! amazing outfit :) xxx

  • Maud Schellekens
  • Creativity&Chocolate
  • Basil & Sybil

    absolutely love the outfit! Big fan xx

  • Laura Lopez

    "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do" haha so true.
    I gave in to the white wedges but I'll think I'll resist the leopard jacket.


  • Nena
  • Fashiable

    Still in love with the leopard jacket!

  • Omotesando bags
  • curls and bags
  • Closet Fashionista

    I love this look!! You're so right, it's totally Stella at only a fraction of the price :)

  • Moi Contre La Vie

    Great jacket! I love the print & the silhouette. And those shoes? The perfect use for white!

  • Riëlle K.

    Very pretty look! Love the bag

    xx Riëlle

  • Melissa V

    love the bomber x

  • Coralie de Made In SisterS

    j'adore ton look en entier! super stylée comme toujours :)

  • Camilla

    That jacket, just, gimme.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Laura

    La veste est géniale!



    Indeed, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and you look great in your substitute Stella!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  • Raluca Du

    The jacket is gorgeous and the shoes are killers!
    I really like how flare pants fit you!


  • Debbie

    Cute look, you look good in flares :)

  • angelic. a

    love these white shoes!
    you look amazing!

  • Zuley

    Those white shoes are covetable. Definitely.

  • Camille
  • Milena Bekalarska

    white shoes <3