Camille Over the Rainbow

The Bermuda chroniclesMonday, June 3 2013

Camille over the Raibow - The Balé, Bali

Camille over the Rainbow - Jennifer Zeuner pendant

Camille over the Rainbow - 90s denim bermuda shorts

Camille over the Rainbow - The Balé The luxe Nomad

Camille over the Rainbow - Acne shiloh clutch

Camille over the Rainbow - denim bermuda shorts

Camille over the Rainbow - denim bermuda shorts

Camille over the Rainbow - denim bermuda shorts

(Ph/Margaret Zhang)

I’m back.

Translation: you and me both can stare at the turquoise waters of the Balé with the same dreamy, irrepressiblelonging. I hope the lovely folks at the Luxe Nomad aren’t sick of me yet, because I’m already plotting my next Asian escape. And I will be needing their cheeky too-good-to-be-true prices if I am to go back without forsaking my remaining kidney (the other’s been missing since that infamous Céline episode circa 2011 – no regrets, YOLO and whatnot.)

Seriously though, he who invented the term Home Sweet Home must have been Balinese. Cuz the only thing that’s sweet right now is the packet of cookies I’ve been munching all morning to soften the pain. But hey, don’t let me complain. And kudos to London for being a good sport and bringing the sun out as a welcome back treat.

Meanwhile in the clothes department, I’m off exploring bermuda shorts again. First time roundwas dedicated to urban boyish tailoring. Today, things get sleeker with an unmistakable DKNY twang about them as I emulate Cara’s youthful nonchalence. Blame the weather on site, but the button-up shirt didn’t make the cut. Perhaps there lies my silver London lining? I mean, with little hopes of soaring temperatures ahead, runway renditions promise to be slightly more accurate on this side of the Channel.

I’m wearing : Zara blazer (old), tank and heels – Cheap Monday denim long shorts – ACNE clutch – Celine Audrey shades – Jennifer Zeuner necklaceatThe Balé(booked viaThe Luxe Nomad)