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Blogger etiquetteMonday, May 7 2012






As the lovely Soraya and I chatted away during a casual lunch date a few weeks ago, the conversation inevitably turned to blogging. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly. We couldn’t help but notice how many people are keen to jump on the bandwagon of whatever a blogger may be showcasing, yet when push comes to shove, few of them actually (wo)man up and admit that said blogger was their inspiration.

And these fashion magpies are not always strangers. And come to think of it, this is not a phenomenon confined to the blogosphere. Don’t we all have a friend whose closet is a replica of our own? I’m not saying that its wrong to be inspired by our entourage. Hell, we are all copying the catwalks or buying from the same designers and high street stores anyway. What I mean to say is, one should give credit where it’s due.

If imitation is to be the highest form of flattery, then surely a silhouette ambassador must be acknowledged. So, in the name of leading by example, here goes. After seeing Soraya ingeniously paired her bright yellow Tom Binns bling with this scarf print shirt I thought I would have a go with my highstreet replica from H&M. And the parka? Inspired by Christine whom I met at the Jimmy Choo event, and whose style embodies everything I strive for: classic, feminine, with a fashion twist. All me is the newbie, my black boyfriend watch courtesy of Gift-Library. But more about that bad boy tomorrow.

(Parka: Uniqlo (buy here) / Shirt and Shoes: Zara / Boyfriend jeans, necklace and rings: H&M / Watch: Triwa c/o Gifts for her – Gift Library / Bag: Celine)

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  • what a cute top! love the print!
    Tina @ http://www.Tinacious.Me

  • great post, and you are right there, it's just sad when people can't admit it 🙂 Thanks for sharing these new blogs too

    Mel x

    • ah you will love them, they are both GREAT !!! cxx

  • Superbe tenue ! 🙂

  • Bon, et bien on dira simplement que ton outfit du jour est très bien pensé et on ne dira pas que tu es une source d'inspiration, ni que dés demain on fera pareil… Au cas où on se ferait taper sur les doigts, aïe !!
    Biz, Françoise.

    • Non non au contraire un blog sert à inspirer mais encore faut-il que tout le monde le reconnsisse nan? For the record j'adore toujours tes commentaires 🙂 cxxx

    • Merci ! ça ne fait pas longtemps que j'ai commencé et je ne t'arrive pas à la cheville en matière de look et de qualité de photos. C'est juste pour passer le temps. Mais j'ai remarqué que certaines passent en coup de vent, disent: "Great, love it" et invitent ensuite à à suivre leur blog. Et elles ne reviennent jamais vers toi. Pour ma part je préfère dire pourquoi j'aime et étayer mes remarques. Peut-être une question d'âge ? Ou d'honnêteté ? Bref on en revient à ce que tu dis: reconnaître de qui on s'inspire !
      Biz et Bonne soirée, Françoise.

  • J'adore ta chemise! 🙂

  • Je crois avoir compris la majeur partie de ton post enfin j'espère …^^ , et personnellement je penses qu'il est dur de ne pas s'inspirer de ce que l'on voit ou ce que l'on a autour de nous c'est sûre mais il faut garder en tête que ce qui marche c'est ce qui est innovant et non ce qui est mainte et mainte fois repris partout sur la blogosphère !
    Et pour le coup je trouve que tu fais partie des personnes qui se démarquent 🙂
    Chouettes photos en tous cas !


    • Coucou Julia, j'ai trop de boulot aujourd'hui pour traduire, mais pour la faire courte, Soraya et moi parlions du fait qu'un blog sert en général d'inspiration ce qui est génial, mais ce serait encore mieux si les gens le reconnaissaient. On constatait que bcp de nos connaissances semblaient s'inspirer de tres pres de notre blog, mais sans jamais nous en faire part, ou nous faire un petit clin d'oeil en disant "piqué chez toi". Ca fait toujours plaisir. 🙂

      Merci en tout cas je suis tres flattée que tu penses que je me démarque.

      Bisous cxx

    • D'accord cet aspect là m'avait échappé en effet ^^ merci pour ton résumé
      Je comprend ce que tu veux dire ! 🙂

  • You look great! The heels and the coat look so good together! x

    • I thought so to. Bad luck it started to rain though haha. Schizophrenic weather is really getting on my nerves!!! Thanks 🙂 xx

  • I confess then, you know you inspire me many times and very often!


    • haha I didint mean it like that hun, it was more of a general remark about the world of blogging in general… You always give credit where its due. If not in your posts, always in the comments. I have noticed! cx

    • Btw, busy agenda next week? xXx

  • Aw thanks for mentioning me 😀 The parka looks fab on you as well (of course)! And isn't it a great coat? I wear it with everything (!) XX

    • I owe you a lot. Had been searching high and low for one but the nice ones were always out of my price rnge. Only issue is its not very warm. Then again thats the beauty of layering right? 🙂 cxxx

    • I know, it's not warm at all, but definitely big enough to add some layers underneath 🙂 XX

  • Stunning look! It's so comfy, chic. I'm so glad I found your blog! Now following.

  • Hi Camille! Loved the all look but specially the necklace, I'm from Portugal and I've been searching for that necklace for weeks but I can't find it, it's sold out everyhere… xoxo Patricia

    • same here hun, but keep your eyes peeled… I may or may not be organising a giveway which will be of interest 😉 xxx

  • Magnifique ce petit collier!

  • Oh, I love every piece you're wearing.. especially that Celine bag! xx

    – Victoria

  • I love this outfit!! And yes, I always make sure to mention if I bought something because I saw something similar on a blogger or my outfit was inspired by a blogger. I actually mentioned you last week when I bought a slouchy tee 😉 And I mentioned another blogger today, hehe.

  • I dig the jeans!

  • love the boyfriend jeans and that parka!

  • very well-written post! I love this! You look gorgeous by the way, and i so love that Zara shirt!


  • KIM

    GREAT look! and I love your writing.



    • Thanks Kim, means a lot xx

  • Hello my blogger friend.

    Well written, concise, to the point and always cleverly put across. And as always, you look amazing in your photos.

    Weirdly, I was thinking about writing a post the same. But now I won't, for obvious reasons 😉 However, I would just like to say that two people have now ripped off blog posts from me. Well, I think from me. I know they read my blog, they could have got their 'ideas' from elsewhere, but it seems to be too coincidental to me. I'm not flattered in the least, in fact, I'm offended and angry about it. My ideas aren't revolutionary, but I write about things which I love. To feel like someone is trying to ride on your back is simply rude.
    Being inspired is totally different, because you give credit to the person who has inspired and influenced you, like you have here. Nothing is new, we're reinventing everything all the time, and thats the positive side. Its human nature to be inspired and influenced, but to rip someone else off is cowardly, empty and uncreative and something I know you would never do!


    • Do please write it! I think this is a recurring problem that needs to be highlighted. I was going to write a longer post but ran out of time this weekend.
      Agreed, non of our ideas are revolutionnary, but that is no reason from pinching words/outfit ideas/images without stating the source. It is incredibly frustrating, and as I said in my post, its almost worse when this behaviour comes from close friends, who read your blog and never acknoledge that you are clearly showing them where to shop.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Cette chemise te va à ravir !

  • i love the shirt with the ripped jeans! you look beautiful!xo

  • The print blouse is my favorite. It seems so carefree and sophisticated. Perfect look for you

  • Fabulous,great outfit, love it

  • You are looking great.Tesla and Elon Musk