Friday, 31 May 2013

Exuberant whites

The Luxe Nomade Gusset Celine Cosmo Paris

There was always going to be a whiteout. 

You knew it, I knew it, I'm sure even the Luxe Nomad knew it after we started our to and fro e-mails, wild with excitement in anticipation of our stay at The Balé, which seemed to encompass all I ever crave both on and off duty: exuberant minimalism. 

The way I see it, white is the best way to make a statement while remaining excessively simple in the execution. The rule works for clothes, architecture, interior, nails. You name it, white brings it.

And I was right. Our pool-cooled, frangipani-decked private villa, surrounded by white walls opening up onto a maze of more white, holistic courtyards and tiered infinity pools, goes back to the heart of the concept of understated lux. Just like the Céline tote I treated myself to just before leaving, gloriously simple, and all the more chic for it.

Consider the sartorial facts. 

Loose fit, billowing pants (the tame little sister of these loud guys here) - the classic holiday staple; a clean white top with pretty ruffled sleeves - a passing nod to Givenchy and friends (Chloé, Balenciaga, Gucci...) to give the simple getup a new season edge; leopard flats - a conversation starter for all fashion fanatics. And that tote. See, simple. 

Now, back to bikini life. Did I tell you today's is by Zimmerman, also ruffled and, erm, white? Go figure. 

I'm wearing: H&M ruffle sleeve top and loose fit pants (try here or here) - Cosmo Paris sandals (similar here, I also love these) - Celine tote and sunglassesJennifer Zeuner bar and cross necklaces at The Balé (booked via The Luxe Nomad)


Thursday, 30 May 2013

The shopa-wifi-holic

Zara May 2013 Lookbook

I may be overseas, with an internet connection as dodgy as any holidayer would hope - let me rephrase that, as dodgy as the boy would hope (as sad as it may be, I  for one would never hope for poor wifi access. You never know when cold turkey gonna hit and you just gotta have that 2.0 fix man), but the urge for new season is as relentless as ever. So much for forsaking civilization and never coming home..

I must have an antenna embedded deep within or something, cuz where there is an unreasonnable urge, I always find a way.

Case in point: am #currently sat on the beach, sipping a Mister Whippy cocktail and surfing the Blue Beach Bar's marvelous high speed wave. I took a turn down Zara's aisles (virtually, as one does) and suddenly there it was. Stella meets the Row. THE jumpsuit. A jumpsuit that should really be neatly folded in my summer suitcase, ready to be pulled out when the tan is sufficiently glowing for the semi-tailored ensemble to look effortlessly nonchalant. How did I miss this? Boy am I lucky cyber shops let you got to the till in a bikini, alcoholic beverage in hand et al.

Sold to the crazy shopa-wifi-holic then. 

Wait... and aren't those shoes similar to the Louis Vuitton super-pointy kitten slingbacks that I can't get out of my head? Oh uh, here we go again.

Hannah Kern by Louis Christopher for GRAZIA UK
Hannah Kern by Louis Christopher for GRAZIA UK


Monday, 27 May 2013

Holographic heat

MLM Lace booties

Branded soda in hand, smile at the ready and layers stripped-down to the minimum: the Bali chronicles start here. 

And though the first thing I pulled out of my summer suitcase was a steamy selection of hot-weather blacks (London habits are like a second skin), Margaret came to the rescue with a wide array of matching holographic accoutrements to brighten the mood. Happy accessories that mirror the blazing Balinese sun. 

To which you might retort, why bother with the extra inches if life out there is as hot and sweaty as your overbearing Instagrams make it out to be? A fair point if you thought the heels made the journey all the way from home. But you would be wrong. Marg is not just generous when it comes to sharing her summer essentials, she is also a pretty nifty shoe mule. 

When I fall in love with something overseas you see, the thought of custom duties and long haul deliveries is enough to put me off. Non merci. Call it economic patriotism, but I would rather spend more on the homeland than run around the (cyber)world, shipping overpriced goodies to myself from here, there and everywhere. But some things are meant to be. And when the girls we love to hate set up shop, first thing I did was call up my dealer and ask that she deliver the goods straight to my poolside villa in Bali. No fuss, no extras. 

High five to the team: they fit! And look kick-ass hot, too. 

I'm wearing: ASOS t-shirt - Maje leather shorts - MLM lace boots - Jennifer Zeuner bar and cross necklaces - Cara & Co holographic bag - Westward Leaning sunglasses at The Balé (booked via The Luxe Nomad)


Friday, 24 May 2013

Palm trees and blue seas

Bali, Geger Beach
Camille over the Rainbow Bali Geger Beach
Camille over the Rainbow Bali Geger Beach
(Ph. Margaret Zhang and me)

Knock Knock.Who's there? Friday. Friday who?


Yup, the news would normally warrant some serious TGIF-ing on this side of the rainbow, but all I know for sure is that today is Bali O' Clock, and that, my friends, is all that matters right now. Apparently it has taken barely twenty-four hours for my London-doom-and-gloom self to reincarnate as one of those obnoxious holidayers to whom days, seasons and schedules are but a distant memory. 

Also, jet lag never happened, and am currently sipping mocktails/befriending stray dogs whilst casually leaning against the backdrop of the Balinese jungle. Hate me if you will, I'm too busy soaking up all the vitamin D to notice. Hash tag the life. 

And what a life. If only my pasty British skin was not here to represent. You can go back to your own Island buddy, your presence is no longer required. Getting my tan on is part of the game you know. Stop fighting it. Bali shall prevail.  

Truth be told, paradise is an understatement when it comes to the soothing surroundings provided by The Balé. And if you think the private beach here is a sight for the eye, wait til I get you properly acquainted with the blissfully sleek pavilions where we have been staying. Marg and I kept each other busy shooting the day away (sort of). Tomorrow. 

In this post: Samudra pouch (more styles here) - H&M bandeau bikini at The Balé, Geger Beach (booked via The Luxe Nomad)


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Busy crossings

The hustle and bustle of the city proved the perfect backdrop for my loud zebra-crossing print pants that I pinched from Tibi's head office when I visited last month. Sadly, the insider tour I was planning on giving you, to show off their swanky digs as well as share my top picks for the new season, was quashed when the old iPhone got taken (cue dramatic music), leaving me with a lump in my throat, a dent in my bank account and absolutely no data to speak of (no I don't back up, ok? You can call me Carrie 2.0). The grieving process is taking longer than anticipated as I keep remembering all the priceless things I had saved on there. Hopefully I've learned my lesson (by which I obviously mean I absolutely have not - that 'sign up to the Cloud' e-mail is still waiting to be acknowledged).

Anyway, this is to be the last urban post for a while, as I'v finally made it to my beautiful home-for-the-week in Bali. Really looking forward to taking it easy for the next few days and putting my feet up (which doesn't exclude slipping into the odd pair of killer heels). Be sure to follow me on Instagram, though - you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the over-zealous sharer out of the girl. 

So far, so good: we've got pre-boarding vertigo, city goodbyes, and midnight feasts. And the party is just getting started people. The guest list is wide open, just remember to BYOB! 

I'm wearing: Tibi pants, jacket and fluffy knit - Pied à Terre loafers (more sizes here) - Celine tote - Karen Walker shades


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Golden oldie

An oldie from last September, but a goodie nonetheless that has just cropped up on my favourite streestyle blog. Just goes to show, dressing in a timeless way during LFW has its perks - almost 8 months in and am still in the game! Now, all I'm hoping is that my pins come back from Bali looking as golden as they do here - Winter has been dragging on this year, and boy does it show! 

I'm wearing: Ba&sh leather dress - Topshop coat - Mango pumps - Celine bag - ASOS jewelery and sunnies 


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Boyfriend dressing

This past month has been a whirlwind of adventures, and I could not be more excited for my next stop: Bali. We take off tomorrow and I've got to say, the promise of summer sun seems almost too good to be true.

Meanwhile, I'm still catching up with past travels... Pictured here, what I wore in NY on a cold, drizzly day a few weeks back. My hair is a mess (more so than usual, that is) and the supersized shades are doing a poor job at disguising my jet lag, but the conversation between graphic checks and über-distressed denim was not one to be missed.

Now, time to pack. I can't wait to share all the summer goodies I will be bringing along with me. Ta.

I'm wearing: One Teaspoon jeans (more boyfriend jeans here) - Zara blazer and shoes (similar here and here) - Tibi top - Acne clutch - Karen Walker sunnies


Monday, 20 May 2013

Welcome home

Just got home from a fantastic weekend in Paris (as testified by the tourist-in-my-own-city instafeed) with an extra rock or two weighing down my luggage. 
In love. 


Friday, 17 May 2013

London reborn

When Nike asked me to create a pair of ID's to match my City capital C, my immediate thoughts went to our flag. As flags go, the Union Jake really is quite the stylish emblem, with its layered crosses in red, white and blue. Have incidentally always found it very convenient that my other flag uses the same colour palette.  Makes buying patriotic clothes all the more easy. But let's not get into that today.

Now, I like my flag as much as the next merry Brit. But red, white and blue strike me as being a tad old school, don't you think? It got me thinking. If we the people were to create a new flag today (let's assume for argument sake that the task would not be left to a boring tight circle of 50-something politicians), would we not want it to match our newfound obsession with garish tones and neon accents? Yes we would.

Also, the purple matches the wisteria on my street. Plus electric orange is Harry's favourite colour. Hashtag fit for a royal! Don't quote me on that, tough.

So there you go London, here are your new (post-modern) colours. This is what you would had you been born in 2013. Do with it what you will, but I think you look banging. In fact, I may write to Downing Street. And given all my troubles, the least you could do would be to turn the heating up a notch.All this layering in May is making us want to leave you for a more exotic island. Not that we ever would, dear London. 

I'm wearing: Zara coat - H&M fluffy cardi - ACNE Collage tee - Paige denim pants - Nike ID free runs via Fashiolista - Jennifer Zeuner necklace