Camille Over the Rainbow

Bombers – H&M lifeFriday, August 24 2012


(photos by H&M – all clothes by H&M)

The bomber jackets I styled into my fall trends shoot with H&M have rocketed to the top of my wishlist. Mark my words, the sporty burgundy varisity jacket will find its way back to the trenches of my closet just as soon as it hits stores, and I’m sure we can find a little room for his quilted metallic friend as well. And while we are busy investing in bombers, why not just go triplette. This alluringly minimalistic number won’t get out of my head, and I’m just wondering whether its worth the hassle of being upset when it inevitably sells out. Here is the textbook case instance for ‘get it or forget it’… and I for one have the memory of an elephant.