Camille Over the Rainbow

ReplyWednesday, December 28 2011

I am trully amazed and overwhelmed at how many of you responded and empathised with my story about being given hell for being a fashion blogger. Your kind words meant so much. From all the comments I got it is clear that a large amount of girls don’t even reveal their online self to friends and family. In my case I made the mistake of telling a couple of people in order to get help with the photogography and it all spiralled downwards from there. I have actually often thought about changing the name of my blog, but this place would’t feel the same if it wasn’t my alternate life over the rainbow. Anyway thanks so much for having taken the time to share (the article is here if you havn’t seen it yet) and let’s hope this doesn’t dampen my mood anymore. Well I have just raided the Zara sale, so it can’t really.


Je suis réellement touchée et émerveillée par tout le soutien et l’empathie reçus suite à mon témoignage des difficultés que je rencontre en tant que blogueuse mode. Vos mots m’ont vraiment fait chaud au coeur et m’ont permis d’établir que plus d’une souffrait de la même”discrimination”. Beaucoup d’autres ont clairement fait le choix de ne pas révéler à leur entourage leur existence virtuelle. Pour ma part, j’ai fait l’erreur de partager mon blog au tout début, souhaitant notamment obtenir de l’aide pour la photographie. Depuis j’ai hésité à maintes reprises à modifier son nom, afin que mes proches ne puissent pas le retrouver, mais ce lieu ne serait pas authentique s’il ne se passait pas dans mon univers parallèle, over the rainbow. Bref, encore une fois merci d’avoir pris le temps de partager, et pout celles qui ne l’ont pas encore fait c’est par ici. En attendant j’espère ne pas rester morose plus longtemps. Allons de l’avant!

Coat, Top, skirt, shoes and clutch: Zara / Necklace: Kurt Geiger

  • Loving the outfit!! I want SO many things from the Zara sale, but they're still a bit too much for me :/
    [and yea, a lot of my family know I have a blog but they don't know the url or anything, haha, so I'm safe for the most part]

  • Camille je ne saurais te le répéter assez mais ton style est PARFAIT.

  • Je viens de découvrir ton blog grâce à la demoiselle au dessus 🙂
    Et je crois que je vais devenir ta première fan hihi!!!

  • Love the clutch, boots and coat!
    when r u back in London young lady?


  • I just love that clutch!

  • gorgeous outfit! xxx

  • Tam

    I'm so happy I discovered your blog, Camille! Your looks are all stunning. Can't wait to see what you found at the Zara sale!

    I can certainly sympathize with having a lack of support from family and friends for my blog. I have a few friends that are really supportive, but I think my parents think I'm really frivolous and silly. I tell them my offline life is serious enough (I'm a lawyer), and I need my creative outlet!

    I'll be following you–your style is very inspirational!

    Hello, Framboise!

  • J'aime tout !! La jupe est géniale

    Des bisous

  • lovely picturesS!! i love your outfit 🙂 zara is one of my favourite stores 🙂

  • The thing with Zara stuff is it goes so well with other Zara stuff so far too easy to work a whole outfit, but work it you do lovely. The coat is a great addition, the best a/w collection on the high street. X

  • je suis ton blog depuis un bout de temps maintenant, et je poste aujourd'hui mon 1er commentaire pour te dire que j'adooore tes looks, tu as un style terrible et pour couronner le tout, tu es trop jolie 🙂 (ça fait un peu groupie hystérique … LOL n'ait pas peur :p )

  • @Tam: thanks for the kind words Tam, really means a lot <3

    @Page Song: I know, it really is my ultimate favourite for a fashion quick fix.

    @Talia Jayne: Thay is the curse of Zara stuff !!!1 you buy one thing and then you need to buy another 5 pieces to complete the look! haha Love it and completely agree. Best high street a/w collection. Hope they reserve the same treatment for summer!

    @Clementine: ya rien de mal de faire sa groupie de temps en temps :). Moi non plus je ne commente pas trop (déja que je consulte les blogs que je suis depuis le taff donc je veux jamais trop m'attarder de peur de me faire attraper) mais je suis ton blog aussi et continue comme ca tu es vraiment super! Bisous ma belle

  • waow! You are absolutely stunning. This is what I love about blogging. finding gems like you! you're so pretty and to say that your style is amazing is an understatement. I LOVE it. I've gone through a lot of your previous posts.. and darn love every single outfit:) You've got yourself a new follower.

    PS. Christmas is over, but I still want to give you a present.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! here:

  • Cette tenue est parfaite ! Ta pochette est sublime, je la veux !


  • L'ensemble est magnifique !

  • The one thing along with Zara things could it be will go therefore nicely along with additional Zara things to date as well simple to function an entire ensemble, however function this you need to do beautiful. The actual layer is a good add-on, the very best a/w selection about the traditional.

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