Camille Over the Rainbow

It’s Christmas time in the City…Tuesday, November 15 2011

Walking back from work this evening I couldn’t help but notice how magically lit-up London was. Perhaps mid-November is a little early to start thinking about Christmas (mind you, is it ever too early to start thinking about Christmas?) but the sight made me feel all twinkly inside and I simply had to share.

  • I love all the christmas lights at night time it´s when they look the most magical 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  • Tu me vends du rêve et de la nostalgie en même temps <3



  • Lovely photos! Are these photos of London? Just came across your blog and it's fab! Hope you have a moment to check mine out too 🙂

  • @Diana:the pleasure is all mine.

    @Marion: surtout du rêve hein 😉

    @Erika: yes this is Regents/Oxford Street and Liberty's. So beautiful. Your blog is very cool btw.
    lots of love