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PolishedFriday, February 22 2013


I’m no Olivia Palermo. My hair hasn’t seen a brush in years (no, really! I leave the house with a soggy mane of tangled locks Monday through Friday – good job Instagram is nothing but a glorified foot fetish gallery, #FromwhereIstand is my best friend, don’t you know?), my makeup is forever smudged (if makeup there is) and no matter what I wear, I always look scruffy. Praise be the place I was born, for since moving to London I now get away with the lot on account of looking ‘effortless’.

Indeed I cannot help but marvel at the Eiffel Tower-tall pedestal that we croissant-eating, breton-wearing frogs have been put on. Not that I’mcomplainingor anything. I milk that get out of jail free card as much as the next parisienne expat. Ever noticed how when we meet I always go for the double kiss on the cheek,apologizingprofusely to your outstretched hand, and blaming my pedigree genes, all within 2-minutes of us first coming face to face? Old tricks, I’m telling ya.

Ironically, most French girls (I) spend a lot of time wondering how other nations get to look so polished. Olivia being the prime suspect here, naturellement. I recently read an interview in which the queen of put together claims she never leaves the house without her signature classic red nails. It got me thinking. I stopped wearing ‘red red’ nails a while ago, when Irealisedthey make me look ladylike – which quite frankly is not something I’m prepared to deal with. But maybe I need to put my fears behind me and embrace the grown upway of life.If not sartorially, at least on my fingertips. Slowly but surely. Red is not dead, quite the contrary in fact.
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  • Sofía Chanel
    • Camille

      thanks :)

    • moiminnie

      Great writing, Camille! But honestly, I'd chose you over Olivia anytime. In my opinion, she just looks boring. If I saw her on the street, I'd probably just pass her by, not paying attention at all. Keep up your scruffy but very personal and inspiring style! x

  • Maud Schellekens

    Love the story!

    XOXO Maud

    Check out my new outfit post on

  • TripsTreasures

    i love switching polishes and red is definitely one of my favorite shades
    new outfit post

  • MONI

    ah crazy ring! love it.

  • Eva

    Love everything about these photos. The nail polish, the rings, the plaid shirt…perfect! xx

  • Domonique Wilson

    Gah, I adore this post so much, it best describes my style, ha! I'll never be one of those girls that look "perfect" and I'm happy with that :)

    p.s your rings are killer!


  • Vi

    LoL I was always afraid of red nail polish, but could never understand why. Thanks for finally wording it – "looking ladylike" it is.

  • Moi Contre La Vie

    The nails look great and the "ladylike" comment made me laugh. But most importantly – WHERE ARE THOSE RINGS FROM? Fingers crossed those aren't the Givenchy ones still I'd need to sell a kidney to afford them… :)

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..

    I feel the same way about red nail polish. Maybe i should give it another try!!
    P.S. loveeeee the rings!!

  • Rowan Reiding

    Red nails look stunning on you and the rings as well! I've got the same ones!



    Ps: I started a running blog with my best friend.

  • Catita

    I loved this post, and yes Red is not dead, and Olivia is to hard to follow (her polished look) so I'd go for the effortless look although not everyone can pull it off either, but you do!

  • Melina

    Amazing, Camille, as always. And loved your writing. You are effortless, indeed, it's something a lot of women are trying to achieve and fail miserably. For you it just comes with the genes. Just wondering, where are the shirt and the rings from? Kisses.


    Staring at these photos I think we might need to invent a new word, if not there already, 'cuz I think we moved from armparty's to ringparty's! 😉

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  • Carol

    killer rings !!!!!!!! love them

  • Soulofashopper

    love the rings!!!! xo, Alma

  • Zoe P

    Lovely piece of writing. As said above: effortless. I am also dying to know where the rings are from!

    LFW street style

  • Closet Fashionista

    I think that red nails look great on you! And yes, I am jealous of your 'effortless' style, I wish I could pull it off, ha ha :)

  • Unknown

    May I know where you got your rings from? Thanks!

    • Camille

      Yes you may :)
      The bands are ASOS ( and the cage ring is an old H&M one.

  • Rebecca

    Secrets of the french girls, I knew it, haha! Good fun; I loved reading this :)

  • Amy

    See, that disheveled look is what I've always wanted. That slightly mussed hair, the untucked blouse, smudged makeup – it eludes me, and that's why I want to look like that.

  • Coline Chavaroche

    Perfect pictures :)

    Coline ♡

  • Camille
  • thefashiontag

    love the rings! xo dana cristina

  • Laura

    J'aime beaucoup les photos cocooning de la vie quotidienne! Super belle ta chemise à carreaux!
    Bisous, bon wknd!

  • Mona

    Such lovely and charming writing!

  • Siena in Style

    love your shirt!!
    kisses from Milano

  • ZxM Style-Squared


  • Claire

    I love the rings so much !

  • Fanny

    Vrai… le vernis rouge, c'est tout un monde.


  • Hannah

    I've just discovered your blog and have been going through your archives all evening! I love your style and especially your hair. I know you say you never brush it, but please please tell me which products you use and how you style it! Ps. I love red nails but feel it looks best when my outfit is casual or it looks too classic.

    • Camille

      Hey Hannah! Welcome, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Re my hair, it is exactly as I said. I just wash it in the shower with normal shampoo and then use KERATASE Nutritiv mask (the orange one from the range). I kind of part it with a brush and let it dry without touching it. I wish I knew how to look after it better, but the thing is its naturally super straight which I don't like so not brushing it feels like the easiest way to get it to look messy. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

  • CG

    Bonjour Camille,
    Merci pour ce très joli look. J'aime beaucoup la bague H&M, type berbère Repossi. Sais tu où je peux en trouver de similaire à Paris. J'ai vu que la tienne venait d'une collection passées donc je doute pouvoir la retrouver. Et l'originale est hors de prix. Merci à toi par avance,
    Bonne journée,

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