Camille Over the Rainbow

Taking the PlungeMonday, September 12 2011

You heard it folks! I am finally taking the plunge. This is a life-changing moment. And no, in case that is what jumped to mind, I am not getting married…

After weeks of emotional turmoil, volatility higher still than that of our current markets (am I always going to be thinking in financial terms from now on?) and stalking pretty blondes throughout the capital (yes, that was me following you) I have decided to cross over to the light side. And by that I mean, go blonde bien sur…

Going blonde has sort of always been in the back of my head, but I have never manned up and gone through with it. And spending the odd summer spraying ‘miracle’ products in hair hoping sea + sex + said product would equal sun-kissed gorgeous locks doesn’t count. I’m sure that you all know those maths just don’t add up. My worse experience of course being the year elected miracle product was lemon, and I ended up with hair resolutely as dark as ever and a patchy tan on shoulders and face – in case you were thinking of trying, please don’t.

But since according to my boss the world is about to end as markets are melting down around the globe (here goes the economic jabber again), since I now have a proper salary and can actually afford the hairdressers for once, and more importantly since I can hideout in London blaming lack of visits to friends and family in France on the ever increasing Eurostar prices (what the heck are they thinking???) in case all this goes amiss, I think it is time. Now or never really. Or so I have been telling myself anyway.

So here goes, I need your help. I am looking for an experienced colourist at a salon with a near- to-perfect track-record. I want the probability of me landing on the wrong end of the 5 star reviews close to null. Key elements to avoid are of course the streaky / yellow / cheap look. Think more Jennifer Aniston and Sienna Miller than Taylor Momsen and Lindsay Lohan. I am aware this is mission impossible. But I am going to give it a go. Who knows, it might even look good.

illustration by Garance Doré