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Words to live bySaturday, January 5 2013

Camille over the Rainbow - Fluffy

Camille over the Rainbow - FluffyCamille over the Rainbow - FluffyCamille over the Rainbow - FluffyCamille over the Rainbow - FluffyCamille over the Rainbow - FluffyCamille over the Rainbow - Fluffy


Jumping back on the outfit-post bandwagon with this cosy yet pretty much trendless getup. A lot of my blogging entourage seem to have made style resolutions for the new year. Personally, my only conscious resolution – which also explains the prolonged virtual absence by the way – was highlighted by Cathy Horn recalling the mots voiced by the artist Francis Alÿs:

“The temptation in the fashion industry, and maybe as well in the art world, is always to look over your shoulder (or rather, on your computer screen) at what the other guy is doing. The reality is you probably have to shut down a few portals of information in order to keep your own mind open, to focus on what you want to say.”

Words to live by in 2013. Not shutting oneself off completely to exterior influences, which let’s face it, would be both impossible and ridiculous in this day and age. But maybe stop comparing, thinking the grass is always greener, and more to the point voicing individuality a little more loudly.
We shall see.

I’m wearing a pair of Notify flares, a Zara fluffy jacket and pointy booties. The knit and the clutch are both by ACNE and the rings are Cos.

  • Laura Dittrich

    I agree with you about being open minded but stopping comparisons and focusing more on individuality. I should definitely follow that advice.

    You look fantastic! Totally love your fluffy jacket with those flared jeans.

    Fashion Landscape

  • Closet Fashionista

    In love with this look! Those jeans fit you like a glove!!
    and yes, I try to not let myself get influenced by everything I see, but sometimes it's a bit hard and I give in 😉

  • the style crusader

    Yummm. Your coat looks so cosy. xx

  • Ellen

    those flared jeans look AMAZING on you!!!


  • Alice

    I am so into the flared jeans now! Agree with Ellen, they look amazing on you!


    I love your coat! very beautiful outfit.

  • Laura

    J'adore ta veste! Jolie tenue


  • Fashion En Vie

    I love this look, those trousers make your legs look even longer!

  • Karolina Johansson

    Its casual.

    Sometimes i wonder if others read what you write (btw – i do;)), or comment pics only??

    And when talking about age "problem",
    with your style and taste, its nothing to worry about, i recon;)

    all the best from Sweden // k

  • Andrea

    love your looks so cozy!

  • Claire

    Very great post. I love this quote. Nice coat ! C

  • Emma

    Love, love, love this whole outfit! 😉


    those flared jeans look amazing!

    Check out:

  • Aitana

    Your coat looks so coozy!!!^^


  • Charlie

    I find it so difficult, I'm always looking at blogs and then finding myself thinking that I need more clothes (even though I've just bought some) and more holidays (even though I've just been somewhere).

    It's a year of realising what we have and being content with ourselves.

  • blog mode Laura

    Ce look est super! J'adore le jean avec le manteau!

  • (madein)Faro

    J'adore ce genre de veste et manteau en moumoute / truc trop doux :) Et c'est rare de te voir avec des bootcut, ça te va très bien (comme tout d'ailleurs, c'est presque énervant ^^)
    Bonne année Camille !

  • Melissa V

    love that fluffy coat! x

  • Marta Alonso

    Love this fluffy coat!!!!I'm gonna buy it this sales!haha
    kisses from Spain!

  • Brooklyn Grace

    I love that bootcut jeans
    great look

  • Ramona
  • Seldom Modish

    gorgeous coat, you look flawless as usual xx


    I love your look! I went to Zara yesterday and saw the fluffy jacket and I thought it is really cute! It looks perfect on you!

  • fashionizelife

    I really like this look. Those jeans are so flattering…

  • Itsonwithvictoria

    COUP DE FOUDRE pour ta veste yéti !

  • Alice

    Chouette alors pour ta bonne résolution, on va continuer à voir chez toi du différent que partout ailleurs dans la blogo…Marre des clones!!!!

  • Carol

    wow, these pants look awesome with light colour fur ! :) great combo ♥

  • Charlotte
  • thankfifi

    Well said, if we don't make our own style then who is everyone looking over their shoulder at exactly? We all should try at least…

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Sara

    u've got a lot of style, Love it!
    Love from Barcelona <3

  • Samii

    This outfit is classic and beautiful. I love it!
    Those are smart words to live by.


  • Creativity&Chocolate

    I seriously love that coat! xx

  • Marly Wijvekate

    I love that the flared jeans are making their comeback!
    Lovely outfit!

    x marly

  • Rocio Otero

    ese abrigo es precioso! estas guapisima!

  • Amandine

    Très bonne résolution et très jolie veste ! Le flare te va super bien !

  • Debbie

    AMAAAZING look! I've been on the hunt for that jacket as well, couldn't find it anymore :( But it looks so good on you :)



    That jacket was sold out SO fast, too bad for me!

    X Marjolein – Never Too


    I love your fur!!
    kisses from Milano
    and have a great Sunday:)

  • IwalkTheLine-Trend and fashion.

    Ce jean est parfait , quelle silhouette élégante !
    Et bonne année jolie Camille!

  • Dressed with soul

    Really good words – apart from your look which is really cool.

    Thank you for remembering.


  • Vanessa D.

    Love those pants!!
    Have a wonderfull week!! :)

  • Style -Drum is Jackie

    You look spectacular and just cool. ''

    Just found your blog.

  • Short Presents

    Words to live by indeed! I'm with you on this one!


  • Sophie Moureto

    I simply love your style

    The picture of you all in white is fab!!

    Sophie de

  • Anonymous

    wow ca fait longtemps qu'on t'as pas vu comme ca !! it looks amazing, j'adore le manteau


  • Ava Maria Arias

    I think the quote is definately something everyone in the fashion arena should think about, from my perspective too many people just buy and where what they have seen everyone else in, the only way to stand out is to dress in your own style not someone else's. x

  • Luce

    I really like your jacket! Nice outfit!

  • M.

    J'adore tellement la simplicité de tes looks !

  • kATE

    This jacket, ooooh this jacket, so NICE !!
    Zara? I never see in France :(


  • ana

    Du coup, jai fais un petit tour sur ton blog, que je n'ai découvert qu'en 2012…
    ton univers a totalement changé, et étant étudiante en droit a paris je comprends tes doutes.
    Ton blog est vraiment incroyable. to be continued…

  • the rubber doll

    chic!! love the whole look<33

  • Fanny

    Belle résolution, qu'il faudrait sans doute que je suive!
    Bonne année à toi


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