Sunday, 31 March 2013

Post-Yves slash Pre-Grunge

Camille over the Rainbow New Icons Saint Laurent
Camille over the Rainbow New Icons Fedora
Camille over the Rainbow New Icons Fedora Saint Laurent
Camille over the Rainbow New Icons Saint Laurent
Camille over the Rainbow Paige Denim
Camille over the Rainbow / Saint Laurent post-Yves slash pre-grunge

It had to be done. I like to call it Post-'Yves' slash Pre-Grunge, in view of recent developments. Indeed, the Saint Laurent SS13 collection now reads as a playful interlude between two contradicting acts put on by the French maison. If you were at the playhouse, you would leave with a sour taste in your mouth and the sense that you had perhaps been tricked into falling for a character who turned out to be the bad guy. But let's not talk about Hedi's provocative new stance, as I'm giving myself time to process. After all, was it not this very collection of pussy bows, witchy fedoras and ultra slick boots that was slaughtered by critics and YSL groupies alike... before everyone made a dangerous looking U-turn, and there it was, in every single editorial out there? Not to mention every single style savvy demoiselle's wardrobe - or wish list in my case and that of the millions of other fashion-rich-cash-poor ladies. 

Am I right or am I right? 

So today is an ode to Saint Laurent's new Benjamin Button woman. And although I still can't say whether I will be regressing further into a teenage-tight mini, sloppy cardi and dirty hair, I have been dying to get my hands on a supersized fedora (collage material testifies) and make his debut vision my own. Granted I have injected a little Dior Homme into the mix, but that is only fair I think as the skinny silhouette is ingrained so deep even his name won't forget. Ah Slim-man! 

And with H&M's New Icons collection just about to hit stores, I jumped at the chance of owning my very own piece of the cake. Sure it may not be rabbit felt, but it's as mysteriously alluring as they come, and a bargain, too! I could get used to this. 

I'm wearing:  Zara boyfriend blazer - Paige denim jeans - James Perse t-shirt - Jimmy Choo suede boots - Acne bag - H&M New Icons hat and belt - Michael Kors watch


Friday, 29 March 2013

Grand Palais

Tweed and tartan layering
Elin Kling boots x boyfriend jeans

So whereas yesterday was all about the asymmetrical future, today we are switching on our time machines and traveling back to Paris Fashion Week peek at what I wore to the Vanessa Bruno show.

As you can see, I played it very simple, with my fail-safe boyfriend jeans and a classic white shirt layered under a cosy turtleneck. Thought it would be fun to get some tartan-on-tweed action, so threw scarf and coat into the mix as well. The chain bag adds just the right amount of edgy and takes the outfit from preppy chic to show goer.  Or so I like to think in my state of utter casualness. 

Now, I'm off to enjoy the sun and a very long weekend. Happy Easter merry folk! 

I'm wearing: H&M trend tweed coat - COS shirt - Massimo Dutti turtleneck - Sandro boyfriend jeans - Elin Kling x Marciano booties - ACNE chain bag - Johnstons tartan scarf


Wednesday, 27 March 2013


(Ph/Zanita Morgan)

We talked about it, so don't pretend you didn't see this coming. Back then it was the future, but don't you know, the future is here! And just as we predicted, it comes clad in a wave of asymmetrical stuff. So in the interest of diversity - a cause we are all comfortable rallying behind, I'm sure, here is the very skirt we last saw dressed down to the max in a boy's tee that does not de facto belong to a boy, all grown up and bringing sexy back (Justin, if you are reading this, that's your cue!). 

Shocking I know. Too much effortless babble, and this is what you get. 

The dangerous neckline of the soft silk blouse, together with the sensual side-slit on a mission to give Angelina's right thigh a run for its money and the sky-high pumps make for a pretty risqué daytime stance. But YOLO, people. And if living in Britain has tought me anything at all, it's that a/ it's ok to bear a little leg, even - what am I saying - especially when the elements are against you; b/ there's only so many times you can turn up looking like you have just rolled out of bed. This is not Paris people; and c/ just man up already, step away from the distressed denim and wear a blimin' skirt! 

Also, add a splash of playful print in the form of a boyish bomber jacket to set the balance straight. Per usual, we don't wanna be looking too polished now, do we? The label reads French by the way, so you might just get away with it on the other side of the pond, too. Have fun! 

I'm wearing: Iro bomber jacket at My-Wardrobe - Vince silk blouse at My-Wardrobe - Elin Kling x Marciano leather skirt - Stella McCartney pumps - Lommé chain bag (stolen off Marie)


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

L:a Bruket & Other Stories

Jimmy Choo Anouk Self Service Magazine
La Bruket Self Service Magazine
Jimmy Choo Anouk pumps - Self Service Spring/Summer 2013 - L:a Bruket 92 hand cream - L:a Bruket scented candle

Yesterday I stopped by & Other Stories to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out, I'm as sucker as they come, and left with a paper bag full of highly indispensable goodies. The hand cream is so scrumptious I could eat it! Meanwhile, the Chooes entered my life a few weeks back, but have been waiting for Spring to show its face before coming out to the world. Patience has its limits, though. Far be it from me to blame them. 


Monday, 25 March 2013


Camille over the Rainbow / Alt-ittude
Camille over the Rainbow / non-marital band rings a la Balenciga
Camille over the Rainbow / Alt-ittude

Needless to say, the topic of French dressing has been used and abused on this side of the rainbow. I feel it would almost be an insult to your eardrums to use my getup of the day as an excuse to ramble on yet again about simplicity and effortlessness. But what else am I suppose to talk about when the sartorial ingredients a la carte today serve to nourish those very clichés?

Also, let's be honest here, there is no hope on earth I'm letting that pun go to waste.

Alt-ittude is it then.

Read it as me channeling the Emmanuelle, with an attitude to match (see: gueststar appearance of 3G tactile device) or as an haute variation on the usual uniform of sorts (hello silk blouse - I'm a grown up now, see!). At the end of the day, we all know why we are here. Unless you only come in the hope that I might be high on print or colour for a change? Or was the title a dead give away? Does it matter? Are you even reading this? Pray if you are, do give us a shout!

Equipment shirt - Zara jeans and blazer - ASOS rings - Michael Kors watch - Celine tote


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sterile creativity

J.W. Anderson FW13 / Asylum Chic
J.W. Anderson FW13 / Asylum Chic
 (Ph/ J.W. Anderson FW13 via

Blame my genes if you will, but I'm hardly the experimental type. My easy dressing formula of distressed denim, slouchy tees and black booties gets me from season to season come what may on Trend Street. Yet when it comes to runway, I'm partial to a little conceptual flavoring. And since the Maison I usually turn to for my biannual dose of creativity has since been invested by the Prince of wearable (more on that soon), the door was wide open for someone new to capture my impressionable imagination.

Fortunately, the answer came, and it came from London.

Jonathan Anderson may have banished last season's fancy frills from his vocabulary, but that is not to say that his Spring-Summer theme no longer applies. In fact, and although I'm not normally one to impugn the artist's own take on things, 'The Treatment Room' is precisely the vibe I'm getting from his fall lineup (plus let's face it, I have no clue what the man means by 'The Semiology of the Self', the name of the game this time round).

Per usual, androgyny played a strong part. But it was the vaguely unsettling clinical feel of the clothes that elevated the look above and beyond the usual genderless minimalism that we have come to know well of late. From his orthopedic slip-ons that resembled nurse footwear, to the hospital gown allure of his open back skirts and dresses, the medical lexicon is as haunting as it is omnipresent. And there's more where that came from. The colorful rectangular patches sewn over pure white turtlenecks were reminiscent of straight jackets - or playful slings. And the cold austerity of the show space, together with the chilling rawness of the girl's lifeless hair and makeup evoked what can only be described as asylum chic.

And as such, I'm sure his disturbingly riveting vision will not win everyone over. But it got me. Why? For Anderson's fertile creativity to translate into such a sterile aesthetic, an aesthetic that shows ambition and unforeseeable newness without ever compromising on purity and abstractness, is nothing short of genius. London for the win!

Now, where are my converse...


Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Wardrobe Style Summit

My Wardrobe Style Summit / Saint Pancras Renaissance London
My Wardrobe Style Summit / the gang
My Wardrobe Style Summit / shoes
My Wardrobe Style Summit / outfit sketch
My Wardrobe Style Summit / Blame it on Fashion
My Wardrobe Style Summit / HQs

Last week I was whisked away by My Wardrobe to take part in their seasonal Style Summit with nine fellow bloggers. Well, I say whisked... the event actually took place in London, but the entire happening was such a treat - from the decadent Saint Pancras Ren suite (yup, I scored a hotel room despite living only a few stops away!), to the racks of covetable clothing on set, not to mention the cupcake feast - I feel it would be unfair not to pretend I was actually on a stylish city break. Scouring new neighborhoods for shoot spots is my kind of sight seeing, anyway.

No dollar prize for guessing which trend I was asked to portray. The Acne collage tee has been on my new season wish list for a while now. Paired with tux pants and an oversized blazer, and a little help from Bobbi Brown, it was Le Smoking off-duty all over again. Head over to My Wardrobe to check out how the rest of the gang translated their trend into sartorial words, and do let me know what you think of my semi-casual whiteout.

I'm wearing an Acne logo t-shirt, DKNY pant, Faith Connection blazer and Elin Kling x Maricano booties. 


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Unadulterated trefoil

Camille over the Rainbow Adidas
Camille over the Rainbow Adidas
Camille over the Rainbow Adidas
Camille over the Rainbow Adidas
Camille over the Rainbow by Zanita
Camille over the Rainbow / Trefoil adidas t-shirt
Camille over the Rainbow leather skirt

Here's an unexpected twist for you. A meeting of sorts between the leather faced brainchild of super-blogger Elin Kling and the cult six-lettered trefoil that has taken a back-seat these past few months while the fashionistas of the world Just Do It (People of Adidas, make sure your slogan is more catchy next time if you are hoping to secure some serious hashtag action. Three stripes is all very well and sporty and all that, but gets lost in translation when the conversation goes cyber! And let's face it, who wants to use real words when all can be said in 140 characters and/or a poignant point of interest. Emoji speak louder than words, right?).

Speaking of which, the tee deserves a mention of its own as it has not, as one might be inclined to believe, been borrowed from the boy. Sure, it says men on the label, but that don't mean it ain't mine! I'm hoping you read it as a witty counterpoint to the logo parody parade that has trampled all over everything jersey as of late. Celine me alone, already! Out with the faux, in with the, erm, old school.

But back to the sartorial rendez-vous du jour... The reunion was all the more unexpected given that the skirt has been hanging in my closet since Christmas, biding its time - a time when 60 deniers tights are no longer on duty (though red nose here portrays a less than forgiving ambient temperature). Perhaps also a time when a worthy lens is on set to immortalize its every move...

Ah, Zanita! When you are not jumping up and down in Nick Campbell eyewear and a zebra onesie, you sure are the matchmaker in heaven. Some say style is about what you wear, others assure me that the secret is how you wear it.. but after working with Zanita, I'll curtsey and admit that the thing that really matters is who is capturing it. Turns out, when hanging out with the Aussies, things steam up a little. Who knew?! Mia-oow.

I'm wearing an Adidas mens t-shit via Zalando, an Elin Kling x Guess by Marciano leather skirt (similar here or here) and buckle booties, and a 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Red Oxygen

Oxygen red
(From top left: Supreme beanie, J-Brand skinny jeans, 10 Crosby Derek Lam Mandarin Collar blouse, LeiVanKash dagger ring, Senso cutout booties, Pantone candle, Mimi Holidays by Damaris lace bra)

There have been many red undertones mixed into my sartorial cocktails as of late. Emerald may be the official pantone colour of the year, but I'm still hooked on 2012's tangerine tango by the looks of things. What things? Well, this Mandarin collar blouse for instance, which my painfully trained fashion eye now reads as an optical illusionesque play on this season's cut-out trend. The very trend that gives a rock-chick edge to a pair of patent white booties. Hey, as long as my skinny jeans are left unchanged, I'll just continue to do ma thing. Off-duty gamine is my middle name. 


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Arabian flats

3.1 Phillip Lim calf hair slippers

 Prince Ali, yes it is me, Ali Ababwa... Or at least, I am when wearing these hairy zebra-print loafers! If you are in want of an easy flat with just the right hint of quirky cool, to team with boyfriend jeans and leather minis, look no further.
More sizes here.