Camille Over the Rainbow

Music to my earsFriday, February 8 2013

Camille over the Rainbow - Urban fluffCamille over the Rainbow - Urban fluffCamille over the Rainbow - Urban fluffCamille over the Rainbow - Urban fluffCamille over the Rainbow - Urban fluffCamille over the Rainbow - Urban fluffCamille over the Rainbow - Urban fluffCamille over the Rainbow - Urban fluffCamille over the Rainbow - Urban fluff


It’s not everyday that beanies get to walk the runway. Yet, yesterday at BCBG Max Azria, the main message was slouchy headgear – to be worn inside and out (not to be confused with inside-out). Did you get that? Sing along with me now, cuz you can leave your hat on (see what I done there, uh uh): it works with your fluffy coat, both faux (see above) and real (though your fur will be wanting an update next fall – do you know where I can buy blue dye?), your lazer-cut leather bits, and even your slinky evening gown. Music to my ears, given that my own cashmere friend has become the answer to most of my day-to-day problems. Bad hair day? Slap a beanie on it. Shit weather? Get under that beanie. Forehead pimple? Tug that beanie a little lower. Pink eye? Ok, I took it too far – you get the picture, tough. So with Azria’s lux, urban silhouettes in mind and Tom Jones singing in the background, let’s turn back to the present, to my own look du jour if you will. City yeti is my name for it, but I could have gone with urban fluff ball, and am open to suggestions. The comment box is wide open. Show me what you got.

GET THE LOOK: The fluffy coat (or here), high-boots and mini skirt are all Zara. The sheer shirt is equipment, the bag is Givenchy, the watch is Michael Kors, the slouchy beanie COS and the rings H&M. Lipstick is YSL’s rouge pur n°21, sadly discontinued.

  • unhadaenelarmario

    Perfect boots and coat!! xx

  • Huyen

    Gorgeous look, love the fluffy coat and beanie on you!


  • Carol

    easy, minimalistic, but still so, so beautiful and stylish! admire ♥

  • Raspberry and Rouge

    You look a-ok babess! Xx

  • Maud Schellekens

    That bag, want the same in blue :-)

  • Yuliya ♥

    Canon ce look

  • Karma Kidnapping

    perfection, beautifully combined! :)

  • Omotesando bags
  • Stefania

    Very nice look. I saw teh collection of BCBG and there`s a lot of beannie indeed.
    The fluffy coat is lovely too.

  • Marmalade

    love love love love love this coat. I need one, it looks so cosy :)

    Mel x

  • Floor Eizema

    Haha! Love your style of writing just as much as your looks. Love to read your blog every day! Have a great day!

  • Rowan Reiding

    I so adore your boots!



  • Louise

    You look great! I really like the fluffy coat.

  • Adela

    Love all your Zara bits, especially the coat and the boots. And am also a fan of beanies so was equally happy when I saw the pics from yesterday's show.
    Adela x

  • Closet Fashionista

    LOVE this look!! And yayyy for beanies! 😀

  • Coralie de Made In SisterS

    je plebiscite ce look, il est parfait, j'aime tout: le manteau, les bottes, le bonnet, le sac….

  • Laura

    Le manteau est génial! J'aime bcp cette tenue ma belle


  • Eva

    Beautiful outfit, love the high black boots with the fur coat! xx


  • Melissa V

    the boots are stunning x

  • Moi Contre La Vie

    While I've been in New York I've seen more adorable girls wearing beanies and making them look Chic Chic Chic than I could have imagined. I have no idea how you keep your hair looking perfect with a beanie on, but you look fabulous!

  • Heels on Gasoline
  • Angie

    Si je me souviens bien, j'ai découvert ton blog il y a un. Tu as tellement changé (en bien 😉 ) C'est incroyable tout ces super trucs qui te sont arrivé en un an !! Encore une fois ta tenue démonte, je suis particulièrement fan de ton manteau et de ton bonnet ^^.

    Bisous ma belle <3

  • Ramona
  • Emma S.

    J'aimerais tellement me lover dans ton fluffy coat là tout de suite 😉 tu es ravissante !

  • Milla F

    great boots and jacket, you look great as always!

  • Claire

    Love it ! This boots are amazing !!!

  • Londonbreeze

    Lovely lovely look. Total black with this fantastic coat! My sister has got one very similar (or the same, I'm not very sure…), and I think that I should stole it 😉
    Kisses from Spain

  • itsrainingheelsandsneakers

    You look so great!

    xx Riëlle

  • Camille

    Ce look est juste parfait

  • Lubica Tothova
  • Soulofashopper

    Perfect perfect outfit. Loved the beanie 😉

  • lydia lucia

    this is such a perfect outfit!!! i thinks this is going to be my next "look of the week" i am uploading on facebook once a week!

  • Kathrin / 6 FOOT ONE

    You look STUNNING! Love the bag and the boots on you! PLUS the beanie!! 😉

    XOX, Kat

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..

    Love love love the coat!!

  • Sydney Fashion and Style Hunter

    Love this look, sooooo cute. xx

  • ann kim

    Love this look. <3

  • Dressed with soul

    I like this cap-trend, too, it´s so easy if you have a bad-hair day or if you want to be extra-cool.

    Perfekt outfit as always – and the boots are awesome!


  • Monika D

    O WOW! Lovely
    I invite you to my blog – E, xoxo

  • B.

    Beautiful beanies. It goes so well with the rest of the outfit!

    Breathe Me

  • amalie

    beautiful coat !


    Those boots look so much better on you than they do on me, love 'em though!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  • Claire

    Ton petit bonnet te va si bien ! C

  • gateau

    love the boots (are those new collection?) & your coat

  • Despina

    You are so well-dressed! Love your outfit!

  • Fashion Seine

    Tout simplement parfait :)
    Bonne journée :)


  • Jessica M

    Absolutely gorgeous. Love the proportions, textures and monochrome-ness of this outfit. Killer!
    xo – j

  • Anonymous

    Première fois que je poste un commentaire sur ton blog, que je regarde pourtant souvent. Je tenais juste à te dire que comme disent les américains "you look like a million bucks". En gros tu t'habilles avec des fringues zara ou h&m mais tu as tellement de charme et de charisme, tu es si jolie, que sur toi on dirait des pièces de créateur. Il y'a peu de filles comme ça. En plus tu sais bien mixer les pièces comme il faut, tu as un style juste topissime.
    Tu contraste totalement avec d'autres bloggeuses hyper célèbres dont je ne citerai pas le nom par respect, qui tout aussi mignonnes soient elles, s'habillent en haute couture et font très cheap, pas classe du tout.
    Voila je tenais à te le dire, car tu mérites de le savoir! Continue sur ta lancée tu es au top!

  • Manon

    J'adore ton manteau, il a l'air d'être tout doux !

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