Camille Over the Rainbow

Something old/new/borrowed/blueTuesday, June 26 2012



Here comes the bride,

forty inches wide,

they had to knock the church down

to get her bum inside.

So, was suppose to explain how contrary to misleading labeling, we will not be discussing matrimonial wear today, and instead I got carried away with a good ‘ol tune. There are more up my sleeve where that one came from. No? Your loss. Back to relevant content it is then. Why the heading you ask? Well it’s obvious, but can you guess who ‘old*’, ‘new’, ‘borrowed’ and ‘blue’ pertain to? Here’s a clue: Reptile mini-carrier for one. Tipex-like polish for two. Tour de France sartorial guise stolen off the boy’s back for three. Oh, and I lied about the blue.

*I say old, but what I should say is ‘previously owned’: I bought this little snakeskin gem on Vestiaire Collective, an eBay-like platform where you can find second-hand designer items for a bargain. My love for this fashion haven goes back to before it crossed the channel and was still known as Vestiaire des Copines. Besides the ‘trustworthy’ x-factor (the authenticity of each piece is verified by the team), the reason this community wardrobe makes my heart flutter is because most of the sellers are French gals selling French chic. Think Isabel Marant, Maje, Sandro, Ba&sh, Bel Air desirables for a song.


Du vieux*, du neuf, de l’emprunté et du bleu. Pourquoi je vous parle de tradition matrimoniale alors que je ne suis clairement pas en blanc nuptial? Allez je vous donne un indice. Un, une pochette reptile. Deux, un vernis tipex. Trois, un accoutrement ‘Tour de France’ volé à l’amoureux. Quatre, hum, j’ai menti, ya pas de bleu.

*Je ferais mieux de parler de ‘seconde main’ puisque j’ai déniché ce petit bijou en python chez Vestiaire Collective, le dépôt-vente en ligne qui référence des pièces créateurs à petits prix. Un eBay haut de gamme en quelques sortes. Une caverne aux trésors impeccables et authentifiés. Ali Baba lui même n’aurait pas pu trouver mieux.


Jacket: Zara (get similar here)

Shorts: Topshop (get similar here)

Top: Craft (similar here)

Bag: Antik Batik via Vestiaire Collective

Cuff: Moxham

Shoes: Zara (get here)

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