Sunday, 29 September 2013


Celine plaid 'Chinatown' slip-ons
(Celine slip-ons)

Touched down in Paris for the final stretch of fashion month - not going to lie, am glad life is almost back to normal, as my poor battered feet have really given up on me. Allowed them to play hooky from the shows for a short few hours yesterday, as there were a few bits and bobs I had been saving for. Number one, Philo's Wharol-esque play on consumerism and mass production, the wonderfully humorous Chinatown print. And they are flat! Thank god. 


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sportmax in the City

Sportmax leather jacket
Sportmax leather jacket
Sportmax leather jacket

Meanwhile, I'm still busy stalking myself on Google, in the vain hope of coming across pixelated proof that I was, as Instagram would have it, roaming the streets of NY last week. (Or was it the week before that?). Don't let me digress. Point is, I  made no effort whatsoever to capture the 'what I wores' during my stay, as there was way too much fun to be had roaming the city without worrying about the blog (which usually materialises in the form of a clunky DSLR and a worrying addiction to the wifi).

Jackpot! The Sortmax leather bad boy (featured this time in full structural glory, with arms et al) will not go unremembered. This hard working piece deserved a proper mention, as it really is without question the most striking garment I own. Plucked straight off the runway (I'm not entirely sure this colour went into production), I still can't believe I had the gusto to wear it as a one half of a leather duo (my bottom half, that is - not my better half pictured above). But I did. And despite the heat, it was totally worth it. RoboCop eat your heart out.

- pictured with my girl Lainy


Size matters

Ilse De Boer By Bruno Staub for Uk Elle October 2013
Ilse De Boer By Bruno Staub for Uk Elle October 2013
Ilse De Boer By Bruno Staub for Uk Elle October 2013
Ilse De Boer By Bruno Staub for Uk Elle October 2013
Ilse De Boer By Bruno Staub for Uk Elle October 2013
Ilse De Boer By Bruno Staub for Uk Elle October 2013
(Ph. The Maxi Coat: Ilse De Boer By Bruno Staub for Uk Elle October 2013)

"Would you have this in XXL?", I find myself repeatedly asking bewildered shop assistants, as I cast aside the garment of clothing they have carefully selected to suit my shape. I have always had a penchant for the oversized, you see, and if the FW13 moodboards are anything to go by, outerwear will be taking on a life of its own this season.

Let your silhouette speak volumes by pairing a figure-drowning coat (pink would do nicely too) with a demure new length skirt and a boyfriend knit. Just remember, high street and high end are foreign to each other, so you might have to size-up quite a bit if you are to capture the essence of the look. Don't let them tell you otherwise, size matters! 


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Leg(git) action at Anthony Vaccarello SS14

Anthony Vaccarello Spring-Summer 2014

Step aside, ladies and gentleman, for here come the fashions. 

First in line, putting his best thigh forward (or that of the usual super he likes to so clad), please give way to Monsieur Vaccarello's familiar parade of dangerous minis. SS14 was but another excuse for the King of Sexy to remind us that a little drape and a whole lot of leg go a hell of a long way.

Now, I know what you are thinking: who has the bod to pull off such a risqué silhouette? In the interest of not spending the evening swimming in our own tears, I suggest we don't answer that. 100 deniers tights were invented for good reason.

Instead, let's focus on what really matters here: a more-than-welcome variation on the indestructible stud, in the form of blunt looking brass buttons - which incidentally bore some resemblance to the pearl appliqués at Chanel last spring. Now that, my friends, I applaud.


I Zara, therefore I am

(Ph. Eva K Salvi)

Inditex may as well claim ownership of my look. The four-lettered Spaniard, in particular, has a way of getting beneath my skin like no one else - not a day goes by without the lure of that ruddy place further damaging my financial affairs and suppressing my sartorial independence.

Case in point: a long, fur-coated waistcoat that really had no place in joining my already overflowing closet, but made such a strong case (see: 'you left my fur-less counterpart in store last year and regretted it for months on end') that I, inevitably, gave in.

What can I say: I Zara, therefore I am.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Rockstuds and rainy day excuses

This is not going well, is it? Somehow trying to reconcile real life and virtual rainbowland is proving more than one rainbow dweller can muster. That said, lack of pixelated content is not the issue here, as I have a whole digital treasure-chest full of sartorial happenings to share. 

What seems to be the problem then, I hear you say? What could possibly have been getting in the way?  

Sleep, for one. Hadn't tried that in a while, and turns out it's pretty damn addictive. Setting up a new job, for two, has been another valid distraction - more on that by the end of the week (it's exciting!). And for three, well, let's just say that keeping on top of the sea of instant coverage from NY, London and Milan has had me clamouring for faster bandwidth on the right side of my brain. There comes a point when even the most avid fashion lover (aye aye sir) can't get his (/her) head around the constant (live) stream of new season visuals. Hashtag currently processing. 

So why don't we leave my brain to its own devices, and examine instead what I wore the morning after LFW shut up shop. It's a wonder heels were still fair game. Then again, when my girl Zanita is in town, everything goes. And oh, those Rockstuds...


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wet hair, don't care

(Ph. Sandra Hagelstam and Michael C. Dumler)

Fast forward a few days, all the way to the rainy cobbled grounds of London Fashion Week Headquarters, Somerset House. You will remember my eagerness to embrace new season tartan, and despite the occasion, I decided to attend the shows in an extremely easy getup of skinny jeans and block heel black booties. Given that I had flown in that very morning, following a harrowing 5-hour delay at JFK, the 'less is more' approach was essentially a no brainer. Fortunately, the coat spoke fluent FW13, and did all the talking.  


Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Phoebe Jeans
(Unique SS14 via / MIH Phoebe jeans)

Been so obsessed with Leather recently that my relationship with Denim has been quite neglected. The Topshop SS14 show, however, saw to rekindle the flame with this slouchy, turned-up take on the universal wardrobe staple. Love at first sight. After much hunting and gathering (you don't expect me to wait until next summer, right?), I have found my fix, courtesy of Mih. Alternatively, Asos does a great version, too. C(h)uffed! 


Monday, 16 September 2013

Picking up the pieces

(Ph. Carola de Armas and Tommy Ton for 

She blogs! Quickly throwing together a few shots I found while surfing the old web that capture what I wore on my second day at NYFW (this is going to be a mish mash when it comes to chronology) before heading off to the closing parties for LFW. Have not slept in over a week, but had the best time. I hope my mass insta-coverage has made up for my absence on this side of the rainbow. My life should soon be back to normal. Oh but wait, then comes Paris...

- pictured with my girl Danielle 


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Alive and overseas

NYFW day 1

Lordy-lou-lou it's been a while - but I have excuses by the bucket full. 

So while everyone was having a normal few days, I had to pack up the entirety of my life, transfer it to my new digs (a hot flat in Notting Hill if you must know), unpack my clutter, and repack an up-to-the minute fall edit of warm weather ready new season accents, in time for my crack of dawn flight to NYC. And to keep things light, I managed to smash my brand new Macbook on the plane. Fun times indeed. Anyway, I'm here for a full week, and can't wait to share some of the action. 

Though to be honest, the city is far too special to be reduced to the likes of the Lincoln Centre and other fashion week landmarks, and I plan on making the most of my time here (read: keep up my performance act as a subclass blogger and play show hooky to the best of my abilities to soak up - if not the culture - the americano way of life).