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The worthy dressMonday, May 6 2013

(Ph/Zanita Morgan)

This well and truly started off as a tirade regarding my less-than-fervent affinity for the dress. But I caught myself just in time. And before you accuse me of doing exactly that (who doesn’t enjoy a little apophasis now and then), do hear me out.

Ok here goes. Why all the negativity? Why does the conversation always have to revolve around the bad, only to make the catch of the day more appealing? I feel like this is something most of us are guilty of. So while I would normally sell myself as allergic to the type of garment featured in today’s story, dubbing the dress too girlish and obvious for the likes of me, with a last minute, predictable twist of the rom-com sort (“O beautiful little Sportmax number, how I love you etc…”), today I shall go about it differently.

Instead, I will confess to the following: I do wear dresses – sporadically (hands up if you too learned that word in Clueless), that may be so – but often enough to make them a regular member of the COTR sartorial cast.

What makes a dress worthy of my time? Well, and try to not act too dumbfounded here, it has to be sexy, but in a soft, understated way. Bodycons and clingy minis, always a no-go. Boxy shapes short enough to show a little pin, deep-V necks in an interesting texture or print, leather everything, on the other hand, yes yes yes.

And the above, with it’s unconventional stripes, sheer panels, and silky fabric, ticked all the boxes. Plus with Zanita at hand to capture the moment, the whole ordeal was a no-brainer.

Now you know.

I’m wearing: Sportmax dress – Phillip Lim clutch – Stella McCartney pumps

  • Carol

    wow, little bit unexpected on you but it looks brilliant !!! :)


    That dress is stunning! love the pictures.

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  • monjournalpastrèsintime

    You look so beautiful !

    • Coline Chavaroche

      Les shoes sont incroyables !
      J'adore la pochette aussi :)

      Coline ♡

  • at / least

    Wow, what an exceptional dress! I like the clutch as well :)

  • Hiding In Heaven

    Amazing dress !

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Aurélie and Angelo

    Gorgeous dress, stunning photos!

  • Six Feet From The Edge – Debbie

    Looks amazing on you! Love the unexpectedness 😉


  • soulofashopper

    oh wow it´s amazingly beautiful! xo, Alma

  • Anita

    Amazing! Gorgeous dress. X

  • Natali
  • Between Heels

    I love your blog now, this outfit is amazing! xx

  • Jennifer – Stylish Clin d’Oeil

    Quelles sublimes photos! magnifique!

  • Coralie de Made In SisterS

    tu es magnifique! j'adore la pochette et ces escarpins Stella McCartney, tes photos sont parfaites!

  • Portia Hunt

    Wow, you really suit this dress! I love how unique it is compared to the standard bodycons that seem to live in today's shop rails.

    P.S. Just saw you in Zara's People! – congratulations!

  • Miss Kutsu

    Cette robe est magnifique, j'adore les couleurs, et tu as parfaitement choisi les accessoires!

  • EmerJa

    WOW! Amazing post and pictures. Love the dress! :)

  • Curious Emily

    The dress is great, but the shoes have got me all of a-quiver in all the right ways..!

  • thankfifi

    Yes if I were to picture you wearing a dress I wouldn't find it odd, certainly not a dress like this as you say – wonderful shots.x


  • Estelle

    Too good for words. I love Zanitas work too xx

  • umi
  • Justyna J

    great dress!

  • Sharon (Style-Chameleon)

    You look stunning in this dress!

    And I really love the way you write :)

  • Yuka
  • Christine (Fash n Chips)

    *hand up*

    And you look amazing! <3

  • From Boho to Chiic

    WOW! Amazing ♥ No more words 😀 Beautiful this dress…

    Kisses xx

  • Honorata

    You look great, Zanita caught the very feminine side of you in these beautiful pics:)))

  • elossa style

    beautiful dress and pictures. I love your blog, I follow u now.

  • Hilde

    Adore thes dress, the way you styled it and these beautiful pictures!

  • Amy

    I think it's an incredible dress. Love how you've styled it with the clutch and shoes – just perfect!


  • Amandine

    Parfaite !
    J'aime beaucoup ta notion de la robe "sexy but in an understated way", et elle te va parfaitement !

  • Fashiable | Nanne

    Beautiful pics and the dress looks ah-ma-zin on you!

  • April Onebane

    Love the dress. It definitely suits your style in the 'dress' category. And yes, my hands are going up, I learned the meaning of the word 'sporadically' from Clueless…

  • Inez Balina

    This look is incredible!!!

  • Adela

    You can totally rock a dress! Beautiful photos.
    Adela x

  • Domonique Wilson

    Haha, yes! I did, I did! God bless 90s cult movies. Snapped by're a babe.


  • Alexandra

    You look gorgeous! And this is clearly a sign that you shouldn't shy away from dresses. I agree with you– anything too body-con scares me, but this is absolutely perfect! (And the fact that you can walk in those Stella McCartney heels is all the more impressive!)

  • Raquel T.G.

    To-die-for pumps and gorgeous colour block dres!
    Following :)

  • Bambi
  • Carly’s closet

    I love this dress! So unexpected!

    Carly's Closet

  • Mancina

    OH MY! this is absolutely amazing post! love everything! The styling is perfect, photos, your moving! WAW

  • Mafalda

    Very unexpected and unusual, but very beautiful indeed. It suits you well and the pictures are gorgeous.

  • Lola

    I'm surprised you don't wear dresses more often, you suit them. a lot. This looks perfect on you XX

  • Eva (Creativity and Chocolate)

    Such a cool dress!! Love the design! xx

  • Giovanna

    Love the pictures! I really like that dress!


  • Sydney Fashion and Style Hunter

    So cute xx

  • Enmivestidor

    Me encanta el vestido, es precioso.


  • Styleclouds

    You look amazing!! xo, Christina


  • Heather

    you look gorgeous I love your hair!

  • PatriciaBrand

    your very elegant with this dress!!!

  • Queen
  • Elen Ellis

    Particular but very beautiful look!
    Take a look to my blog, new post up! and…
    Follow us?:)let me know
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  • Camille

    Very unique dress ! But it suits you sooo well. And those pictures are gorgeous

  • Mónica López Gutierrez
  • Stella

    Such nice dress and heels!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place


    Can you STOP being so freakin' pretty!

  • ann kim

    SO gorgeous Camille!! Love the photos


  • Mandi

    I love the dress. The photo's are absolutely beautiful! That first one is striking.

    – Mandi
    Find Me A Muse

  • Fanny

    OMG, cette robe ! Et les photos de Zanita sont sublimes…


  • Maud Schellekens

    Great look!

    XOXO Maud


  • Huyen
  • wholesale mens clothes

    i like the special dress

  • yosra atta
  • Urban Auburn

    wow. love the outfit. You look amazing!!

  • MDOT

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Got nothing to add : )

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    The "The worthy dress" is well written, just love your dresses and styles. hope to learn more from you!