Thursday, 31 January 2013

Substitute Stella

Camille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute StellaCamille over the Rainbow - Substitute Stella

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. When there's no money in the piggy bank, a quick pit stop down H&M trend's hood will offer a quick fix for she who needs a splash of orange speckled leopard print and white wedgettes in her life post-haste. She being me. Or you. You and me both. Where there's a will, there's a way, you see. And when the will pertains to a crippling need for highly desirable high-end goods, the way often involves hasty high-street haggling. Though we don't haggle in London, we just pay the price on the tag. You get the gist though. I digress. Point is, here is me channeling a whole lot of Stella, without actually wearing any Stella. Sigh. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

I'm wearing a a pair of notify flared jeans (try here or here), teamed with a bomber, top and pumps all by H&M trend (inspired by this jacket, this top and these pumps, all by Stella). The bag is Givenchy


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The joke is on them

Saint Laurent SS13Harper's Bazaar UK - February 2013 by Tom Allen
(Ph/, Harper's Bazaar UK - February 2013 by Tom Allen and Saint Laurent SS13 campaign shot by Hedi Slimane)

The fuss, the crushing cynicism, the resonating anti-climax surrounding Hedi Slimane's debut collection definitely pervaded our impression of the new Saint Laurent woman. To be perfectly honest, when I first set  eyes on her, I wasn't sure - though I couldn't tell you now whether this was my own mind speaking, or that of the many, many negative reviews that may have clouded my judgement. After all, it's hard to trust your gut when everyone who is anyone thinks that one of the most prestigious fashion houses has gone to the dogs. Ok maybe not to the dogs - but certainly a little too far downtown in boho-chic la-la Land. 

Fast forward to the present, and I think we can all agree that here is some of the most covetable ready-to-wear available in town this season. Wearable, well-tailored, and well-crafted? Undeniably so. Hell each model could tumble straight off that runway straight into one of the Silencio's cavernous rooms, and fit right in (as long as she lights up a cig - she may look LA, but she must act parisienne!). Cool? There's a large dollop of that too. But most importantly, the way I see it, this collection boasts a certain "frisson of the unexpected" that was wanting in most of the Spring shows - the very same frisson that most critics deemed on first impression was lacking.

It's not just me, you feel it too, right? Hedi may not have revolutionized the way women will be dressing in 2013, certainly not in the same way that the skinny silhouette at Dior homme changed the face of manhood itself. The frisson was much more subtle than that. His aesthetic was so powerfully different from everything else on show this year, so true to his vision, so removed from what we were expecting, that I can't help but question whether all the negativity had more to do with petty PR wars and general frustration at Slimane trying to micro-manage every second of media coverage, than the clothes themselves.

"There was no show that echoed what Slimane created for Saint Laurent this season. Sadly, there were many shows that echoed each other in their shared influences and routinely include watered down Balenciaga-isms, Alaia-isms and Celine-isms." Susie Bubble hits the nail on the head. Why is it great? Because unlike all the sleek, pared-down, graphic minimalism, here is something utterly new to fill our wardrobes with. Something most of us will not have tried before, even though it is not technically box-fresh. Something that the general public understands and will be happy to buy into. Something that I want to make my own.

So to those who say ain't Laurent without Yves, I say don't let me catch you rockin' a wide-brim or Le Smoking anytime soon. Don't be dissin' the resurrector only to embrace his offspring, ok blud?

Pictured below, a quick gander of what I think Saint Laurent should be sending me [along with each piece's high-street counterpart (sort of), that might come in handy when I finally accept that none of these babe-staples will be coming my way any time soon..]

La femme Saint Laurent
From top left: Striped blazer (similar here), wide-brim fedora, soft sweatshirt (similar here), stud earrings (similar here, leather skirt (similar here), chain bag (similar here), heeled booties (similar here), bow collar (similar here), gold cuff and white shirt (similar here)


Monday, 28 January 2013

Don't hate the game


So, I think we all know that on this side of the pond red trousers are for braying poshos of the XY-chromosome variety - old-school gents, upper class wankers whose life ambition is to land a spot on Made in Chelsea, and people as flushed in the face as they are round of the belly. This is very much a national issue, and I do apologize if you are unable to identify with this particular branch of sartorial discrimination. Twas only after moving here that I was able to fully appreciate the scope of  the red-trouser pandemic : a bright - if silent - rallying cry exploited by the public school crowds who like to be able to identify who is worth their time (though with the arrival of Uniqlo and the emergence of the hipster, always keen to werk some colour, things might get a little confusing - see: value of wearing a signet ring). 

I myself have been engaged in a cold war of sorts with my own London-bred man friend, who regularly attempts to bring out a pair of crushed raspberry chinos, which even to my unadulterated French eye look comically la-di-da. 

But what is it that they say? Don't hate the game, hate the player. Or so I say. Translation? It's ok to hate obnoxious toffs. Except Harry (Google has no paparazzi evidence suggesting that the Prince is a regular wearer of brightly coloured trousers, so there is still hope). And it's also ok to wear red pants. Fashion has little to do with men anyway. Seeing as I have no Y-shaped bits in my genetic code, I think I'm safe from being (mis)taken for one of them. Plus, mine are leather. Tally ho!

I'm wearing Alice + Olivia leather leggings, a Carin Wester bomber, a Ba&Sh sweatshirt layered over an Olive Clothing tee, and Sandro pixie boots. The tote is Celine and the sunnies Karen Walker. 


Saturday, 26 January 2013

The same, but different..


Who would have thought that my signature look would come to be white pumps? Found these Hennes & co souliers on the sale rack for just 7 little quid. Just what I needed to ensure the provision of qualified relief to my poor used and abused wedges. They have a little je ne sais quoi très mode about them. As usual, my weekend is painfully busy, so I won't stay and chat.. hot date with Juergen Teller at the ICA, a Stella sample sale (!) and an extra-exciting, top-secret project with Jimmy Choo. More on all this asap! Happy saturday folks.

I'm wearing a Zara coat and boyfriend jeans, a Maje biker jacket, a COS scarf, a sporty top by Olive clothing layered over an Isabel Marant fishnet tee and H&M trend soulier pumps. The bag is Givenchy's Obsedia and the rings are H&M.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Don't mind if I do..

Tibi Pre-Fall 2013 - The croc boots
(Ph/Tibi Pre-fall 2013)

The overtly clean minimalistic aesthetic at Tibi resonated deep within. My inner cord - and that of the rest of the blogosphere if the overwhelming Pre-Fall coverage is anything to go by - was [loudly] struck. The OCD-dresser in me simply cannot wait to get her grubby mitts on this new lineup of sporty basics and graphic shapes.. but most importantly, that chunky buckle boot with a hint of textured croc. So good! So me! Gimme, Tibi, gimme.
Tibi's Piper boot will hit stores in June. 


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Team home

Remember when we said that for the sake of sanity we would stop using the word literal? No? Good - because apparently literally is the way I roll. Sure, you can be on Nicolas' team, or you might choose Phoebe's, instead. Me? I just take the lot, and put all my eggs in one basket : home. Paris, je t'aime. 

Pictured: I'm wearing my silk Carin Wester bomber, a 'team Paris' sweatshirt by Misbhv, an Isabel Marant fishnet top, Zara skirt and Elin Kling x Marciano booties. The bag is the Acne Shiloh, the beanie is COS and the watch is Michael Kors. Wow, that was a moutful. 


Monday, 21 January 2013

Insta-week #10

(Instagram ID: camtyox)

A few snippets from my weekend back home. Paris was impossibly romantic and absolutely freezing in the snow. I'm so glad that I didn't miss it, and for a moment secretly wished that the Eurostar would not be be up and running this morning to take me back to work. Oh well, at least I'll be back soon. Fashion week up next. Cannot wait. 

PS: Against all odds, I still have all my limbs - nor did I break any bones. I'm sorry wearing heels in the snow caused such offence. 
For those addicted to pixels, do join the instagram party for behind the cyber-scene updates: Camtyox


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow swag

Snow swagSnow swagSnow swagSnow swagSnow swagSnow swag

Winter arrived. So did my swag. 

I'm wearing my Carin Wester bomber jacket, an LNA tee, Nowhere zipper pants, a Gap sweatshirt tied round my waist and Mango pumps. The cross body bag is by ACNE.