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Beanie, babyWednesday, April 25 2012


A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited by Sarah Mower to accompany her to the Bath in Fashion festival. Being a Bath girl herself, the impassioned ambassador for young talent and renowned fashion journalist travelled down from the capital to share her wisdom and show her support to the newly established event. Bath in Fashion was created to celebrate this chic city’s fashion heritage, and despite this being only its third edition some of the activities and workshops on offer fiercely rivalled those available this weekend, during popular Vogue Fest.

Not to be missed was the the utterly mesmerising (and highly entertaining) Stephen Jones ‘in conversation’ with Maitre Mower. I’m quite sure you are well acquainted with the man who truly is the Milliner King of this day and age, but here’s a quick recap for those of you suffering from fashion amnesia: always the creative soul, it was almost by accident that Stephen discovered that he had the hat factor, while enrolled at St Martins Central in the 70s. After a couple of years creating headdresses for friends and family (never forgetting to keep his own head crowned), he finally opened his own millinery salon in Covent Garden. His client list immediately upgraded to princesses and popstars: from Lady Di to Boy George, including every stylish woman in town, all coveted a fragment of the individuality and charisma that his unique creations would procure.

Back to the present, where Stephen continues to seduce the A-list crowd with his edgy, exquisite pieces; he has also worked with every designer worth mentioning: John Galliano in the Dior days, Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Paul Gaultier… You name it. And did he not completely steal Marc Jacobs’s thunder during the fall show with his Edwardian-inspired “Pimp-meets-mad-hatter” headgear? The magician milliner‘s genius lies, as Vogue Hamish Bowles puts it, in his ability to enhance the mystery, allure, and wit of the wearer. And above all else, he makes hats accessible and desirable in an era in which they might otherwise have started to gather dust.

And though you will be forgiven for not adding a Marc Jacobs topper to your fall wishlist, the fact of the matter is hats are happening, whether you like it or not. They are everywhere, in every shape and form. Be it fedoras (colourful at Gucci; masculine at Giorgio Armani), beanies (veiled at Jil Sander; sporty at Victoria Beckham – woops, I mean here), or caps (peaked at Burberry; leather at House of Holland), it looks like hats are going to be the frosting on every outfit this season.

So how does one become a hat girl? Stephen, speak up please! For we need to address the myth that hats only suit others. How much wearable headgear have we tossed aside over the years, disheartened by our reflection in the mirror?

Just as a pair of killer heels will influence the way a woman emotes, hats have the same power. When she puts on a hat, a woman’s very persona changes, both physically and internally. In a way, this can be quite intimidating. But according to Stephen, being a little scared is normal. The real question is are you going to overcome your fear. The modern-day hat-maker encourages us to tame a new friend by getting to know it properly. “Wear it around the house, he says, learn to understand and embrace how it makes you feel”.

So that’s just what I did. It was when I became so comfortable that I almost wore the hat to bed that I decided I was ready for the street. And if after this long-winded epistle you tell me that you too crush the beanie but, well, it’s just not for you, I will eat my (beloved) hat. AMEN.


Voila un billet fastidieux dont le seul but est de vous décrire comment j’ai dompté “la bête”, ce beanie qui trone aujourd’hui sur ma tête. Comme vous le voyez, c’est une longue histoire que je n’ai malheureusement pas encore eu le temps de traduire; je m’y atèle dès que j’ai un moment, en attendant place au look et n’hesitez pas à lire l’anglais hein, ça ne peut pas faire de mal 😉

(Military vest and tee: Zara / Skinny jeans and necklace : Topshop / Pirate Boots: Vivienne Westwood / Bag: Celine / beanie: eBay)

photos by Eva K Salvi

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  • Magnifique ! Tu es très jolie. Bisous 🙂

  • For once again I looove your close up.

    • Ev, you are a doll – stop making me blush (and I say thanks to the awesome photographer) cxxx

  • wahouhhh!!!
    tu es effectivement MAGNIFIQUE <3
    j'ADORE lire tes si jolis posts…MERCI Mademoiselle Camille <3

    • Non merci a toi mademoiselle Sait! 🙂 x

  • J'adore !
    J'aime beaucoup les boots, associé avec cette petite veste c'est parfait !

    • Contente que cela te plaise xxx

  • Your boots are just to die for!!
    Doesn't matter the beanie, we just see your shoes in this post!!

    Tu es une énorme inspiration pour moi et je suis toujours impatiente de voir tes nouveaux looks!!
    Londres me manque tellement, j'adore en avoir un petit aperçu dans ton blog!! xx

    • Quel plaisir de lire ca! Tu comptes repasser un de ces jours? Fais moi signe surtout! cx

  • J'aime beaucoup ton rouge à lèvres!
    Bonne journée!

    • YSL rouge our numero 21: super cool parce que il est presque plus orange que rouge! Moins strict du coup cxxx

  • j'aime beaucoup !
    Vraiment très sympa 🙂

  • J'adore !!!

  • Ah, et est-ce que Stephen (je me permets) a déjà vu une fille aux cheveux frissés avec un bonnet… Ca déborde (Bozo le clown, tu connais ?) et quand on enlève le dit-bonnet, on a la toison toute applatie. Ou alors quand j'aurai les cheveux lisses… Donc, ça te va mieux qu'à moi ! Sorry, you'll have to eat your hat !! (joke).
    Biz, Françoise.

    • Et bien je réponds avec conviction que si le beanie ne te sied pas, je suis sur que tu pourras trouver chaussure (chapeau) a ton pied (tete) dans une autre forme. Quand est -il des capelines ou des chapka? cxxx

  • that close up is amazing!!! frame it!!!!
    Love hats, but I have to admit that I wear them more in Winter than Summer.


    • hey babe
      no summer is when they are ool because thats when they are more of a frosting rather than an essential!

      We need to schedule our date


  • Anonymous

    trop cool la premiere photo, you're sprouting wings!
    incidentally I love hats, and I have tried umpteen times to sport the beanie look but the blasted thing refuses to stay on my head! how do you get it to perch so beautifully precariously on your head without slipping off? words of wisdom would be much appreciated.


    Becca (connell)

    • Miss Connell,
      how lovely of you to drop by (and leave a mot doux) 🙂
      Not sure the beanie was that secure, I just like to live on the edge!
      See you soon?

      PS: Took us ages to figure out where my wings had appeared from in the first pic

  • Ce look est très joli, ton bonnet te vas tip top 🙂 & le vernis corail également 🙂


  • Tes pirate boots me font rêver 😉

    • mon achat forcé me le rend bien 🙂 x

  • Camille you look beautiful!Once again!

    • Merci Tinalicious, you are a doll. cx

  • Ca te va super bien en tout cas 🙂

    • Merci ma petite Romane cx

  • Love that shot with the people walking by in a blur in the background – shall have to get my neighbours to move extra quickly around me now… I've thought about the pirate boots fr a while but I always had the concern that the "straps" would get dirty really quickly – they go right down to the sole, right?

    Anyway, maybe I'll need to experiment with hats. Headpieces – yes, I've got used to those. But I'm not sure I suit a full-on hat…


  • This look is so cool and I love the title!

  • J'adooore cette tenue ! c'est tout ce que j'aime !
    Tu es magnifique, le teint parfait sur la 2ème photo ! et des cheveux magnifiques !

  • Anonymous

    tu es canon! La 2ème photo est superbe.
    Bises. Mila

  • I love this look! The military vest is so edgy! I love your blog too! I am so glad I found it! Following!

  • J'adore! Les photos sont top!

  • Beautiful. x hivenn

  • Valentine

    Salut Camille, je suis souvent sur ton blog mais je ne laisse jamais de commentaires même si je trouve que tu es toujours très jolie et surtout débordante d'imagination fashion ! J'ai beaucoup aimé les photos de la Thailande avec Luke, ça donne vraiment envie d'y aller ! J'avais simplement une petite question par rapport à ton rouge à lèvre qui je trouve est parfait, alors est ce que tu aurais par hasard sa référence ? Merci beaucoup et la photo en gros plan est juste magnifique !

  • I love your blog and your inspirational style!

  • Jolie tenue =D j'aime beaucoup ton blog et surotut tu as toujours de magnifique look !!

  • Mona

    Hello Camille, ton blog est top, j'adore! Quelle est la marque de ta veste noir sur les 2 premières photos?

    • Merci ma belle!
      Oups j'ai oublié d'indiquer en effet: c'est une Topshop cx

  • Eva

    T'as veste kaki me fait de l'oeil!

  • Really an awesome rocking combo!

    xo xo Nicol

  • Just look at this colour! It's very soft, both the colour and the hat itself. And it doesn't spoil your hair-dress. I purchased at

  • Love the picatures so fashion!