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London rebornFriday, May 17 2013

(Ph/Sandra Hagelstam)

When Nike asked me to create a pair of ID‘s to match my City capital C, my immediate thoughts went to our flag. As flags go, the Union Jake really is quite the stylish emblem, with its layered crosses in red, white and blue. Have incidentally always found it very convenient that my other flag uses the same colour palette. Makes buying patriotic clothes all the more easy. But let’s not get into that today.

Now, I like my flag as much as the next merry Brit. But red, white and blue strike me as being a tad old school, don’t you think? It got me thinking. If we the people were to create a new flag today (let’s assume for argument sake that the task would not be left to a boring tight circle of 50-something politicians), would we not want it to match our newfound obsession with garish tones and neon accents? Yes we would.

Also, the purple matches the wisteria on my street. Plus electric orange is Harry’s favourite colour. Hashtag fit for a royal! Don’t quote me on that, tough.

So there you go London, here are your new (post-modern) colours. This is what you would had you been born in 2013. Do with it what you will, but I think you look banging. In fact, I may write to Downing Street. And given all my troubles, the least you could do would be to turn the heating up a notch.All this layering in May is making us want to leave you for a more exotic island. Not that we ever would, dear London.

I’m wearing: Zara coat – H&M fluffy cardi – ACNE Collage tee – Paige denim pants – Nike ID free runs via Fashiolista – Jennifer Zeuner necklace

  • Mincho Rhee

    Now I must get Nike.. ♥

  • Carol

    in love with your fur cardi !! it looks really good with this purple touch of your nikes :)

  • Mia

    OMG you're amazing sweetie…lovely mix <3

    Kiss ♥
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  • Miss Kutsu

    Tout est beau: les photos, ta tenue, et tes nouvelles baskets! Super post, et bravo pour les chaussures!

  • Natali

    Great coat and sneakers! You're fabulous!

  • Between Heels

    Love this sneakers!! xx

  • Stefania

    The Nike are so sool like them a lot.

  • Style Mish Mash

    The shoes are awesome, great color combination!!

  • Anonymous

    Such a funny-written post haha! And of course a great outfit to match: those shoes really make it pop, great colour combination!
    Could you tell me where the shoes in this Instagrampost are from?

  • TheFashionFraction
  • kcomekarolina

    amazing look – simple yet fun!

    xoxo from rome

  • Siena in Style

    I love your simple and chic look
    kisses from milano

  • Camille

    Elles sont vraiment chouettes en violet ces baskets. Si je devais faire les miennes, je les verrais anthracite avec une touche de néon. La vache deux vestes en mai, le temps a l'air d'être encore plus pourri qu'à Paris…bon courage!

  • Styleclouds

    I am loving the colors – great mix!! xo, Christina


  • Mancina

    great efortless look, like it!

  • Louise

    Nice pop of colours with the shoes, a nice sporty twist too! <3

  • Brigadeiro

    Since I've been wearing my Nike's more and more, I'm so happy to see a beautifully styled outfit with yours! Hope we get to see more! Love how they add a pop of colour to the brilliant ensemble!

  • the.E.word

    I mean, seriously, no other blogger writes in a such funny way as you! Your (hilariuous) texts are half of the joy of this blog! Plus, admirable outits. :) Keep on the good work, Camille!

    Sara L

  • the.E.word

    Actually I've mentioned you some time ago on my blog. I usually forget to tell the authors about that, but since all the posts are linked to the original page, I think there's no problem… Anyway, here:

  • Elza Soko

    Perfection je cris ton nom!

  • Sharon (Style-Chameleon)

    I love the colour choices you made!

  • Closet Fashionista

    I love this look! And those are pretty much the exact colors I would use if I made my own Nike's…and now I kinda want to! :)


    love it! I am going to make my own pair of Nike's too :)

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Such a great look! Love the sporty-chic style!

  • Carly’s closet

    Seriously I'm in love with those shoes!

    Carly's Closet

  • Bambi
  • Fashiable | Nanne

    Beautiful photos! And outfit of course :)


    That fluffy cardi is looking like a dream!
    And boy do I love your take on these new London colors… 😉

    X Marjolein – Never Too

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  • Mafalda

    Perfect pictures/outfit/sneakers. Stunning.

  • IwalkTheLine-Trend and fashion.

    Encore une tenue parfaite ,avec un joli sourire , j'adore !

  • itsrainingheelsandsneakers

    Great combo! Love that fluffy cardigan!

    xx Riëlle

  • newbornfanatic

    I seriously need a new pair of running sneakers and thinking of the Nike Frees. But..SO many colors to choose from!! I'm being so indecisive that I'm just thinking of getting gold old blacks.
    Love your outfit!

  • Underground Ladies

    J'adore ton style, tes photos ! De post en post, tu es de plus en plus jolie et tes looks, démentiels ! Have a nice week end xx

  • Maud Schellekens

    Great pics!

    XOXO Maud


  • Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

    Sandra did a great job with the photos and I must say I love your idea for the modern colours of the Brit flag xx

    Blog by ORR: La-Grunge

  • Lola

    i can only wear nike trainers at the gym, 's so annoying! I've seen so many people combine informal footwear withsomething quite dressy but they just look too chunky with everything else i'm wearing, sucks as this looks totally awesome and would love to wear something similar xx

  • Camille
  • Marly Wijvekate

    Such beautiful photo's!
    Love the way you styled your colorful Nikes.

  • Anthea Lau

    love how you incorporate elements of the sports trend into your outfit – nice coat and sneakers! <3
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?

  • Hiding In Heaven

    Love your sneakers outfits ! I'm actually considering buying one pair thanks to you…

  • Lust Covet Desire
  • Lio
  • Krizia

    Loving the coat!

    x Krizia

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  • Pauline Lim

    Im inlove with your free runs!

    xx pauline

  • Francesca Rose

    haha, I love this! If the flag WAS to change, I'd totally back your colours

    Francesca xo

  • FromParisWithLove

    I'm not a sneakers/trainers fan but I have to admit it's the perfect edgy touch for a classy outfit. If this make sens.
    Kiss Andie 😉

  • Unknown

    I really like the color you picked for your nkes. But I can't figure out which color it is on the nike homepage, they all look slightly wrong to me? Can you help?

  • Itsonwithvictoria

    :O ces baskets sont CANONS !

  • Victoria Navarro
  • Mónica López Gutierrez
  • Olivia J

    Like the how you mixed up the outfit with your Nikes!

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  • Melanie

    love the outfit, n also love the nikes…you did a great job^^
    have a huge crush on the acne shirt, its amazing!

    The Fashion Menue

  • Justine M.

    Cette tenue avec les runner est juste parfaite, je me demande même pourquoi je ne connaissais pas ton blog tellement il semble connu et pro ! Vraiment je reste bouche-bée haha (désolée pour mes commentaires de gamine groupie héhé)

  • Jessica

    Vraiment superbe cette tenue avec les Nike :)