Camille Over the Rainbow

NYFW 17 (*New York Freeze Week*)Friday, February 17 2017

It all started -fittingly- with a snowstorm.

Knowing that I would be reporting on behalf of the Swarovski Collective, no doubt, the Great Weather Gods kindly sprinkled sparkly snowflakes all over the streets of New York on the day of my arrival, leaving the big apple coated in gorgeous white frosting, which reflected the light as brightly as a crystal. Utterly gorgeous… until it all turned into slush, and was almost responsible for me losing a toe to frostbite, that is. But let’s stick to the positive, eh?

New York Freeze Week (as I have renamed it following my third season covering shows in antartic-like conditions) always kicks off with a bang. This year was no exception, as I sat on my bank card just moments after getting through Trump’s tight border control, leaving me penny-less for the rest of my stay. Fortunately, a sympthetic room service at the Bowery hotel, my cosy nest, and an infinite amount of sexy dinner invitations, saw me through the week without the risk of my starving to death.

Culinary highlights included an open-oyster bar on the night of Miu Miu’s short film debut and a baked potato the size of my head topped with caviar, to be enjoyed with a pearl spoon engraved with my name on it, courtesy of Frame Denim’s vodka-fueled Russian affair. Talk about decadent! Visa who?

In between meals, I just about found the time to make it to a few shows (though unfortunately my sprinting skills – or lack thereof- meant missing one of my favs: Tibi. I blame Russell). Rosie Assoulin, currently the hottest ticket in town, took us on a magic carpet ride to a whole new world, where even the vegan-certified shoes could have walked straight out of my favourite Disney movie (note to self: must make time for new Aladdin musical currently playing on broadway!). She borrowed what could have been the silky or embroidered textures decorating the couches at your very stylish Great Aunt Maggie’s home, and applied them to her wonderfully proportioned clothes. Unlike at Tome, it wasn’t the girl’s ears that were dripping in Swarovski crystals but the garments themselves: one coat in particular really glistened in full flickering glory. I have dubbed it Rosie’s Technicolor Dream-robe in reference to another of my musical favs (yes, my love affair for the cheesy stuff did not begin with La-La Land, though that was the soundtrack on repeat in the car).

And not to be lacking on any of my Swarovski Sparkle Scoop duties, here is my top beauty trend story for you: hair tinsel! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. As first spotted on my gorgeous friend Margaret, I managed to escape from the madness for a few minutes to go get these glitter extensions woven into my blond locks. I’ve never gotten so many compliments, so make sure to go full unicorn next time you visit the city (see: stories for more). The place is called Cocoro salon, on Ludlow and will only set you back 5 dollars a strand. Affordable even for sad cardless sods, like myself.

All in all, we had a wonderful time and can’t wait to see what London has in store.


Sweatshirt: Lacoste || Earrings: Rosie Assoulin x Swarovski || Jeans: Vetements || Blazer: Ralph Lauren || Tee: Ganni || Boots: H&M --- In partnership with Swarovski Collective — Next up London!

Bringing you the sparkle scoops with Swarovski CollectiveFriday, February 10 2017

When Rhianna sang ‘Shine bright like a diamond’, I’m pretty sure she was referring to a Swarovski Crystal. These days, you can barely move in a high fashion room without being hit by a glorious succession of dazzling sparkles. Bling a ding-ding! Even minimal mavens, like myself, can’t help but confess their weakness for the shiny stuff.

And not just because diamonds are a girl’s best friend

(Though the modern adage should def say “crystals are a fashionista’s main bae”).

Since its inception, the Swarovski Collective has helped bright young stars from all over the world to explore new ways of incorporating crystal in their designs. The global initiative, which all began when Nadja Swarovski teamed up with visionaries such as Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen, now fosters the artistic direction of some of the most exciting new labels on the high fashion block. This year, the lineup includes some of my personal favs, such as Creatures of the Wind, Rosie Assoulin and  Tome, which could not be more perfect as I will be there, reporting on the ground, checking up on all things sparkle and bringing you the brightest scoops from all four cities. Decked in crystals, naturellement!

So, shine bright tonight

You and I

We’re beautiful, like diamonds in the sky’


Art: Rothko || Earrings: Rosie Assoulin x Swarovski Collective --- In partnership with Swarovski Collective.

Hiding from realityWednesday, January 11 2017

Back from my holiday and desperately trying to avoid all of my resolutions and responsibilities, at least for one more day. The only solution is head-to-toe black, to better melt into my dark London surroundings. How long does Winter last again?


Jacket: Courreges || Skirt: Courreges (or budget here and red) || Turtleneck: Mango || Boots: Jimmy Choo (more styles here) SHOP VINYL HERE.

Orange you after a bargain?Friday, December 23 2016

No black, but nonetheless all solid investments to add to your neutral tally of wardrobe basics. And all at bargain price, since carefully curated from the dark hole that is the internet’s boxing day sale.




Ciao FrancaFriday, December 23 2016

“I listen, but I must go my own way.”

Yesterday we lost one of fashion’s only true rebels, one of the industrie’s most powerful voices: Vogue Italia‘s Botticelli-esque editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani.

Franca believed that fashion is never just about the clothes or even pure escapism for that matter, but also could –and should– have its say within the political, social and economical sphere. She filled the pages of Vogue with photographs “inspired” by such disturbing topics as rape or domestic violence, modern society’s obsession with plastic surgery and the catastropic BP oil spill, making her magazine impossible to ignore within the global conversation.

She passed away at an ageless 66, leaving behind an incredibly compelling visual language for the magazine that she truly dedicated her life to.  An irreplaceable soul — RIP.


Ph. via Vogue Italia.