Monday, 29 April 2013

Poscards from NYC


A severe case of Monday blues made worse by the fact that this time last week I was still living it up in the Big Apple. NYFW will make for the perfect excuse to go back. September cannot come fast enough if you ask me. Meanwhile, only a few weeks til I get to share the result of why I was there in the first place! I'm excited.

In other news, I have been searching for the perfect pair of waxed jeans for over a year now. The thickness and rigidity of most available options out there are to blame for the prolonged absence in my closet. Success, though, when I stumbled across these loners - I got them a size up to allow for some low slung bagginess. Leather-look without the hefty price tag. Sold.

I'm wearing: Topshop coat - Zara blazer and slippers - H&M coated jeans and belt - Club Monaco knit - Celine bag - Karen Walker sunnies

Friday, 26 April 2013

Pillar box chic

I bet you weren't expect that! And on a Friday of all merry things! Well, I wasn't very well going to put up a sign now, was I, I mean, what would it have said? 

'Beware, neutrals off sick today. Blinding red will be covering until further notice.' 

Come to think of it, that works quite nicely. Next time, pinky swear. Per usual, though, I digress.
Indeed, now that I have burned your eye sockets out, the polite thing to do would be to take a minute to discuss what prompted me to do so. 

Tibi can plead guilty. Had Amy Smilovic not graced her Cruise lookbook with that column of red, I may not have been inclined to mess around so freely with my usual palette inclinations. In fact, I feel like head-to-toe color is the unsung star of the catwalk this season. Sure, minimalism is all around, black & white is King, bla bla bla. But that has been the case for a good few season now. Single bright color, on the other hand, is more a thing of the 80s, along with power shoulder pads and matchy-matchy accessories. 

But then for Spring Summer 2013, you've got Lanvin sending saphir blue trackies down the runway, and Michael Kors with his twin-sets in Her Majesty's favourite hue (daffodil, duh!). And the Tibi red suit. So I got brain washed. Lady in Red, Scarlet woman, Convict on the run.. I'll take the heat - this trend has me all fired up! 

I'm wearing: H&M Trend trousers and top - Jimmy Choo iPad case and pumps (or try these)


Thursday, 25 April 2013

On point

Camille over the Rainbow Jimmy Choo Brody

For those who wonder whether this girl does things differently when she is out on the town, this will set the record straight. Above, yours truly having a conversation with my late 3G tactile device (memorabilia doesn't get more poignant than this!) while in NYC a short few days ago. 

My point? Why bother dolling up or flashing a little skin, when all you need is a sexy heel. And that is not a metaphor for the shoes themselves. No, I'm referring to the pin-thin points that I tottered about in until dawn. Pure sex. 

I'm wearing Joseph leather leggings - James Perce t-shirt - Zara blazer - Jimmy Choo boots - Acne clutch


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Cookie Cutter

Camille over the Rainbow / The Zara skort
Camille over the Rainbow / H&M New Icons fedora
Camille over the Rainbow / The Zara skort
Camille over the Rainbow / The Zara skort
Camille over the Rainbow / The Zara skort
Camille over the Rainbow / Zara does Alaïa
Camille over the Rainbow / The skort
Camille over the Rainbow / Tibi fluffy sweatshirt
Camille over the Rainbow / The skort

Are we going to talk about how everyone - both cyber and of the flesh and bone variety - owns this structured, asymmetrical mini? I know, it is depressing when fashion breeds an army of clones, but that's what you get when the King of Affordable comes up with a design that is of-the-moment, on-budget and off-beat. So yeah, in true cookie cutter form, watch me signing up.

Aye, aye, Sir.

Let's not play who wore it best, though, as Leandra owns the rights to that game, and I'm a sore loser.

Being part of a clone army had its pros and cons. On the one hand, people stop greeting you with an outstretched arm and the begging question by way of hello "I love your skirt" (which doesn't sound like an interrogation, but the implied "where is it from?" is always palpable), to which you are bound by universal convention to reply by spelling out the particulars.

"Cheers, it's a skort actually. Zara is selling them like hotcakes".

This silent contract asking that full sartorial information be disclosed is used so extensively nowadays that I find it hard to take a compliment without worrying about how much these tokens of appreciation are actually an assessment as to my choice of labels. But that's me being cynical; I'm aware most of the time the question is merely posed so that the asker can swing by the nearest high-street dispenser on his way home to pick up my outfit. I digress. Point is, if the issue of what you are wearing is out of the way, people can genuinely be happy to see you, wandering eyes aside. And the others? They won't have to fake social niceties to get the name of the game handed to them on a plate. Win, win.

On the other hand, loosing sight of individuality is bad for the soul.

Jokes aside, I'd be happy for us to take a moment to acknowledge that the fedora and fluffy knit add a whole new dimension to this high-summer piece.Well, do they? I like to think so, but then again I may just be humouring myself.

Gotta dash folks, see you - and your origami skort - around.

I'm wearing: Tibi sweatshirt - Zara skort, clutch and lace pumps (or here) - H&M new icons fedora


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mango x Fashiolista

Making a fleeting Sunday appearance to let you guys know that Fashiolista has teamed up with Mango for a chance to make you win a 500€ spending spree. All you have to do is head to Fashiolista and vote for my look HERE.

In other news, it's my last few hours in NYC and my phone just got stolen, so am currently on a bit of a downer, especially as have lost all my pictures from the weekend (obvs not backed-up). Lesson to be learned: do not buy M&Ms from dodgy kids who claim to be collecting brownie points. 



Saturday, 20 April 2013

Room Service

 Tibi Shale heels
Tibi Shale pumps
Tibi white pumps

The sexy LES Thomspon hotel make for lavish backdrops to show off newly acquired goods. And when the graphic sheets match the wrappings, and by doing so, incidentally re-enact the biggest trend of the season - wait, make that trends plurial: I spy sheer as well as black and white - you know it's worth stealing a New York minute to get it while it's hot. Don't ya just love 'em?


Friday, 19 April 2013

The short suit


Remember the time when I wouldn't go anywhere without a sleek baseball cap? No really, I was all for making it my signature look, but then sporty got sorta out of hand, and I got sick of the over exposure. Being in the big apple, though, has had me wanting to embrace the local uniform, and what better hero piece than the cap would let me live up to that cliché, I ask you?

It makes me a better tourist, and ties in with the idea that apparently I'm not just boyish in my demeanour, I am actually a boy.

Running around the city looking so garçonne made me realise that if I'm to pick anything as a signature look (cringe but whatevs, sake of argument here fellas), this would be my man. Pun fully intended mind. Now, spill the beans, what do you say of my 2.0 short suit?

I'm wearing: Tibi blazer, shorts and boots (Fall 13, try here instead)- James Perse t-shirt - Monki cap


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Look Ma, no coat!


Caption says it all. And to quote a slightly nifty - albeit tired - phrase, Spring has sprung people! Actually, am going to have to retroactively hashtag that.
Much more poignant, no?

*Disclaimer: Feel free to ignore the overzealous monologue, I'm high on life at the minute as my rainbow has currently set up residence somewhere over the Lower East Side. Yup, you heard that right, I'm in NYC baby! Brace yourselves, the insta-feed is just getting started. @Camtyox is where it's all happening. Come find me.

I'm wearing: Mango top, pants and wedges - Zara clutch - Karen Walker sunnies


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tale as old as time

Camille over the Rainbow x Charlie May
Charlie May biker jacket
Charlie May biker jacket and collarless shirt
Camille over the Rainbow - nude Chooes
Camille over the Rainbow - Charlie May
Camille over the Rainbow - white biker jacket
Sandro boyfriend jeans

One of the most basic, oldest stories in the book. It simply goes: boy meets girl. Boy looses girl to an array of pared back lovers of the sartorial variety she says she cannot live without. Boy finds his way back to girl's heart by befriending said lovers and agreeing that they all live happily ever after as one big happy - polygamous - family. Tale as old as time really, and one I'm sure you are most familiar with.

So why bother you with it today of all sunny days?

Well, if you can spare a moment, I will tell you. You see, when I came home the other day with yet another beige-looking booty (everything looks beige to boys - they are not programmed to read the neutral palette as we are - dove grey, clay, crisp white, creamy nudes are all boring beige to them), my man friend blew a gasket.

'It's me or them,' said he, pointing an accusing finger at the crisp white shirt, the buttery biker jacket and the skin-tone pumps. 'Fine,' I bluffed, 'see you around.' And as I slipped into the arms of the culprits, I saw him melt on the spot.

'You know, you do suit beige', he cajoled.

Beige, indeed. So let me introduce you to the new crew. Looks like they will be sticking around..

I'm wearing: Charlie May biker jacket and shirt - Sandro boyfriend jeans - Jimmy Choo pumps (similar here) - Mango clutch - Karen Walker sunnies