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Dude stole my lineMonday, February 4 2013


The other day the boy went shopping. I barely had time to dance a little jig of victory, as one does (the guy still wears his school blazer because, I quote, ‘it still fits’. The fact that the sleevesbarelycome past his elbow clearly leaves him unfazed – the way I see it, any new wardrobe addition is a win) before he was back with a white plastic shopper emblazonedwith 3 red letters in hand and satisfied grin on his face. He pulled out a single, color-block pullover and happily exclaimed: ‘it’s very Céline, don’t you think?’.

Hum so a/ Dude totally stole my line. b/ That knit is very Céline. Or Dries. Bottom line, me likey alot. c/ Should I be worried that my boyfriend is able to (correctly) identify seasonal pieces from myfavoritewomenswear designers????

Actually, scratch that, any straight guy (fingers crossed) that can go to the men’s department and come back with such a gem, acquired for a song what is more, is a true keeper. Him and the knit, both. See for yourself! The moral of this story? An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. My line for your knitwear. Now for the tricky part : how to get him to do it again..

I’m wearing an H&M trend coat, and an H&M knit (from the men’s department), the tailored joggers are Sandro (similar here), the wedges Mango, the tortoiseshell shadesKaren Walker and the watch is Michael Kors.

  • Carol

    amazin, your sporty style inspires me a lot :)

  • Rowan Reiding

    Haha, your boy's got style! Love that knit!



  • B.A.D

    Great oufit! love the styling, especially the shoes:x

  • Valentine

    J'ai rarement vu une blogueuse aussi stylée que toi, tout en en faisant pas des tonnes.
    Tu as cette nonchalance dans l'allure, cette facilité à tout porter avec ta silhouette longiligne, vraiment.
    Je suis fan.


  • Omotesando bags
  • B.

    I actually really love the sweater. You combined it really well and made it still look feminine.

    Breathe Me

  • Eva

    Love the sweater, beautiful outfit! xx GIVEAWAY

  • soulofashopper

    gorgeous coat! and top! xo, ALma

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..

    Haha such a funny bf you got! Looks great!

    With love,


  • Melissa V

    haha loved that! and also your outfit x

  • Irene

    Love love your sweater!!!!


    • ELA

      So do I! 😀

  • Sharmili

    men's wear is the best

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  • Nena
  • Mandi

    Brilliant post. Hey at least you got him to go once right!

    I absolutely love your look. The coat is perfection.


  • Adela

    Haha love that story!
    Adela x

  • Closet Fashionista

    Haha, how funny! That is a great sweater, I want it!

  • Natacha Bach

    Oh, i looooove that jacket!

    XOXO Natacha

  • Laura Lopez

    oh I saw that jumper and suggested it to my bf who didn't like it… ¬¬ You're a lucky girl!


  • Camilla

    That knit is lovely, menswear is a gem

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • My little fashion thoughts

    Hahaha he's so funny ! I should send over the boy for a "how-to-be-a-fashy-blogger's-boyf" internship ! ;))

    xx Selma

  • Alix

    Love the combination knit/lips! you made best out of your BF's pick!

  • Christine (Fash n Chips)

    😀 I have the funniest image of your bf!
    Love this outfit – and are you wearing lipstick? It matches the sweater so well! X

    • Camille

      haha he was very upset that I told this story. He is lovely though :)

      And yes, surprisingly wearing lipstick today..

      You over for fash month (Paris, London?) Can't wait to see ya


  • Huyen

    Beautiful! Adore the coat and the two toned sweater!

  • Hustle and Bustle

    Love de knit!!

  • amalie

    loving that coat xx

  • Moi Contre La Vie

    Haha. Great post! Definitely a keeper!

    I love this look. The mix of silhouettes & fabrics makes it really striking & visually interesting. Well done!

  • SylviaETC

    super-cool jumper, definitely very Céline!
    love how you wear it with your amazing white wedges!

  • Melina

    I'm cracking up Camille. I love that your bf is able to identify these things. Mine only says "this is kinda cool, right?". The good thing is that it actually is! I'm getting such a blast out of stealing all his clothing, I know the feeling. The sad part is when they don't shop jeje. Amazing look, loving it! Kisses

  • Fashiable

    The sunglasses are AMAZING

  • Riëlle K.

    I really like the sweater! My man has also great taste!

    xx Riëlle



    The shoes and coat look great. Perfect outfit.

  • Camille

    Seems like you've got the perfect boyfriend :p

  • Laura

    J'adore cette tenue! Et ta p'tite histoire m'a fait rire :)

    Des bisous

  • Mamalina

    I'm really a big fan of your amazing style, Camille!


  • Julie

    Love the jacket!

  • You became to wonder

    I love this!

  • Camilla Franek

    great shoes!!

    xoxo milla

  • moiminnie

    Gorgeous coat! Looks amazing with those pointed wedges! x

  • India

    wooouw you look amazing!


    LOVE the red lipstick and the perfect match it makes with the pop of red in your sweater, well combined!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  • thankfifi

    Will he forgive that you stole his new find!?

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Felicity

    Well done that lad! Love it, and it looks great paired with the wedges! x

  • Annie

    that coat looks really great on you and cause of you I cant wait to wear my white wedges outside when it get sunnier :)

    X, Annie

  • Fanny

    C'est sans doute une preuve d'accord parfait. :)
    Ce pull te va très bien!


  • Sofía Chanel

    Love the sweater and the coat!

  • Marielle

    J'adooore tes tenues <3
    J'ai les mêmes chaussures, parfaites !

  • TheLittleWhiteBird

    In love with the coat.

    Kimberley Jade

  • monjournalpastrèsintime

    A chaque fois que je viens sur ton blog, j'ai 3 mots qui me viennent à l'esprit : sobre, chic, orignial !
    Tu es toujours aussi belle ! :)

  • Sue

    That's why I read your blog – you're funny. Nice to see someone who looks good and with a sense of humour.

  • meital david-pur

    Love your style!! so Chic!
    Im your new follower :))