Camille Over the Rainbow

SuburbiaSunday, November 6 2011

Visiting my family over the week-end in sunny France is always a treat, even more so when I decide to let the credit card loose on Boulevard Haussmann. Can you guess what is coming home with me to London? Here’s a hint, my new leather baby has been produced by one of the quintessentially French fashion houses, which is currenty under one the coolest Biritish Designers of the day.


Un tout petit mot à mes lecteurs Outre-Manche: depuis que j’habite à Londres j’ai arrêté d’écrire dans les deux langues, et voulais juste savoir si vous aimeriez que je me remette un peu au français?

Skirt: TopShop/ Top and boots: Sandro/ Jacket: Maje / Bag: Zara / Necklace: H&M