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Errand runningFriday, June 28 2013

(Ph. Alice Point)

Just a quickie today featuring what I wore out errand running last week, right before I got hit, not by a car (though street crossing in this country is not my forte – my reflexes are still set backwards), but by a pretty bad case of the flu. Hopefully I’ll be back on my feet in no time. Who’s gonna be a doll and bring me some of that cure-everything chicken soup?

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I’m wearing: Claudie Pierlot blazer – Mango leather joggings – Olive Clothing tee – Celine espadrilles – ASOS rings – Givenchy bag – Jennifer Zeuner necklace

  • Miss Kutsu

    Love this cool look! The leather pants is awesome!

  • Angie

    Canon la touche léo dans cette tenue parfaite de simplicité !


  • Sandro

    Get well soon! I don't have chicken soup but I can send you my love and admiration :) x

  • Caroline

    really like your pants !!!!

  • Huyen

    loving those flats!


  • Leblogof Pilou

    This outfit is perfect! I love it!!


  • Christian

    love the whole looK!

    christian | my blog :
    greetings from hong kong
    peace. x

  • ada xoxo

    omg i loveee your look ! and this celine espadrilles !

  • Maud Schellekens

    Your bag and shoes are define!

    XOXO Maud


  • Natali

    Fabulous bag and shoes!


    Adorable outfit. I am loving your Celine espadrilles! A breath of fresh air!

  • Zoe Gruss

    Love this look. It is the perfect effortlessly cool outfit and you pull it off! The combination of the simple tee, leather joggings and those glorious shoes is simply spot-on.

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Those shoes are fabulous – Loving the simple style w/ the fun print. Hope you feel better!

  • Sharon (Style-Chameleon)

    I'm so in love with your bag!


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I was just wondering why, when giving us information on the items of clothing you are wearing, you write they are from mango but then link it to a highend site, I would have never clicked if they you had wrote that they were from nordstrom because I know that the site would be stocking items that are out of my price range. I understand completely that if they are from Mango but then out of stock, you could link to a site that is selling something similar but you normally clarify this by writing "similar here". Anyway, it isn't my intention to offend anyone with this just wanted to point out. Thanks

    • Camille

      Hey there,

      You are right, i do normally write similar here – for some reason I didn't today. As I said, am pretty sick which could explain the carelessness. I actually looked for something similar on ASOS/Topshop/Mango/Urban before linking to Nordstorm, and that was only because that was the only place where I could find leather joggers and figured for someone who really liked the look it was a better option than none at all. Sorry it upset you.


    • Anonymous

      Thanks for getting back to me, I'm sorry you're unwell and hope you feel better soon. In retrospect I feel quite silly kicking up a fuss about this, I think I just had my heart set on reasonably priced leather trousers, the search continues…

    • Camille

      haha honestly no worries – definitely been there! 😉 Cx


    nice look!

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  • My little fashion thoughts

    Joli look !

    x Selma

  • Coline Chavaroche

    toute belle comme a ton habitude :)
    gros coup de coeur pour les slippers!

    Coline ♡

  • Inez Balina

    Fantastic look ,I love this shoes ;*

  • Jessica

    Great look!


  • HIDING IN HEAVEN by Lolita

    Perfect laid back outfit ! wish I looked that cool when I run errands haha !

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Camille

    Love your shoes
    Don't miss the Essie giveaway on my blog

  • Nena

    Those shoes make the outfit so fabulous !

  • Francesca Rose

    the shoes <3
    hope you feel better asap!!

    Francesca xo

  • Camilla

    I cannot get over those shoes,

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Barbara tripstreasures

    Hope you feel better soon ! It's a great casual look

  • Melissa V

    love this simple look, the shoes give it such an edge x

  • Lola

    dude, you just keep getting better, i want your wardrobe please xx


    Love that plain gray shirt! Such a timeless piece :)

    Vanessa from

  • Aisling M

    Hmmm I wished I looked half as cool running errands! Loving the look as always Camille! x

  • Eda Filiz

    those espadrilles are to die for!!

  • Render Sublime

    I have that bag! Best purchase of my life :)

  • fran

    the first shot is amazing baby


  • Mafalda

    You look lovely. I can't stand the sight of espadrilles, but I have to say that the leopard ones by Céline are pretty cool.
    I hope you get better soon!

  • Anonymous

    Très belle tenue et quelle splendide silhouette longiligne ! 😉
    Tu mesures combien ? 😉 Bisous

  • jas

    love the looks. the shoes look fantastic.

    reckless abandon blog

  • Anne-Hélène

    Bonjour Camille,
    Je ne sais pas si tu as vu, mais tu as fais une apparition dans le magazine Jalouse du mois de juillet.

  • Camille

    Je n'etais pas du tout au courant – merci mille fois de me dire. Pourrais tu m'envoyer une photo? Merci :) xxx

  • Ramona
  • Blog de Nuria


  • twofortheshow

    Those espadrilles are to die for!!

  • Pepi Urdova
  • Anonymous

    You know you can wear a bra and still look cool Camille