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Isa-like individualityThursday, December 15 2011

The girl who is individual is the one everyone wants to talk to. I have been contemplating this indubitable idea all morning (fashion philosophical musings are a daily burden for my soul) (only joking, I just couldn’t be bothered with the ever depressing news this morning). Individuality is something that all respectable trend setters strive to offer, yet the concept seems to clash with the ‘it’ doctrine instated by the fashion world. The ‘it’ doctrine, if you will, is the list of indispensable items that anyone who calls themselves a fahionista will be adding to their wardrobe after said item is spotted on every celebrity in town and/or listed by every magazine as a season must-have. Think MiuMiu glitter ankle boots, Celine Boston Luggage Tote (guilty Your Honour), or YSL arty ring (once again, guilty as sin). We’ve all been there. Yet don’t we all get upset when we turn up to a party only to discover our dress being shown off at the other end of the room by another invitee’s (hot) body. Equally, don’t we hate it when every girl we pass on the street is carrying our favourite new bag (Zara tote anyone?)?. This individuality quest is also in complete contradiction with ego blogging (you know, posting pictures of oneself everyday on the internet). The message of such an enterprise is clear: “I’m happy to share what I believe to be cool fashion pieces with anyone who is interested and is looking for inspiration”. The invitation to imitate/replicate/caricature could not be more evident. Yet would I really want to walk into a room full of mini me’s? This is all purely theoretical of course. By no means am I claiming that I am a style muse. I’m merely daring to reflect on the paradox of the situation that we put ourselves into. And let’s be honest, would we really buy that Aztec print knit from Topshop if Isabel Marant wasn’t going all ethnic on us on the runway? I believe our fashion sense is shaped by trends. Hopefully we all have enough individuality in us to make a trend our own. I would let you reflect on these profound words, but I have just realised that they are simply a rather long justification to my new Isabel Marant-like distressed jeans, who as much as I would like them to be edgy and cool, are just another ‘it’ wardrobe staple. Oh who cares, I think they rock!

(Jeans and jewlery: Urban Outffiters / Top: Zara / fur vest: Maje (via eBay) / watch: DKNY / belt: ASOS / Ambush Boots: Topshop)

  • Those jeans are cool! I love them!! I'm sure no one else at the party had them!
    and yes, I couldn´t agree more about trends… I'll buy the YSL arty ring shortly (I thought I could resist but I give up), but I think that if you have a personality and a good sense for fashion, you should be able to make trends your own.


  • Wow those jeans are amazing!!!!!
    And yes, its so true, so many of the pieces I have are some of the "It" pieces of past seasons…but the good part about that is that no one around here knows anything about that, so I just get the individuality 😉
    But you're right, as long as we put our own spin on the trends it really is individuality 🙂

  • the jeans is so cute et merci pour la visite sur mon blog, tu es la bienvenue !!

  • The edgy look is awesome, and those jeans represents your style and you look great 🙂

  • Wow, so gorgeous!
    Looks like a real model.

    Thank you for your comment!
    I'm now following you in GFC and would love a follow back, darling.

    Please enter my giveaway contest, if you'd like to join.

  • Ahh I am totally guilty of loving those Miu Miu glitter booties! I have no idea where I'd wear on a regular day, but they certainly are fun to stare at!

    And your jeans are ah-mazing, even if they're another "it" wardrobe staple!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

    sorelle in style

  • Ta première photo poulette est si incroyable !!!! 🙂 xxx pintonic

  • J'adore ta première photo de cette série, elle est vraiment digne d'une page de magazine!