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The PerjurerMonday, November 21 2011

I caved. Oh come on you knew I would. After rationally explaining why I wouldn’t be sporting loafers this fall, say hello to – oh wait it can’t be – my new loafers. The boyf (as rational explanation could have predicted) is not a fan. Commented that I shouldn’t be trekking around grungy London in a pair of slippers. But I thought they where the perfect finishing touch to my all-black Sunday ensemble (after the Versace for H&M tidal wave of crazy prints and blinding colours, I felt the City was in need of a little sobriety). And anyway, what’s the point of setting yourself ground rules if you can’t break them, eh? Hope you had as lovely a week-end as I did!

Coat, studded loafers, knit and pants: TopShop / Shirt: Zara / Bag: Celine

  • LOVE this outfit! 😀 And I want some loafers but I can never find the right ones So I was the opposite, I wanted to wear them but just couldn't find any…but Fall isn't over yet 🙂

  • J'adore!! C'est vraiment joli et tes slippers sont cools 🙂

  • sublimissime,
    rien à ajouter…

  • love your blog

  • Eva


  • Jo

    Camille! I have those trousers! And pretty sure I have the specs too! Are they Rayban? x

  • @Jo: yes they are ! ha! I was actually thinking up questions for you this afternoon (got extra bored at work) I'll finish up and send them tomo I think!! lots of love xxx

  • this seems my own story, but my loafers are covered in sliver glitter. Bf ashamed of walking on the streets with me wearing them. In the office they love them tough.


  • Love your style and your blog!

  • Jo

    I'm off work sick today Camille so will write some questions too and send them over.

    Bisous xxx

  • Your collar and ur style above all are just gorgeous! Love it!

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  • just one word: gorgeous

  • Je suis complètement fan de cette tenue ! Je t'au ajoutée à ma blogroll 🙂

  • I got the same loafers. Really love them!

    Just Like a True Star

  • I love this outfit!! Too cute 🙂 ad I like the shape of your eyeglasses!! May you tell me the brand? I really love them! Thank you so much! XX

  • Helloo ! Dis est ce que tu saurais me dire le modèle de tes ray ban ? c'est le 5228 ? Merciii !

  • @Sofia: thanks hun. My geeky specs are wayfarers 🙂 cam x

    @Salomé: alors dessus il y a marqué RB5184. Gspr que ça te parle ce chiffre! Gros bisous cam x

    @Emma S: merci mademoiselle! x

  • @Sofia (by Ray Ban sorry should have mentionned that!)

  • Merci Merci Merci >3 !!! xx