Sunday, 30 June 2013

Deconstructed summer

Deconstructed summer
Knock, knock / Who's there / Summer / Summer who?

Summer, is that really you? And where are your manners, turning up so late..  You have some explaining to do old chap. We've been waiting for so long, look what it has come down to - deconstructed versions of what could have been for the past two months, at least. Tut, tut.

Still, your sudden resurgence shall not distract us from cross examining potential candidates for the job at hand. And because we are not the resentful type, a toast: to the end of the summer recession and the opportunity for the above out-of-work pieces to start earning their keep again. Cost per wear sometimes needs a little divine intervention from the elements if quotas are to be met. Cheers.

What I would have worn had the sun come out: Olive clothing tee - Triangl bikini top (by way of leather-look bra, obvs) - Chanel Black satin polish - H&M new icons bracelets - Noemi Klein ribcage ring - ASOS stack rings - Larsson and Jennings watch - Celine flats - Alexander Wang croc leather skirt (old season - try here or here)


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sous le Pont Bir Hakeim

(Ph. Adenorah)

I'm always hinting at this, that or the other project in the making, but it's not often that while I'm working, someone is busy capturing behind-the-scenes visuals. So while I can't reveal too much about the official images just yet, nor really showcase what I wore (hence the above taken-from-the-back/ingeniously-out-of-focus pics), I can say that I will be featuring in my very first international campaign for French brand Jennyfer (cue excited emoji face). I worked very closely with the team to bring my own aesthetic to the set (as I'm sure you can tell from these shots), so I really hope you like the end result - if only for the marvellous Parisian views. 


Friday, 28 June 2013

Errand running

Just a quickie today featuring what I wore out errand running last week, right before I got hit, not by a car (though street crossing in this country is not my forte - my reflexes are still set backwards), but by a pretty bad case of the flu. Hopefully I'll be back on my feet in no time. Who's gonna be a doll and bring me some of that cure-everything chicken soup?

Don't forget to take part in my Claudie Pierlot giveaway - only a few hours left to enter to win two 100€ vouchers. Good luck. 

I'm wearing: Claudie Pierlot blazer - Mango leather joggings - Olive Clothing tee - Celine espadrilles - ASOS rings - Givenchy bag - Jennifer Zeuner necklace


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hedi and Yves, sitting in a tree...

(Ph. Saint Laurent Resort 2014 by Hedi Slimane) y

So yesterday my Instagram account got flagged for nudity. Don't get all excited (I know your sort!), my own body parts were not the ones causing havoc (not that they ever would). I always knew Hedi liked nothing more than to have everyone up in arms over his controversial ideas - but never in a million years did I think I would end up in the thick of it. 

OK fine, I'm playing this up slightly, but that's only because it shook me to the core. Call me dramatic, but I ain't ready to be exiled from the filtered version of my own life. Especially over a picture that will be running in most magazines and billboards. So while I immediately responded to the faceless Instagram team, pleading my innocence and blaming the whole incident on the irreverent French designer, I could't help but admire what the man has achieved in such a short period of time.

(I'm not just referring to the fact that rockstars and boobs now make regular appearances in his official presentations.)

Let's look at the fact here. 2.2 million people tuned into to find out what his message for Spring and Fall would bring, leaving Saint Laurent in second place after Chanel among the most viewed collections - a first for the dormant maison.

His debut collection, dubbed boho luxe a la Rachel Zoe, failed to impress critics, who were expecting a revolution, then went flying off the shelves like nobody's business. With his second collection came the revolution, but critics and sideline surveyors still remained unimpressed. In fact, to memory it is the first runway show that industry outsiders have felt the need to commentate. Outrage, disgust, disappointment were expressed, the general consensus being that Slimane's high-street take on punk was an insult to Yves Saint Laurent's legacy.

Or perhaps, let's just say it as it is, Fashion is quite the amnesic hypocrite.

"A joke"(1966: sheer black dresses through which breasts were unmistakably on show); "A tour de force in bad taste" (1971: palazzo pants reminiscent of the Nazi occupation). Lest we forget, Yves' parade of wit and transgression was not always met with raving reviews. Sure, all these ideas - Le ultra chic Smoking in particular - have since been canonised, but that is not to say his mission to democratise fashion always went down well amongst fashion's high and mighty. His youthful anti-establisment attitude brought streetwear in lux fabrics to stuffy parisian salons (the biker jacket gone haute was his doing). Slimane, with his "kinderwhore" babydoll dresses, leather minis lined with crucifixes, ripped tights and sloppy cardis is going down the same road.

And to those who might retort that this could have worked had fast fashion not since taken over, democratising every little aspect of high fashion by making it readily available to the masses, remember this: here are two opposing worlds. On the one hand you have the street girl who wants to look high fashion (present!); on the other, the rich chick with a subversive streak. At the end of the day, we can choose to hate the girl who can afford a sloppy cardi that looks like it may have once graced the Topshop floor, but the point is, it never did. It's Saint Laurent.

Meanwhile, I've forgotten why we are here. Anja, Freja and now, the ultimate wild child Sasha have all entered the brand's hall of fame. And for me, these exquisite shots are reason enough to embrace the new direction taken by this illustrious chunk of French heritage. Hedi knows when to shock, but also when to please. Resort, we can all agree, resolutely comes under the latter.

Oh, and a word of caution: make sure your cyber life is rated PG or you might find yourselves living on the outskirts of modern society.

(Ph. Saint Laurent Resort 2014 by Hedi Slimane) 


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Front slit

COTR | Joseph check pants front slit
COTR | Joseph check pants front slit
COTR | Joseph check pants front slit
COTR | New Icons
COTR | Joseph checkered pants front slit
COTR | H&M New Icons jacket
COTR | Joseph check pants front slit

Five years after everyone else (everyone else being cyber superstar Elin Kling) I have gone and bought the checkered PJ pants that confuse the heck out people. Part tracksuit bottoms (see: side zippers, unzipped in order to arouse fashion's newfound fetish for the front slit), part sleepwear (see: drawstring waist, too-good-not-to-take-a-snooze-in fabric and commonplace motif), friends and family don't know whether to complement my dedication to nonchalance, or set me up for an intervention (busted, you secretly watch the show too, don't you?) in the vain hope of getting me to wear proper street clothes.

Meanwhile, the only thing bothering me is that heels have since become a permanent member of my sartorial entourage, and it's time to take a reality check. Why buy the coolest flats about town if not to share some of the cyber spotlight. All in good time, folks, all in good time.

Just enjoy the ankle cleavage and let me know whether you think team Instagram will dub it too risqué for the likes of the sacred popular page. Wonder where that nonsense came from? The truth will come out tomorrow (so don't forget to tune back in). Bye for now.  

I'm wearing: H&M New Icons jacket (similar here) and bracelet - ASOS top and rings - Zara cutout pumps - Joseph pants - Celine tote - Michael Kors watch 


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sale-ing away

Summer sale
Pictured above: Stella McCartney lace bra - Rag & Bone ripped jeans - Stella McCartney blouse - Eddie Borgo door latch cuff - DVF iphone case - Pierre Hardy sandals - Rochas tote - Michael Kors necklace - Han Kjobenhavn sunglasses - Essie Playa Del Platinium polish

Life has a way of stealing all the attention at the most inconvenient time - hello, what do you mean there is work to be done, don't you see the summer sale has started?! As a result, this comes fashionably late, but then there are still plenty of bargains waiting for a new home, so I thought I may as well go ahead an curate a mini edit in the form of a deconstructed outfit to showcase a few of my top reduced picks.

And while we are at it, let's pretend for one second that I know a thing or two about shopping (understatement of the year). Please behold, my top 3 sale tips

This really is groundbreaking stuff. No really, read on (a pinch of salt might come in handy):

1. Don't buy strong seasonal statement pieces on sale, unless you know you can't live without them. Bear in mind that the sale (be it high end or high street) comes as the season is drawing to an end, so that patchwork python mini you would have sold your mother for when it made its runway debut might no longer be a favourite once the new lot of must-haves land in stores. That skirt though, boy is it still toying with my heart.

2. Look for great basics amongst brands you wouldn't normally be able to afford. Neutral V-necks, slouchy tees, and black leather everything are always a winner, and the sale is the perfect time to build on your go-to pieces.

3. If you are not sure about a 'bargain', just leave it be. Why waste money (albeit a discounted amount) when a sea of new season goodness is about to hit shore. Let's face it you are doomed to spend the next couple of months wishing you had saved some of your beans for say one of them Phillip Lim's zipper sweatshirts, so don't go wasting any extras in the piggy bank.

That said, go with our gut, and remember 'YOLO' ho ho ho. 


Monday, 24 June 2013

Channel hopping // Giveaway

I think we can all agree it's no coincidence Monday rhymes with Giveaway. What's that? All days sound the same? Details, shmetails. 

Per usual, my visual diary performed the opening act for what is about to come, but what my ardent tactile device photography skills failed to capture was that this was no random act of shopping madness. In fact, it was meticulously planned from the moment I found out one of my favourite brands from back home would be hopping across the Channel. Welcome to Blighty Claudie Pierlot, we are thrilled to have you! After playing around with the store locator for longer than is strictly necessary, I made the pilgrimage over to South Molton street, where I picked up this killer suit in the sale. 

When time came to man-up for real and take my tailoring to the streets, I toyed with the idea of pairing it with slip-ons, as one does in 2013. But dressing as the present would have it sometimes take its toll, so in the interest of diversity, I wore it boardroom style with cleavage pumps and a peek-a-boob cami. Perhaps not so boardroom after all. How very 2013. 

Anyway, that's enough about me 'n my haul; let's move on to yours. I've teamed up with the lovely folks at Claudie (I want to call them Claudettes - but given France's musical history, I'm not sure they would appreciate the gesture) and we are giving away two 100€ vouchers so you can go treat yourself to a few pieces too.

Rules are simple:
1. Follow this blog on Bloglovin/Facebook
2. Have a peek at Claudie Pierlot's site and tell me what your top pick would be in the comment box below
3. Leave your e-mail address so that I can get in touch

You have until the end of the week.
Bonne chance!

I'm wearing: Claudie Pierlot suit - H&M tank top and band rings - Zara cutout heels - Noemi Klein ribcage ring - Larsson and Jennings watch - Jennifer Zeuner necklace - Bracher Emden bag


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sale theorem

(Celine espadrilles and brogues)

During the week I like to stay grounded. #FromwhereIstand be my witness, I rarely venture upwards unless I'm going out or attempting to dress-up an overtly androgynous silhouette. As a result, designer flats are very much my guilty pleasure when the sale markdowns come knocking. I like to have my money where I see it you see, and though killer heels are sometimes hard to resist, I'm boring in that the cost-per-wear theorem is still what motivates most of my sartorial buys. That said, there is nothing boring about these lucky finds.

Camille over the Rainbow // Celine shoes


Studio Nicholson

Studio Nicholson FW13
Studio Nicholson FW13
Studio Nicholson FW13
Studio Nicholson FW13

Every now and again, while I'm doing my cyber rounds, I stumble upon a name I have yet to be acquainted with... and more often than not, can't help but wonder how said find has escaped my attention for so long. 

Such was the case with Studio Nicholson. Not that I was even aware of it, but Nick Wakeman has been creating understated, borrowed-from-the-boy separates in lux fabrics since 2010 - and given my penchant for all things decidely nonchalant,  her label is right up my street. 

The clothes wear her story on their sleeve. Wakeman used to be a menswear designer for M&S, which means she understands commercial better than anyone, however quality is key. Her obsession with textures and fabrics has elevated the brand above what we have come to expect from the high street, though the end result is just as wearable - if not more so: unlike fast-fashion offspring, her pieces are designed to be worn season after season, standing the test of time and trends. 

Her impeccable fall story is no exception. Cocoon shapes, boyish pants and easy ensembles for everyday use in what would be a restricted palette were it not for a chic pop of rose. Had previous photographic evidence not paved the way, you may not have believed the colour-blind dresser that I am when I tell you the pink is what had me at hello. What with this, and those neoprene shorts, Fall is shaping up to be pretty damn cute.