Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Leg(git) action at Anthony Vaccarello SS14

Anthony Vaccarello Spring-Summer 2014

Step aside, ladies and gentleman, for here come the fashions. 

First in line, putting his best thigh forward (or that of the usual super he likes to so clad), please give way to Monsieur Vaccarello's familiar parade of dangerous minis. SS14 was but another excuse for the King of Sexy to remind us that a little drape and a whole lot of leg go a hell of a long way.

Now, I know what you are thinking: who has the bod to pull off such a risqué silhouette? In the interest of not spending the evening swimming in our own tears, I suggest we don't answer that. 100 deniers tights were invented for good reason.

Instead, let's focus on what really matters here: a more-than-welcome variation on the indestructible stud, in the form of blunt looking brass buttons - which incidentally bore some resemblance to the pearl appliqués at Chanel last spring. Now that, my friends, I applaud.



  1. I suggest we start doing work-outs for our legs if we want to wear this! ;)

  2. love the comeback of the mini.

  3. 'balls' details have balls !

  4. love these looks, so sexy and chic without being "trashy" at all
    but definitely true that not everyone can wear this ( not even with 100 denier i think)

  5. Great collection!

    XOXO Maud



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