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The FaubourgMonday, June 11 2012


I like to shop. I like to shop a lot. Let’s not make this into something it’s not. Just to be clear, it is not a confession, nor a dirty secret, the hidden side of my personality, or even an intervention (tried Shopaholics Anonymous lately?). I am merely stating the obvious. I, Camille Charrière, 20-something law graduate – turned hedge fund mongrel – turned aspiring fashion writer (now there’s some head-spinning soul-searching for you!) like to buy things. And I have an inkling I am not alone. So when a brand new shiny sparkly shop crosses my path, I always like to take a peek. You know, for research. And when I walked into The Faubourg for the first time -I say walk as I haven’t yet established how one describes entering an e-shop – I knew I had struck gold. Here is a home for young French emerging designers to showcase their creations. This is where you will find the Swildens and Heimstone’s of tomorrow (you need to go shopping in Paris more often if those names don’t ring a bell). Made in France has never tasted so fresh and sweet.

And what with Graduate Fashion Week in full swing, there is no day like the present to remind ourselves that if there is to be a next generation of soulful Fashion Houses, young talent needs to be given the opportunity to share their innovative aesthetics with the world. As Holly Futon so crudely puts it, ‘shows don’t matter, sales do‘. After all designers are artists, sure, but they still have to make ends meet. The right balance of creativity and business is the key to success. And I for one am a big believer in creation, and would like to think that if there is the talent, then there is room for one more. Always. So I salute you, Designer Graduate, and hope to see you around during my daily shopping sprees in the near future. Oh, and don’t forget to have browse on The Faubourg, and stay tuned for a unique and artistic collaboration…


J’aime le shopping. J’aime vraiment le shopping. Attention , ne donnons pas à ces mots un sens qu’ils n’ont pas. Ils ne sont pas un vilain secret, un appel à l’aide (Shopaholiques Anonymes, très peu pour moi), ni même un #jeudiconfession (on est lundi en plus, alors!). Ils sont simplement ce que l’on appelle un fait. Le fait est que moi, Camille Charrière, ex-étudiante en droit, rescapée du monde de la finance, apprentie-journaliste, adore faire des emplettes. Et quelque chose me dit que je ne suis pas la seule. Donc quand je tombe sur un nouveau magasin, aussi virtuel soit-il, je me laisse toujours tenter par une petite visite des lieux. Et quand j’ai mis les pieds chez The Faubourg pour la première fois (les pieds, la souris; je perds mes repères dans le monde virtuel), j’ai été immédiatement séduite par le cadre Made in France, et la promesse d’y découvrir les créateurs de demain. Fans de Swildens et Heimstone, c’est ici que vous aller rencontrer leurs successeurs. Alors allez jeter un œil aux offrandes chics et insolites du Faubourg, et rendez-vous très vite pour un partenariat des plus alléchants… et des plus créatifs!

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