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L:a Bruket & Other StoriesTuesday, March 26 2013

Jimmy Choo Anouk Self Service Magazine

La Bruket Self Service Magazine

Jimmy Choo Anouk pumps – Self Service Spring/Summer 2013 – L:a Bruket 92hand cream– L:a Bruket scented candle

Yesterday I stopped by & Other Storiesto see what all the fuss was about. Turns out, I’m as sucker as they come, and left with a paper bag full of highly indispensable goodies. The hand cream is so scrumptious I could eat it! Meanwhile,the Chooes entered my life a few weeks back, but have been waiting for Spring to show its face before coming out to the world. Patience has its limits, though. Far be it from me to blame them.

  • Duck

    How are the beauty products? I bought a couple of bags on the & Other Stories site, but I'm sorely tempted to go nuts on the beauty counter! My house is already stuffed with lotions and potions though…

  • Camille

    I had to give myself a restraining order from the 'real' beauty counter or I would have had to go hungry for the month. The stuff they stock is incredible, the quality seems impeccable. My hands are currently in 7th heaven, in a sea of lavender scent. DO IT.

  • Eva

    Wish & other stories came to the Netherlands. I'm so curious about everything but I;m not sure if should order the items online! I like to see and feel items before I buy them :) xx

  • PatriciaBrand

    I wanna try!!Any suggestion?

  • Pandora

    They do excellent underwear too! Right up there with COS, on the triangle bra/lacy undercracker supremacy.

  • Fashiable

    Ah the heels are pretty! I want to visit & Other Stories also!

  • soulofashopper

    those pumps are sooooooooooooo pretty!!!! xo, Alma

  • Carol

    oh lala! totally jealous of your choos !! pretty babies my dear ♥

  • Hiding In Heaven

    I love &other stories ! Those Chooes are gorgeous…

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Great pictures – So chic!

  • Krizia

    The shoes are perfect!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  • Patricia G.

    Amazing shoes! I want!!!!!!!

  • Katie Hagan

    The execution of the photos are perfect. Those shoes are beautiful.


  • tripstreasures

    Glad you couldn't wait sharing the shoes, they are beautiful, but now I am really too curious to see an outfit with them

    I ordered a few & other stories beauty products and I'm really happy with the quality.
    fashion in belgium


    YAY for the shoes! I'm thinking about getting the black version myself!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..

    Love those shoes!

  • Dorothée Thomson

    Lovely shoes….
    I am so curious about that shop, lucky you :) and Well done for the Vogue issue (your photo)

  • Charlotte
  • Trina

    I wish there was an &Other Stories in NYC. Looks fab! And those jimmy choos. Omg! | nyc style blog

  • Hannah Brukharden
  • Laura

    Parfaites ces Jimmy Choo


  • Fanny

    Ahh… toutes ces crèmes et ce maquillage, je ne me lasse pas de la boutique de Paris! Belles ces chaussures!