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A winning storyThursday, November 17 2011

Despite the fact that I am 24 and still don’t – well didn’t – own a pair of black heels (and you call yourself a woman they say!) I somehow didn’t immediately snatch-up these gorgeous asymmetrical pumps when they hit the stores last season. After unsuccessfully harassing the salesgirls in an attempt to get them to confess as to whether the shoes would ever be returning to Zara’s shelves, I finally stumbled across these on eBay. As the French would say l’honneur est sauf, I am a woman after all. It was worth the wait.

pumps: Zara via eBay

  • Oh so u did find them on Ebay in the end!! great!! I'm glad my advice was of some use! I'll keep on searching for my size!


  • @Unspeakable Thoughts:
    I KNOW!!!!! THX SO MUCH FOR YOU HELP WITH THAT. + I got them for a real bargain even though some crazy ass peeps are trying to sell of theirs for like 150 quid. er hello guys its ZARA not Louboutin!!!!!! lol
    Hope you find a pair too. Lots of love cxxx

  • …I'm so jealous! I want to find a pair for meeeee!!
    …it might sound werid but… wanna meet up for a coffee sometime?


  • That's an awesome idea! Really busy this week but how about next? cxxx

  • next week is perfect, I finish work at 17:30 on weekdays!