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Plaids pleaseThursday, March 7 2013

Fall-Winter 2013_Celine_Stella McCartney_plaid coats

(Ph/ left Stella McCartney and right Celine Autumn-Winter 2013 via

Plaid may not be boxfresh, but that is not to say that the series of boxy silhouettes in checkered motif imagined chez Stella McCartney and Celine for AW2013 had an air of déjà vu about them. On the contrary, these innovative takes on the traditional Scottish fabric commanded a refreshing alternative to the splashes of animal print that we have come to know of late. Looks like the leopard has finally changed its spots.

On the one hand (left), washed-out, tartan-inspired tailored coats borrowed from the boys. On the other (right), a playful nod to those two quid-a-pop nylon ‘refugee‘ bags*, from the rigid outline all the way down to the frayed hems. And what with the sudden resurgence of grunge (see: Saint Laurent’s Courtney Love aesthetic causes new wave ofParisianriots), and the roaring commercial success of Dries Van Noten‘s spring-summer plaids, not to mention Karl’s tartan extravaganza at the Métiers d’art Paris-Edimburgh show earlier this year, safe to say this is just the beginning.

Conclusion : coming soon to a Zara near you, a tidal wave of square stuff. I would deplore this but then again the gap between runway and real life is sometimes too, erm, real to bear. Man, I’m too impatient. Gimme, gimme!

*[Side note: given the‘slave style’ jewellery debacle that engulfedMango this week, I spent the better part of the evening trying to come up with an appropriate name for this (in)famous breed of woven-plastic shoppers. Google tells me that each culture has made it their own and quite frankly, given that each is more politically incorrect than the next – ‘Chinatown tote’ in NY, ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ in Nigeria, ‘Turkish suitcase’ in Germany, ‘Bangladeshi bag’ in England to name but a few – I think I’ll stick with ‘refugee’ if you don’t mind. Believe me, though, I am fully aware of the irony of contrasting a Poundland bag with garments bearing the logo of one of the most expensive high-end labels of our time. Still, at least inspiration feels more removed this time round than, say, the branded Louis Vuitton rendition circa 2007. Plus, let’s face it, Philo’s coats are pure art. Perhaps even a Warhol-esque play on consumerism and mass production? I very much hope so.]

  • Selene

    mmmm…not for me!

  • Stefania

    It`s not my style neither but never say never. I saw in Zara one suit but it`s difficult to imagine me dressed with it.

  • soulofashopper

    gorgeous coats!!!! want one too! 😉 xo, Alma

  • Camille

    The Celine's one are stunnig

  • Charlie

    I am absolutely obsessed with this, but I have to agree that I can't see myself wearing it. I love that Stella coat, far left and Celine's take on the oversized shopper is just genius.

  • Carol

    need something plaid as well ! nice trend :)

  • From Boho to Chiic
  • Aurélie and Angelo

    Great coats, love the plaid! Gorgeous cuts and proportions too!

  • Maud Schellekens

    Loving the plaid print, never goes out for fashion according to me!

    XOXO Maud

    Check out my new outfit post on

  • My little fashion thoughts

    I always dreamed to go out wrapped in a blanket or un plaid … Feeling like a dream coming true huh

    x Selma

  • Domenica Calarco

    Not a big fan of plaid, but because Celine did it, im now going to get on the band wagon

  • Fanny

    Je salue la référence! Et j'aime mieux le tartan de Céline du coup, qui se la joue Warhol dans son interprétation de la grande consommation.
    J'ai remarqué les cuissardes qui disparaissent sous chaque tenue, j'adore, je sens que ça va rester encore cette année (aussi chez Chanel fall 2013)…


    • Camille

      Héhé je suis ravie qu'elle ne soit pas passée inaperçue!

      Entièrement d'accord avec toi pour le tartan de Phoebe – après tout il semblerait que l'un des principaux 'objets' de consommation de notre époque soit la mode avec un grand M (et tous ses dérivés bien entendu). Ta référence à Wahrol est parfaitement judicieuse.
      Camille x

  • Moi Contre La Vie

    I adore plaid & tartan, so this post is riiight up my alley. What I really want are cropped plaid slim pants for Spring – I love the Banana Republic Mad Men collection pair!

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..

    LOVE the third one, the frays are such a nice detail!
    Can't wait till these hit the Zara near me… 😉

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  • Sweetmona
  • Eva
  • Hiding In Heaven

    I love plaids !! in every season, every occasion, every mood !!

  • AlittlebitUnique

    Such a lovely print!

    A little bit Unique


  • Sydney Fashion and Style Hunter

    I'm loving plaid at the moment. xx

  • Style Stars

    plaids in pink, so pretty!!


  • Kirby

    As soon as I saw those Celine coats I thought of those same bags. I'm not sure how we refer to them in Australia, I just call them red and blue $2 shop bags, which seems an awfully long name but it works.
    Regardless I'm a fan of plaid or tartan or whatever you want to call it and these Stella and Celine incarnations are only serving to reinforce my love.